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Thread: Seagull p47
22/09/2017 18:14:01

My P47 a couple of years ago. This pic was in the RCM&E mag. Need to fly mine, as not flown it for a while...


Edited By Paul Marsh on 22/09/2017 18:14:21

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
22/09/2017 18:09:10

Yeah, but space is running out, but I do get around, so the chance of getting one is much greater than if you didn't go to any.

22/09/2017 16:04:41

New model, forget the date, used my older camera. Bought 2nd hand for £50minimidgemustang (3).jpg

Thread: Reproduction engine rings
19/09/2017 18:02:25

I've used him before and will do again.

He has a list of engines that he has rings for, and can make them if there aren't.

For example I wanted a ring for a JC Evo engine, but when examined the head, the combustion chamber was egg shaped! A brand new engine, never ran, but defective. He sent the head back FOC and didn't want postage.

Thread: Mens Sheds
18/09/2017 18:59:51

I prefer building on my own in my shed. Have the internet radio on tuned to 80s or listening to Rob Zombie.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
16/09/2017 20:29:23

The ME109 flew, as did all of my new models. Also a pic of the P38 at the patch...

me109field (7).jpg

p3lightniningfield (1).jpg

Edited By Paul Marsh on 16/09/2017 20:30:31

Thread: Enemies of RC flight
16/09/2017 18:57:44

Forum trolls...

Thread: Destiny, My new design.
14/09/2017 21:30:13

I will be building one. A couple of modifications I will make, one, a fit a bigger engine, a OS 70FS or a SC 61 four stroke, as this has a smaller case and using two mini servos for the ailerons and not a dated single servo and push-rod/bell crank assembly - gives better resolution, mixing and redundancy - also helps to use one of my many spare mini servos up.

Might get the woodpack this time, as although like cutting the ribs out, it takes ages. Does SLEC do one now?

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
10/09/2017 21:32:04
Bought this P38 fom the Southern Model show Swapmeet for £65. new just needed rx and battery. 6 channel with sequenced u/c doors, flaps and lights!
It's the Dynam one...
Thread: New generation of Fake Spektrum Receivers
07/09/2017 20:46:56

The following is from an ebayer selling a genuine Spektrum receiver. He has posted tips to spot fake 6210 receivers.

This was a post from an older thread I did, so to reiterate...

Biblography: Ebay member: emilytwin

pic 1 below shows in the circle 3 solder points the fake receivers do not have these and show only one or two points

pic 2 shows a large x on the front of the satellite receiver you can see in the pic the texture is different than that of the background, on the fake this is the same there is no change to the texture at all the x is not smooth

pic 3 shows that the unit is fastened together with a type of hex screw, the fake units uses small cross head screws

Thread: The 2018 Mass Build Ideas thread
07/09/2017 19:40:07

I'm going to build Peter Miller's Destiny, but won't be doing a build blog, just will build it and fly it. Going to put a 61 four stroke in it.

Thread: New generation of Fake Spektrum Receivers
04/09/2017 21:01:32

Sellers here:


lQAAOSwn~ZZbX44">Spektrum AR8000

04/09/2017 20:40:35
Posted by Peter Miller on 04/09/2017 10:09:12:

Yes. I saw the £10 ones. Which is why I may have been more convinced that this one was not a fake.

I have now seen pictures of genuine Spektrum Rxs on the Spektrum website showing the same type of connecting lead as mine.

If mine is a fake they have gone to tremendous effort to get all the labels right on the front and back.

Unfortunately I do not have an AR6210 to compare, all mine are genuine 7 channel Rxs. plus a couple of 4 channels

The original Spektrum ones have Allen bolts holding the case together, the fakes are cross head screws. Ali from Al's hobbies confirmed this with me on Saturday, when I showed him a fake AR6210 I bought for test on ebay for £6.75 a week or so ago.

04/09/2017 20:37:13
Posted by Don Fry on 04/09/2017 19:37:57:

I am actually quite bored with this perennial Spectrum diatribe.

The purpose of this thread was to make people aware of the fakes, as Peter Miller found out, that he might have bought a clone one.

As my original thread on the AR6200 people found out that their Spektrum receivers weren't Spektrum at all.

Not slating Spektrum at all, their change of company policy has opened a new door for the clones to come through.

04/09/2017 20:28:24

Inwood suggested that I try Lemon. Although I've heard positive things from other users, still not convinced that I want to play Russian roulette with a receiver I don't know yet, even a test disposable test dummy one...

Only options are, at the moment:

Get a Lemon receiver;
Buy a fake Spektrum receiver;

Go to another brand of radio altogether...Shame , as now the other radios would be all mixed up, regarding types of models they are assigned for, example, the DX6 does electric, the Dx9 does medium sized models and the DX18 for large models...

03/09/2017 20:30:16

The prices are a giveaway, £6.90 for the Ar6210 and £9 for the AR8000a including delivery...

03/09/2017 20:17:18

Since the prices of Spektrum receivers shot through the roof and the almost impossible task of buying one at a UK model shop now, I noticed how many new vendors there are offering fake AR8000's and AR6210 at cheap prices.

I don't know if this is a blessing, as before, when AR6200's were out, there were fakes, but after Horizon flooded the market with their receivers, prices fell and the fakes were put out of business.

They are back - bigger than ever. I see the days of Spektrum radio numbered...



s-l1600 (18).jpg

Edited By Paul Marsh on 03/09/2017 20:23:38

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
03/09/2017 18:31:31

Two new models, a P39 Airacobra and a Martin B26 Marauder...



Thread: Pegasus Models - Models
31/08/2017 20:55:20

Pegasus are usually at the Nationals, but they weren't this year.

Thread: TJD Models - a lacklustre performance
31/08/2017 20:45:58

Yeah, Inwood are good. I wanted a Wot 4 Extreme when they were first announced, but it was years before they were eventually released. I did mention to Inwood, when they come in I want one, but after few years, I forgot about it, until suddenly, I was at a show, and Dave (of Inwood) said that model I wanted has come out and do I still want it?

Surprised (actually not at all - he knows me well) that he remembered and 'reminded' me about that model I wanted...when I forgot due to time...

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