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22/01/2017 11:31:27

Also use a twin battery system, a suitable rx, such as the Spektrum AR12100 Powersafe and 2 6v 3300mah + plus NIMH or Lipo's.

22/01/2017 11:24:38

Like the 2011 Galloping Ghost crash. Things were changed that contributed to the crash.

Although a long video, it is very interesting and kudos to the NTSB for a thorough investigation.

22/01/2017 10:56:08

I would use pinned hinges on a model this size/ Mylar hinges are fine in a model upto a .40, but not bigger.

You get a bit of a flutter then the whole lot is finished...

Thread: Opinions please
21/01/2017 15:33:58

I bought a new charger, the Imax, new black one for £5 at a Swap meet. Bought another one, part of an ebay deal today for £100, including a 2.4 radio, battery, motor and esc. The RRP of the charger from Hobbystores is £79, so I got a good deal...


Thread: Horus compatibility question
19/01/2017 19:28:42

As long as it's made by Heru-ur, then it should work.

Did you know Horus was God of the sky?

Thread: Hobby Corner April Fool Fly In Wrexham MAC
19/01/2017 18:08:14

I'm Going:

At what will probably be the first Fly in of the year Wrexham Model Aircraft Club aim to give the novice flyer the confidence to go to other Fly in's during the 2017 season. Slots will be arranged throughout the day for different ability levels. No A-cert, no problem - Instructors on hand. Possible A tests on the day (strictly by appointment). Well kept grass strips. Good quality hot food both days. Please contact for further details and register for Go/No go weather updates 5 days and 24 hours before the event: or 01490 413276.

Access will be possible from 5pm on Friday. There is a Portaloo which will be clean at the start of the weekend and serviced throughout but there is no water or electricity. However copious fresh (drinking) water will be available both days. There is no fee for the Flyin. Camping and caravan charges are £2 per night and £10 per night respectively.

Thread: Price Increases On Engines from The Far East
19/01/2017 18:03:38

Maybe Swap Meets might make a come back. You sometimes can get stuff at bargain prices, compared to retail.

Now the season for Swap Meets are coming - give them a try...

Thread: PSSA group visit to RAF Cosford Museum
17/01/2017 22:47:45

I've been loads of times, but still good to go again. Like Chris, we are only about an hour or so away. 

Edited By Paul Marsh on 17/01/2017 22:48:09

Thread: 2017 Mass Build Sign Up Thread.
17/01/2017 17:57:23

I'm thinking of building one, but won't fly it at a MB venue, after the rufus last year, I will build one but keep it at home.
Thinking of putting a OS 61 FS in it, as I have a couple new ones spare...

Thread: What Engine 4 Stroke
15/01/2017 09:43:39

I have a 52 in mine. flies ok.


Thread: BMFA Electric Indoor Masters, next weekend 14th&15th January
13/01/2017 15:51:42

Are there any traders attending?

Thread: 1/2 scale Druine Turbulent
08/01/2017 18:27:32

I have the Precedent one. Needs some work to fly again. Undercarriage issues - I will make a new sprung one day. Has a 160 flat twin in it.


Thread: Winters Here Who's Been Flying ?
08/01/2017 17:30:38

I was going to go flying, but I had a kitchen tap to replace - and really needed the light to do it. Having no water in the kitchen is bit annoying! Both of the old taps had seized.

That was my tiggie, orginally, Chris bought it off me and rebuilt it. It looked like this:


Thread: spektrum telemetry
08/01/2017 13:56:59

Someone said that if you had an Orange TX, they had no issues. Maybe it's not quite 100% compatible with Spektrum transmitters.

I did have on a JR Spektrum DSM2 Module and it worked well, I had flown the model on this mode, but when I sold my JR set and put it on the then new DX8, then problems started, either getting lock outs or on one occasion, my 15 year old Twin Star with Orange RX went straight in, where even on 35 Meg it never crashed.

I repaired the model and now it has DSM2 Carbon rx with telematary module - as I wanted to see how many holds it had/has. But nothing was wrong.

You can listen to advice( I learnt) , or leave it. Just trying so save tears before it all goes wrong.

08/01/2017 13:43:23

It is when the model that it went in was smashed with 20 secs - even with the checks.

as for price, the AR400 you can get for £18 and the Orange for £15, and they are only DSM2.

I got a P40 from a Swapmeet last year, with a brand new 7ch Orange rx, with a Sat. Ok, I thought, give it a try, range check, ok, only 20 yards, but that was on low power.

Took off, and lost control soon as the wheels left the ground, did a half circuit and crashed at full power into the ground. I knew I shouldn't have flown it with what I had, and bought ar AR8000, but no. Broken model and that's the last straw...

Not used Lemon, but for peace of mind....

08/01/2017 12:07:49

The Orange rx won't work, it has no DATA port. If you look at Spektrum receivers, it will have a BIND/DATA.

I won't bother with the Orange, anyway, unless you like repairing models, or smashing them up.



Edited By Paul Marsh on 08/01/2017 12:11:09

Thread: BMFA Electric Indoor Masters, next weekend 14th&15th January
07/01/2017 18:53:39

Might go, only about an hour or so away, over the moors, Glossop, along the Woodhead Pass and I'm there.

Thread: Mode 1 or Mode 2
07/01/2017 18:50:52

Makes you value how easy it is nower-days - everything just works. Gone are the days when you bought crap which didn't work and then shrugged it off as how it was (just the way of things), nothing actually worked and after shelling all your year's wages out, oh, well....

Like today, everything is plug n' play, computers, smart phones, Wifi, mega powerful computers that fit into a small handheld tablet (also smart phones) and they are dirt cheap and last for years, until they get superceeded with new tech.

Thread: Spektrum DX7 and Ar6200 losing throttle
07/01/2017 15:49:46

Goes to show, that cheap receivers aren't worth it. We had a guy in a club kept losing his models in radio failures. He practically bought a model every week and usually it had gone in the bin the following week.

Found all his receivers and servos were all fakes. The AR6200's all went in the bin, he bought new rx's and don't think had any more radio issues - he crashes now to pilot error, so at lease there is a chance...

Thread: Mode 1 or Mode 2
07/01/2017 14:38:35

I know someone who's a cleaner. kulou

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