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Thread: **NEW POLL** How many plan-built models have you made or started in the last year?
25/04/2017 13:49:33

Most of models are now own design or scaled from other proven designs and then redrawn into CAD and I then build from my own plans.

In the past 12 months I have built from my own or others plans:

1 Electric Glider 100" span

1 Bungee Hi Start F3-RES Glider 2m span

2 Kwik Fliis 88% scale of full size

1 DH Hornet Moth 1:13.5 scale

1 O/D FF Glider in progress 36" span

1 Mystic 40 85% scale of standard Mystic

1 O/D Fun Flier

1 Slope Soarer from a kit (Does that count - just spotted that it doesnt)

1 Peanut sized Fred (Still under construction)

1 Peanut Andreasson BA4

If you add the plans that I am working on but construction not yet started

25% scale Foka4

22.5% scale Spinks Acromaster

F5J Electric Glider

F3-RES Glider



I need a spare life..



Edited By Martyn K on 25/04/2017 13:56:40

Thread: Summer's almost here: Preparing your models....
20/04/2017 17:04:41

Of the models that I fly, they are all serviceable and ready to go. I have a few models in mothball that may need receivers adding etc, but apart from that they are ready to go as well.

I have one model that needs the trim reapplying but that's purely cosmetic - I need to buy the trim and its a couple of hours to fix it. Cleaning any oil residue will be the tricky bit

The only model that needs really work is my mothballed puppeteer which needs a new engine and converting to 2.4GHz

Maintenance always takes priority before a build


Thread: acro wot colour schemes
19/04/2017 12:15:42
Posted by Dave Bran on 14/04/2017 10:23:08:

Why don't you do it up as a Zlin cos that's what it REALLY is.............................. cheeky

Well I never clicked that

Now tempted to build another with suitable mods to bring it back as a Zlin.. Thanks for that...


Thread: UKCAA - Loughborough - 22 April 2017
18/04/2017 13:22:31

The UKCAA are holding a fly-in (no contest) kindly hosted by Loughborough MFC on SATURDAY 22nd April.

Members have already been notified by email. If any non members would like to attend, please PM or email me at

Best wishes



Edited By Martyn K on 18/04/2017 13:23:06

Thread: Mitsubishi Zero
16/04/2017 23:24:26

That's absolutely fabulous. Well done. A cracking piece of work


Thread: How do I get my Laser 80 below 82db
10/04/2017 10:59:10

Hi Andrew

Which club did the test? Was it SC?


Thread: Danny's "poor mans Spitty"
10/04/2017 10:01:44

Hi Danny

I would be inclined to use a larger diameter prop and perhaps a little less pitch rather than more pitch. It will take a lot of bite to get a high pitch prop to run efficiently. This will mean longer take off and landings. From experience, a 12x10 will keep a model flying fast even at tick over,

I would have thought that a 13x7 would be about right for this model or even a 14x6, but check power consumption carefully. You dont want to let the smoke out..


Thread: Martyn's Chippie - G-APYG
06/04/2017 12:03:32

I think that I can take a very safe bet on that. Especially as I have already done the rib tapes on the rudder and elevators

Thread: Enhancement request - Linking to photos in email notifications
06/04/2017 11:17:10

Like many I subscribe to quite a few posts and get email notification messages that look like this:


Last nights shed time got the ailerons carefully cut & sawed free. I could really have used a deeper blade on the razor saw to get through the aileron stock at the root - one to add to my tools wishlist. I then put enough bevel on the aileron leading edge to get just over 1/2" throw either direction.>>

{Broken link to image}



The reason why this happens is that because the site has been configured with 'relative' paths - back to the root of the site so the suffix in the link is missing. This works fine when using the website locally, but is useless when viewing from an email.

Is it possible to get the site reconfigured so that it uses absolute paths for images - or at least uses absolute paths within email notifications? The image path (in this case with spaces added so it doesn't break anything for this example) would then be

http :// /3/images/member_albums/150203/734343.jpg

It would make a lot of people much a happier and be a much better user experience..



Thread: Martyn's Chippie - G-APYG
06/04/2017 10:23:10

Thanks Danny. I was thinking of the large double longeron that links the top and bottom halves. I have simply reduced mine in width and painted it black.

I did a bit more on mine last night - started adding some detail and even worse - riv*ts..


There are a couple of pipes on one of the photos I have that are conveniently aluminium coloured and I used what appears to be appropriate thickness aluminium tube

I think it may actually be a closed loop throttle cable


Then started on a battered VHF radio. Not happy with this - except for the tuning knob. The switch heads are way too big so will probably get replaced. Stuff like this is quite tricky - especially as the image I am working from isn't especially clear. Black on black... with specular highlights to really wreck the contrast

Finally - riv*ts.. I am using a syringe with a green tip - once I get the flow rate right its quite quick and easy to dispense rivets and I can do three rows like this on one pressure charge. I am using 'No nails' PVA (Black bottle) which is slightly thinner that Resin'W' - green bottle.

Still need lots of practice though..


The riv*ts have dried clear overnight and have absorbed the black background. You can see them in the right light but I need to experiment with dry brushing to 'lift' a few.

So pleased with the resuIt that I did all the riv*ts for the seats and remaining stringers in the front and on the port side this morning..

Also done the joy stick and either the flap or brake lever. Not sure what it is. Mine are all black from the photos I have so are operating in stealth mode. Handles are from heat shrink.

Yes - I am enjoying this. Can't wait to start dong panel lines and even more riv*ts.. Not doing stitches though

Honest. laugh

More to come


Thread: UKCAA - Skegness - April 2nd 2017
06/04/2017 09:49:45

Glad you enjoyed it Tony..

Thread: Fisher Redshift R60
05/04/2017 09:45:41


Get in touch with Ashley Hoyland on the GBR/CAA Forum. He was pat of the original Redshift team and has a wealth of knowledge on these engines.

You can also measure the exhaust timing - that will give a good indication of its suitability for a pipe.


Thread: Martyn's Chippie - G-APYG
04/04/2017 22:09:34

I have just about finished with the fairings. Constructionally and emotionally. So, I have made a start on the cockpit. Following Danny's lead i have used aluminium foil tape for that realistic metal effect. It is quite tricky to get it into the corners without damage and i need to redo a few areas. Not a huge problem. However, i have noticed that Danny appears to have removed the two longerons and i wondered whether there is strength discontinuity as a result do I need to add a little additional reinforcement to compensate?

A couple of photos.


You can see the foreshortened seat in this photo. I am not entirely happy with this. If i extend it then the diagonal sides are too close to the floor which is too high. Not sure what the best compromise is - I would welcome your thoughts and suggestions.


The floor is very thin - about 2mm correx sprayed satin black from a rattle can. I am quite pleased with the effect and it chips quite easily for that nice used effect.

More to come


Thread: UKCAA - Skegness - April 2nd 2017
04/04/2017 17:06:15

Apologies - typo - it should have read 18 Flyers, not 28... Still a very good turn out

Thread: Bulldog
04/04/2017 16:36:08

That looks great Steve and I am delighted to see that you are building again.

I'll watch this particular master's build with interest.


Thread: UKCAA - Skegness - April 2nd 2017
04/04/2017 16:28:17

Once again the UKCAA weather Goddess was smiling down on us after nearly 2 weeks of inclement and mainly wet weather.

The private strip had been mowed and was in very good condition.

The BBQ was laid on. A light Northerly wind forecast,,

28 flyers and 42 models turned up and we were go for the start of the 2017 season which was a mixed fly-in and one round contest for Novice and Intermediate pilots (held over the lunch break).

All the photos below are by Tony Saxby and I am very grateful to him for allowing me to publish them here.


Bill Marsden at the front who is the UKCAA 'Curator' for the private field and without him, events here cannot be held. I think we have told him how grateful we are (many times )


Not a bad turn out. 42 airframes. Beats the turnout that we had this time last year. I still believe and I have seen nothing to contradict the statement that this is the largest gathering of Classic airframes in the world..

A wonderful display. I think every model was flown at least once


An eclectic mix covering designs from the 1960's through to the mid 1990's.




Bill Michie's 'Dirty Birdie'


The pits - very busy..


An original Crescent Bullet


Chris Anderson with Minty Morton's Pacemaker


Graham Fox's Joker


Talking through the Intermediate Schedule with James and Simon Ford by someone who really hasn't got a clue.. laugh


Bill Michie with Curare


Paul Saxby's rare Dalotel


Christian Anderson's Challenger about to become airborne


Terry Westrop's last design.- the Loaded Dice 50E built and expertly flown by Brian Ball


This is another of Brian's models - King Pin. Stunning


Another rare one. Simon Ford's Jetta from an RCM&E plan


Paul Saxby's Super Lightning

A couple more from the mid afternoon photo call. An important part of the proceedings




Finally, Paul Saxby who won the Intermediate contest.

More details on our events and the group at

UKCAA Website

Finally many thanks to Brian Ball and Bill Michie for running the very low key contest. It was great to see that more of our members wanting to take part in that, probably rightly assuming that they couldn't do much worse than me.

Thread: UKCAA Events Calendar 2017
03/04/2017 11:10:26


Thanks Bill. Yes - it was a fantastic day.

For the record, we had 18 pilots and about 12 helpers. What was impressive was that there was 42 airframes on show and I think all were flown as well

A few images from yesterday. Just don't have time to do much photography at these events.

loaded dice 50.jpg

This is Brian Ball's Loaded Dice 50E. The last design produced by Terry Westrop and is an Electric only version of the famous "Loaded Dice"


We had a one round contest for Novice and Intermediate pilots. Here we have Brian Ball and Bill Michie judging Intermediate winner Paul Saxby


Paul and Tony Saxby prepping the beautiful 'Super Lightning' for the contest flight. Well organised and a very tidy flight indeed.

Next event is at Loughborough on the 22nd April... Limited number of spaces for non UKCAA members. Please contact me if you wish to attend as a guest flyer.

Thread: Chips with everything
03/04/2017 09:11:10

If my turns out like that I'll be very pleased

Well done. Very nice job

Thread: Futaba M4
31/03/2017 15:06:44

Micron did do upgrades for 27MHz > 35MHz stuff in the early 80's. IIRC, it was new receiver and a minor changes to the Tx board and a retune.

Its good quality stuff and is crying for a phase 2 upgrade to 2.4GHz.. Dont lose it..

Thread: Martyn's Chippie - G-APYG
30/03/2017 21:23:15


This shot is the best I have found that shows what an observer would see. The fairings appear much narrower than those shown on the Bryant plan


Edited By Martyn K on 30/03/2017 21:24:22

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