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Thread: Lidl XL Glider
22/06/2017 07:55:43

Now with EDF devil

Can be removed again in 5 sec..


20/06/2017 08:30:06

Yesterday I was flying it for the first time in low wind speed and no ballast in low slope lift and thermals, and found that the CG at 55 mm was perfect.

On the pitcheron model this give good elevator control and the dive test was as I like a glider to be.

In high wind and with 100 gram ballast I flew it with CG at 50 mm and it was also ok, so I think I am pretty near now.




18/06/2017 17:04:17

Flying the LIDL XL glider plane from my local slope in north Denmark.
20 -25 knots wind
100 gram extra ballast, CG at 50mm.

1,5 hours in the air today together with a Hammer
Short flight


17/06/2017 20:10:58

Towing the Lidl one

17/06/2017 07:45:49
Posted by Mike T on 16/06/2017 23:09:31:


Brilliant solution! Wing twist is the way to go!

Please advise - how far back from the LE is your wing pivot?


The wing spar is 85 mm from the leading edge


16/06/2017 19:25:23
Posted by Devcon1 on 16/06/2017 18:52:27:

I think we are all predisposed to a bargain, a challenge and something we can personalise.



15/06/2017 21:33:41

The Lidl xl at the DS dune


14/06/2017 06:28:02

At the end of the Carbon tube there is a hole on the underside of the wing, and the 4 mm carbonrod is 10 mm longer than the tube, so I just put on a rubber packing (o ring in Danish) and gave it a drop og cyano glue smiley

The CG and weight will come after some more trim flying, the CG was too much forward yesterday due to the 150 gram extra ballast.

The wind should be good later today.


13/06/2017 20:53:35

How I made it 

Good and chap fun
2x Hxt 900 servor, 4 x AAA battery and Lemon rx and DX 8 set up as delta plane


Edited By Speedster on 13/06/2017 20:59:36

13/06/2017 20:50:40
Flying with 100 and 150 gram extra ballast in 20 to 25 knots wind

Edited By Speedster on 13/06/2017 20:56:13

13/06/2017 10:53:07

Thomas from my club also made one yesterday, and the weather is great with 20 knots wind right on the Cow hill.

So maiden with 2 Lidl gliders at 1700.


My XL have room for 100 gram extra ballast.


Video will come.


12/06/2017 20:46:30

My Lidl XL (with wingerons) is ready for maiden, and I hope it will be tomorrow



Thread: Consumer vs Retailer vs Horizon
11/06/2017 16:14:54

I send my DX 9 for repair from Denmark to Germany and after 3 weeks I had it back again.



Thread: Horizon Hobbies
17/05/2017 21:28:08

My DX 9 had lost the sound, so I sent it for repair in Germany at the new Spektrum service center.
3 weeks later I had it again.

They had changed the motherboard and put new Liion battery in it, copied all models on a new memory card and added them again. And updated audio and software.
Price: 0 Euro





Thread: Can my glider be towed using it's hi-start hook?
06/05/2017 21:35:59
Start at 2:00
Thread: HK Me163
19/04/2017 20:55:11

Fun at the club today

Cheers Sorenlaugh

Thread: Graupner vintage gliders
05/04/2017 16:26:25


More vintage laugh

And just found another Cirrus with aileron, and a member in my RC club also found a 2,6 meter Foka laugh

Cheers Soren

Edited By Speedster on 05/04/2017 16:29:23

Edited By Speedster on 05/04/2017 16:31:09

Thread: Gliding video thread
28/03/2017 21:23:50

Take a ride in my 6 meter DG800s RC glider, with spin test and lowpass. 6 meter span, 13,5 kg. Towed by a 3 meter Piper Pawnee with 120 cc 2cyl gas engine. Garmin Virbelite as tail cam, Gopro at the wing and Iphone SE on the ground Recorded on the first real spring day in 2017.

Posted by trebor on 27/03/2017 19:41:58:

What cameras did you use for that ?

28/03/2017 21:21:38

Garmin virb elite

Cheers Soren

27/03/2017 19:00:27

DG800s flying on the first warm spring day in 2017



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