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Thread: Traplet
21/07/2017 22:26:41

I built some of the plans from RCMW, one was this: a great model...

Super Sytky

20/07/2017 22:16:37

I canceled my RCMW subscription last Sunday at Cosford. Seemed something was happening, as the lady on the stand understood why I canceled and thanked me for my custom for the last 25 years - the last 10 being on subscription, which is how I currently receive the RCM&E issues...

Traplet have been in trouble before, but got out of it - their biggest loss was their sponsorship of the Eastnor Castle show, which never made any money. Was a great show, but not good for a business model. (they never organized one again after that.)

Thread: Don Valley Open Weekend 29/30th July DN6 7DB
17/07/2017 23:02:59

Will bring 3 night flyers, one a Showtime 4D


17/07/2017 22:41:33

I can make this one, there are no shows on, so will be there. You said ok last time, but to check, can I have my caravan where I was last year, and not near the road in view?
Chris might be coming as well.

Thread: Which 12v motor for 30" carbon prop?
10/07/2017 20:35:18

I was wondering if you intend to fly your rig, I hope you know what you are doing. Also any legislation you will need, You should join the relevant club even before you spend any money. I reckon you just can't launch yourself into the air without training or licence and what I see here is a little risky - strapping a 80cc plus motor, with a 30 inch carbon prop doing 10000rpm with 44v of lithium batteries on your back, with no idea what you are doing. EEK!

Sorry, but it looks like that - getting chopped up in the air with a 30inch prop then blown up when the batteries catch fire...crook

see here:

Edited By Paul Marsh on 10/07/2017 20:36:55

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
10/07/2017 19:51:38

Finished the Global Extra off, ran the engine, gear installed, ready to test fly. CofG spot on. Spektrum 9ch telemetry receiver , 2 5 cell NIMh for radio and one for ignition. DLE 20 engine with pitts silencer. Hitec HV MG servos all around, Dual rx input switch.

extra300global (13).jpg

extra300global (14).jpg

Thread: Sacriledge
01/07/2017 21:56:05

Not all were destroyed - some were or might still be hanging up from the ceiling at Mick Char;es Models in London. They flew the models in the film - the ones above were probably the crashed models or static shots, as several were made for just one scene.

Thread: Greenacres 2017
30/06/2017 21:13:44

You know what I mean - more like themed models when we fly them, not a slot of sorts.

Had a quick fly of the Wot 4 earlier, as it's not flown for a few months.

29/06/2017 20:17:40

I'm bringing mine, another chap who bought it is also coming - maybe do a Wot 4 XL slot?

29/06/2017 19:56:01

I'm bringing my Wot 4 Xl, not the Extreme. Did you buy your XL from me, from the Swap meet, Cymaz?

Thread: Photobucket
29/06/2017 19:54:02

Seems ok for me. I have Adblock and other stuff running, and no ads come up. Mine is about 65% full and no demand for renumeration has come up. There are 100's of pics on there and even after years - all are still accessible.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
26/06/2017 20:38:56

Bought the Icon A5 new. for £70.

icona5 (2).jpg

Thread: Wings and Wheels North Weald 2017
24/06/2017 20:41:42

Most of the Traders are here. This is now, this evening. Missing are Ripmax, Horizon and TJD and maybe one or two others, but Als, Inwood, and some newer traders are here.



Thread: Weston Park 2017
23/06/2017 10:30:48

The commentary was good, as in the past. Not an easy feat to do, but getting the balance right is a must. Even Andy Johnstone's bit on Friday was good, as he knows the pilots and models well and give another aspect.

Nik reminds me of Jonathan Pearce , or Robot Wars fame (and football) - entertaining and interesting.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
22/06/2017 18:36:33

Finished my Frankenstein Spit. It's made from two crashed PZ Spits, the wings and rear Fuselage off one and front section off another. Also this is IC, having a OS 25FP instead of electric.

engpkspit (3).jpg

Thread: will airshow go ahead
22/06/2017 09:00:43

I doubt the flying will go ahead. Under CAA rules, when the wind speed reaches 25 knots, flying must cease.

It happened at the Teeside show a few weeks ago, the show stopped at 3pm when it was legally too windy to fly and flying ceased.

Thread: Hot Hot Hot
21/06/2017 20:28:21

I'm fine. Prefer the heat than the cold. My genes are partly Maltese, and don't burn in the sun, just go brown.

Went running at 10am this morning, just drink plenty of water and it's ok.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
21/06/2017 15:34:50

Two new ones: UMX Waco and Hobbyking Yak 52. Now have both schemes.

umx_waco (2).jpg

hkyak52military (2).jpg

Thread: Weston Park Modellers' Swapmeet
21/06/2017 08:22:15

So a very busy Weston Park and a busy Swap Meet. I don't believe how quick it went. I arrived on Wednesday, and before I knew it, it was packing up time on Sunday.

Roll on next year. One pic of the Saturday - it was packed and practically everything which had been booked on was sold.


14/06/2017 19:42:02

I'm here now, people are turning up. looks to be a busy Weston Park...smiley


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