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Thread: Scammer warning
21/05/2018 14:08:57
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 21/05/2018 12:36:40:

I thought I would relate a recent experience - it's not a scam as such, but none-the-less it is (in my opinion) dishonest dealing and one to watch out for.

I ordered an expensive (~£350) ARTF from a model supplier via their website. This trader was not in the UK they were in Europe - in an EU country where I think you could be generally assured of fair dealing. I ordered from them because they were the only place I could find with the model in stock and it was marked as "in stock" on their site. No one else had this model and maybe that should have sounded alarm bells in my head. Anyway - I bought the model and paid, in full, via PayPal.

I received an email confirming my purchase and very quickly the item was marked as "dispatched" on my account page on the company's website. A week passed, I had no tracking number and no sign of the model. Mmmm? So I tried to contact the company, just to ask politely at this stage, when I might expect delivery. I tried their website contact page and their email address but with no joy. No one would answer. I even tried telephoning, but that just got a recorded message.

Now I'm quite concerned. We are two weeks in, I have paid but I have no model and no one is talking to me. So I decide to "kick" them into action, I start a compliant in PayPal. Now if you have done this you will know it is a two stage process; first they set up a "resolution centre" where you and the seller can discuss the issue and see if you can reach a mutually acceptable resolution. If not, the dispute goes to a full dispute and PayPal will arbitrate.

Boy! Instant response from the company - but not in the resolution centre - they send me an email directly. It says that they have the model but "cannot" dispatch it until I drop the PayPal dispute - then they will send it. They are not happy.

Now the problem here is if I drop the PayPal dispute I accept that the problem has been resolved and PayPal will not allow me to reopen it. That would mean I would be without any protection as a buyer at all. Given their previous lack of response I was not inclined to be trusting of this company. I could close the dispute, they don't send the model and there would be very little I could do about it! So I copied their email into the PayPal Resolution Centre (so there would be an official record) and refused their kind offer. I pointed out that they had my money and the model, that isn't the way things work normally! I gave an undertaking, in public in the Resolution Centre, that I would drop the dispute the instant the model arrived with me. No answer.

A number of days pass, I send notes though the Resolution Centre demanding either my money back or the model - no answer.

So, I issue an ultimatum, either they refund or dispatch by 17:00 CET the next day or I escalate this and go for full PayPal arbitration - which they will obviously lose. All I get back is an email repeating that they "cannot" dispatch while the dispute is open.

At 16:00CET the next day I remind them that they have just one hour before I press the button. At 16:40CET I received a notice from PayPal that they had refunded my money!

The big lesson to be learnt here I believe is always buy through a system that offers protection, PayPal or a Credit Card. If I had paid for this directly on my debit card - I'd have been sunk.


They actually wouldn't have had your money- Paypal would be holding in. As soon as someone opens a resolution centre dispute Paypal claim back the money and only hand it over once the dispute has been resolved. Hence, I suspect, their refusal to post until the dispute is resolved. Equally, if they'd posted when they said they had......... Strange that they did that via their own website though, on Ebay sellers do it (mark as dispatched before it actually is) because Ebay monitor how quickly things are marked as dispatched and them (as well as the 5 star feedbacks) decides on seller fees.....

Thread: Strange motor behaviour
15/05/2018 22:29:48
Timing over-aggressive causing over-heating motor? ESC too hot?
15/05/2018 22:27:25
Might not be the issue when electric
Thread: Website Not Secure
05/04/2018 12:38:22

Not a lot in this case. It means you're connected to the website via http rather than https. Https is a secure connection so someone on the same network cannot see what you are doing. With http interception is possible. Not that I'd stress too much- the most they could get is your modelflying login credentials.

Thread: Flyaway model, what would you do?
05/04/2018 11:21:11

I can remember my first ever flight. I was staying down in Devon with my family (I must have been about 12) and we went to a flying club near the beach (now sadly closed). I really just went to have a look at the planes but was offered a go on a 4 stroke (OS surpass) Junior 60. It was quite an exposed site with a brisk breeze but it seemed to handle it okay. I was flying quite reasonable circuits (to the extent that the plane owner wandered off). Unfortunately I was accidentally drifting with the wind towards the sea. It got quite a long way away when I realised I couldn't remember whether I was flying away or towards me. By this point the owner had returned - I asked him if he wanted to take over- he promptly advised me he couldn't even see the plane In the end I did some rudder turns to check which way it was flying and then waited.... and waited... Eventually the plane started getting a bit bigger and we got it back. I think I must have been about halfway to Lundy Island!!!

All in all quite a memorable day - I can remember one person landing his Precedent Funfly - he was landing it and it was about a foot off the deck on finals when the fuselage fell off! The wing fluttered down, the plane was fine, no harm done!!! New wing bolt and some more fuel and off again!!!

Thread: glow power models?
05/04/2018 11:08:09

The only reason glow engines will disappear is if they find someone has been doing something nefarious with the fuel! Like many I suspect, I have to get my fuel via courier already due to there being no local model shop. I can't imagine we'll ever get to a stage were it's impossible to get fuel via post. And until that day comes I'll include glow engines in my fleet- I just prefer them to electric for most uses- though I don't think a glow quadcopter would work that well

Thread: crash/emotions
28/03/2018 12:56:38

Wierdest feeling I had flying was when the clevis on the elevator came open during a flight and I lost total control of the elevator. Luckily it was a fairly stable trainer type plane. I twigged fairly soon that I had no elevator control and so didn't try bank and yank turns- instead I did big lazy rudder/elevator circuits and did what I'm quite embarassed to say is one of the best, smoothest landings I've ever managed! Probably because for once I had to fly it down to the strip rather than just dump it onto the patch!!!

But that first 10-20 seconds of "oh my goodness" was quite a nasty sensation.

It was difficult not to subconsciously apply up elevator on the landing even though I knew it wouldn't do anything

Thread: Scam
26/03/2018 20:07:30

That's got scam painted all over it- even the "cell" instead of mobile reference. And the fact it's a well known tactic.... I'd reply saying you're happy for them to pay you through Western Union :D

Thread: can i still bank paper 10 notes
24/03/2018 12:28:05
That only applies to the Bank of England. Other banks and companies do not have to..... they might agree to then they return turn to BoE but they're not obliged to.
Thread: Receiver compatability
17/03/2018 09:01:18
There is a useful table on

which says no
Thread: PH2.0 (mighty whoop) lifetime
11/03/2018 15:43:01

Like most people I quickly got rid of the horrible stock Inductrix FPV connector and my flight times immediately jumped from just over a minute to 4 minutes. Since then I've noticed my flight times slowly reducing. Has anyone else noticed this? I'm not sure whether it's time to replace the PH2.0 pigtail again or whether I'm smoking my batteries by excessive whooping.

Just wondered whether anyone else has noticed this phenomenon.

Thread: Low wing recommendation
11/03/2018 08:26:52
I would also recommend a Calmato. I had one as my first low winger and it was great. I followed that up with a Super Air which whilst nice is less stable and less forgiving. Its slightly better at spins etc but I still miss the Calmato overall
Thread: Ali Express
09/03/2018 17:50:12
I tried but they wrote back saying they needed copies of my passport and bank statement. Might be okay but I didn't complete the order.... I use Banggood a fair bit though without problem.
Thread: What to do?
20/12/2017 12:26:00

Grab the tail of the plane (assuming not a pusher plane!!) and lift to smash the prop???

Thread: why we don't fly drones over crowds
10/12/2017 20:51:32
I was also at Lincoln- that quad certainly had some duration. Every time I looked up it was there hovering. For all the pros and cons impressive stuff.
Thread: Guns in Society
25/11/2017 22:54:14

Amen Cymaz, got to say I think we've got it pretty spot on. I shoot .22 targets and shoot clays but when I go home I find it reassuring the guns are locked away in the club and my psychotic neighbour isn't going to have easy access. Cos if they did I'd have to keep one at home and suddenly we're living in the US.....

Thread: The Mini WOT 4 thread
12/11/2017 20:01:44

I'm slowly fine-tuning this model and I'm coming round to it a bit more. It certainly falls out of the sky when you cut the throttle. My response to that was a throttle curve with more power earlier on in the throttle range which means I'm no longer just using the 3/4 to 4/4 range of the stick. Equally it makes landing trickier because the tiny sweet spot between coming in slowly and plumetting out of the air is a very small stick movement.

Still not overly impressed with the u/c. I did contact Ripmax who asked if the landing site was bumpy... In fact it was a the local cricket pitch which is as smooth as the preverbial neonates gluteus maximums. I ended up buying a spare u/c so I can fabricate a CF jobby.

The main gripe I have with the model is the somewhat anaemic elevator. I've put the DR on 110% (the servo arm and control arm are maxed out) and yet it still lacks any oomph. Rolls are nice but loops / inverted feels like seriously hard work. The recommended rudder throws meanwhile were well over the top and I had to calm them down significantly (think I ended up on 50% DR even on maximum attack mode!).

It looks great though and I really appreciate that it's not a flipping foamy. The issues seem to be related to the size IE you need to fly it fast or it falls out the sky and the u/c just isn't built to handle a fast landing. I suspect the lack of elevator control is partially related to a relative lack of oomph- it tends to fall out of loops due to lack of speed. More power would help though I'm not sure whether the stock motor will take it. I suppose as suggested a heavier motor would remove some church roof even if it would cut down on the currently quite enjoyably long flight time. I think my timer is currently set for 7 minutes which is fine with me.

Overall I'm happy with it. I suspect if it had been 10-20% bigger it would have been a far nicer plane and would still have been "compact". It would have also enabled it to be flown in stronger winds, even with a AS3X rx I'm still wary of flying in a strong wind. Partially that's due to poor penetration so perhaps again a bit more oomph might have helped.

BTW does anyone have the specs on the stock motor?

Thread: Autumn here...who's been flying ?
16/10/2017 22:37:32

Woke up this morning expecting gales. Sun and not a drop of wind. The archetypal calm before the storm. Went down the park PDQ with my Mini Wot4 and emptied a couple of lipos before the wind picked up. Slowly but surely getting the as3x system, DR etc all dialed in. Latest mod is a throttle curve to give more rpm quicker in the lower half of the throttle stick range - the model has a tendency to drop on what should be a "cruising" stick position so I spend most of the flight between 2/3 and full- hopefully this will help and allow more fine tuning of throttle....

Thread: Loaded Dice 40S - spray painting
11/10/2017 22:44:59
Of course it could be isocyanate free
11/10/2017 22:42:22
I personally still wouldn't. Long term cause asthma type allergies. Acute reactions just kill you. One of my other hobbies is building cars and this topic crops up frequently. It's very tempting to spray 2k rattle cans but it is still dangerous.
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