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Thread: UKCAA Events 2018
23/02/2018 09:25:44

The 2018 UKCAA Event Calendar is online - always check for latest for further information and any changes or updates.

UKCAA Events Calendar

Guests (flying or non flying) are welcome at most of our events but we do ask that you notify us in advance if you would like to come along in case there are restrictions on numbers or last minute changes.

Contact email:



Edited By Martyn K on 23/02/2018 09:26:18

Thread: HS 2
22/02/2018 09:21:45

I live near the Powerhouse of the North - just outside Crewe which is a rail hub and will be a new HS2 hub. I can already get to London by train in about 90 minutes which I think is quite acceptable. I fail to see any benefit of HS2 except to increase the distance of a viable commute to London nearer Manchester. I don't know anyone who is in support of this. The cost of a rail ticket is already expensive and I would imagine will increase substantially with HS2 which will price out the average non business traveller from using the service.



Edited By Martyn K on 22/02/2018 09:22:58

Thread: Own Design 2m F3A Model
21/02/2018 09:11:43

Are you going to statically balance the wings before covering Dan? You may find that the weight disparity may not require 20g in the tip.

Model looks amazing - it's a real credit to you


Thread: The WORST plane you ever had?
20/02/2018 15:50:40

I had a MFA (I think) trainer is about 1976. Horrible - Heavy plastic Fus and heavy foam wing and under-powered with a McCoy 19. Best I ever got was a long (full) powered glide resulting in crashing into a wall.

If you remember it please don't remind me. I don't want to know


Thread: Fokker EIII Scratch build
19/02/2018 15:55:59

Thanks Gordon

Reference 3. This idea came from my free flight contest day where we would wash-in the inner wing panel slightly (0.5 degree) to hold it up in a tight circle. The inner panel flies slightly faster than the outer panel. In the event of an upward thermal gust, the inner panel stalls, then drops, the model wheels round very quickly thus tightening up in the thermal. The trick is to get that inner panel to fly at optimum L/D so that it is not causing unnecessary drag and potentially making things worse,

For clarity - assuming a 4 panel wing, Both Wing tips would be washed out an equal amount. The Outside turn inner panel would be flat and the Inside Turn Inner Panel would have a touch of Wash in. You set the incidence (AoA) by adjusting the CG and then the tailplane for a flat glide. Much easier than flying these little scale models.


19/02/2018 13:59:25

Thanks Gordon. I'll persevere with it 'as is'. Your Avro does sound very similar.


There are a few jobs I need to do before the next flight

1. Add a little Left thrust (engine runs backwards to convention) to help counter the drop right characteristic.

2. Increase wing twist throw and differential

3. If that doesn't work, couple Rudder with Aileron but with Aileron working backwards - so the inboard wing has SLIGHTLY more positive incidence on a turn to hold the wing up

4. If that doesn't work I'll fly it at the field where I can get some height and experiment a little more fully. A very calm day

Should be fun to try and sort it out. Flying indoors is very unforgiving for trim flights




Edited By Martyn K on 19/02/2018 14:00:06

Edited By Martyn K on 19/02/2018 14:00:43

18/02/2018 21:24:40
Thanks Colin. Really nice to put a name to a face. Appreciate you publishing the photos as well. My thoughts

The most difficult thing I have ever flown. I got 6 or 7 flights in although some were very short. CG was a bit too far forward to start off with which meant I ran out of elevator authority when i slowed up and the model went a little nose heavy. Taking 5g out of the front sorted that and then I ran into problem 2. It didnt want to go round corners. Twisting the wing - aileron - just induced a slight rocking motion so i was on the rudder for some consistent left hand circuits. Flying at cruise it was hands off the elevator but it was very twitchy. Full power climbs were quite nice - not overpowered so the power train is about right and quite nice. Take off runs were quite easy to keep straight. It all went pear shaped though when I tried to turn right. The prop turns CW and kicking in right rudder caused the nose and right wing to drop alarmingly and with ineffective ailerons only the floor was going to get in the way.

Coupled with a Rx that was causing a twitchiness and i had one very bad glitch on the last flight resulting in another hard arrival and I then called it a day.

Being positive, it flew and I thought it looked great in the air. It has survived most of the abuse i have thrown at it with just a little damage except for a bit of broken leading edge that will need replacing. That will be tricky to get a decent colour match. The bad news is that it needs further trimming and the wing warp travel increasing. I'll see how I get on this week but I am not optimisic it will be sorted before the nationals in 13 days time.

A little bit disappointed but it is a challenging subject.

16/02/2018 16:23:41

Gun was assembled last night


and this morning added the (real) bullets and weathered it a bit.


A couple more hatches to add yet but probably not before Sunday


Thread: RES-Eagle Glider RCME March 2018
16/02/2018 09:28:27

I get my carbon tube from Hyperflight


Thread: Fokker EIII Scratch build
15/02/2018 16:14:06

Deffo. You will be able to see them

Thread: Solarfilm
15/02/2018 15:15:33

I think I will be trying Silk on Mylar as a replacement for Solartex. Far lighter and it comes in whatever colour you can get.

Transparent Mylar is available from and is a reasonable price. Silk on the other hand comes in many colours and is cheaper and lighter than solartex. Just spotted that Mike also sells lightweight Esaki Silk as well but his is quite expensive

Silk on Ebay

Apparently the trick to apply the film and shrink it then apply the silk wet on top to remove any air bubbles then use dope to seal and shrink it. Should be fun..


Thread: Fokker EIII Scratch build
15/02/2018 14:45:51

PS. It weighs 129g less battery (another 13g). I think it will need 5g of nose weight to get the CG to a safe place - currently about 25%MAC

15/02/2018 14:44:18

Rigging was done last night.


Amnesia fishing line and aluminium crimps that conveniently pretend to be bottle screws


The rigging around the undercarriage was tricky as I hadn't built any hooks into the assembly. The u/c rigging holds the wing rigging in place.


I have a compass. It looks totally naff so will be tarted up a bit. Metal walkways are silver tissue

The gun cooling heat shield has been cut from a sheet of A4 paper


Sorry its not sharp. Its about 30mm square. That will be painted black, wrapped around a cling fill wrapped former and then glued and a bit of PVA rubbed into to stiffen it - which will mean a second coat of paint probably. Need to make the barrel, sights and firing mechanism and ammo feed with real bullets.

Hopefully done before Sunday.

Finally, this is the effect I would like to get to. Clearly not a replica of a museum aircraft but it looks absolutely fab. And its 1/48 scale. I don't think I have the airbrush skills for this though


Not much more to come


Thread: Vac forming
15/02/2018 10:31:36

This makes it look so easy


Thread: Lidl Sander
15/02/2018 08:14:52
Posted by Handyman on 13/02/2018 11:58:59:

You can also get Gorilla Wood Glue that is white and dries a natural colour. is water resistant and for a litre bottle, it only costs £12.50 with free delivery. It has the same glueing power as the brown Gorilla glue and seems to be a better deal.

You can view the product at,
gardenersdreamuk (163526 Feedback score: 163526

Worth a punt in my opinion, have got some on order!!! A 1 litre bottle for £12.50. Comes from Glasgow!!!

They are different types of Glue. The Wood glue appears to be aliphatic, The brown glue is a foaming polyurathane type adhesive.

Both are very good and have their (different) uses in the shed.


Thread: Vac forming
14/02/2018 17:10:36

Thanks Denis. At least I know what to buy..

Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
14/02/2018 16:14:43

I bought 10m of Natural Solartex - (which I think is unpainted) - as I think I'll have to paint it anyway. I wouldn't expect to use more that 3-4 for this model (I hope)


Thread: Tony Nijhuis 72 Mosquito Build Log
14/02/2018 15:58:27


Great build

Thread: Vac forming
14/02/2018 14:22:54

What thickness is recommended for a largish (20" long) caopy?


Thread: Fokker EIII Scratch build
14/02/2018 11:46:48

Thanks all for your comments.

Gordon - The rudder and elevator horns were carefully measured so they would just fit into the quadpod at the rear. There is less that 0.5mm clearance on the rudder horn. Have to admit they did vanish quite nicely and most unexpectedly.

Bob - Wingspan is just over 30" - so its not tiny but it certainly isnt large. I still haven't weighed it - I have that pleasure tonight

Stephen/Colin - thanks. Its about 2.5 moths since I started. Been quite an enjoyable build and despite my best attempts I haven't actually broken it. The Hornet moth I built last year was a bit too fragile. This is larger and I have deliberately made it tougher. My clumsiness is getting worse unfortunately so I have to make it me-proof.

Edited By Martyn K on 14/02/2018 12:01:15

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