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Thread: Electric Cars.
22/05/2018 19:00:05

Nigel, I am right sorry, but the pet story intrigues and amuses. Is there a reliable source for this, or is it an urban myth, or just a misuse of statistics.

I just can't get my head round a corgy using as much energy, as making a Chelsea tractor and running it for 10 years. My lads are eco friendly. They ate a coypu for breakfast.

Thread: Electricity Pylon Interference?
21/05/2018 19:14:01

Actually, when I first read this I was horrified. But on contemplation, while I would not dream of doing this, why would a foamy hitting a pylon do any damage to the pylon, or wires. Granted a receiver gets fried.

But even so, only fly if you are sure if the wind does not carry you down to the wires.

Thread: Scammer warning
21/05/2018 19:01:35

Hence, BEB's advise that you use a credit, or debit card, as a second line of defence. Thieves will always infest the world.

Thread: Hairlok
21/05/2018 17:39:50

My physics teacher spent WW 2, chucking valve radio equipment out of second story windows, to work out how to shock absorb the kit so it still worked after it hit the ground. This was a prospective material. I remember him showing us some. (Good teacher, George Oxendale). The winning material was egg boxes under the kit.

I was already into model aircraft. The horse hit rubber stuff was a bit heavy.

Thread: Electricity Pylon Interference?
21/05/2018 17:28:09

Or even 275, or 400 kv.

Thread: Electric Cars.
21/05/2018 15:50:41

And yer pacemaker plays la danse macabre.

Thread: Radio systems
19/05/2018 14:29:22

Use a telemetry rx, if you don't want to pay Spectrum prices use an Orange unit from Hobby King. Then it will tell your transmitter the number of failsafes it has had, the number of fades, and the max and minimum receiver volts. If it all within specification you are a long way towards making sure your installation is good.

But I tell you this straight, you have a problem if you have glitches, sort it out. And just going over to another brand is not the solution, or some numpty rubbishing stuff because of predudice.

By the way, Ford is the top selling brand of car in the U.K. Ask 100 people what brand the like best, and it is not going to be Ford. You do the maths.

Edit. With Spektrum, make sure of your source. A lot of fake receivers out there. And people saying they are unlabelled original units made with leftover origional parts are liars, or gullible believers in those liars 

Edited By Don Fry on 19/05/2018 14:33:06

Thread: Need a good Lipo Charger
19/05/2018 14:13:10

Actually, unless this bloke has plans for very much bigger batteries, a 50 watt type is plenty big enough. What's wrong with the Turnigy Acuel units. Mine seem to do good service. And even if he moves onto bigger stuff you still have plent of small batteries to charge

Thread: Royal Wedding No Fly Zone
19/05/2018 06:19:24

I will be flying, because I have been pre threatened with violence if I utter simple socialist truths during the epic.

Thread: Powered by Laser, a gallery thread
15/05/2018 19:13:28

Tom, cheers, my D VII prop hangs, and I've always felt guilty doing it. Laser 75, used to have a Laser 80, but I have now grown up.

Thread: Paint... Acrylics for spraying - advice please
15/05/2018 19:04:38

Thank you Dennis. Might even have to get the instructions out. On outlay , the MP is 30 years old. And the LPHV comes from Lidl. And Shmbo's desk, a door, is due, soon, for a respray. She would like pink.

Thread: Can still climb tree's
15/05/2018 17:04:13
Posted by john stones 1 on 14/05/2018 17:37:52:

I used to be a Blacksmith, loved me hammer. heart

Did yer marry it.

Thread: Paint... Acrylics for spraying - advice please
15/05/2018 17:00:51

Denis, is that a standard gun you are using, or a HVLP unit. I ask because I have a project on the horizon, need a bigger gun that my De Verbliss MP, and have bought a HVLP gun, but don't know how to use it.

15/05/2018 16:55:14
Posted by Don Fry on 15/05/2018 13:37:57:

Practice on an old door. No stress then.

Put some scale detail on an old door. I relate to your strsss at ruining a year? of work. Stress is a huge impediment to performing a task.

15/05/2018 13:37:57

Practice on an old door. No stress then.

Thread: Can still climb tree's
14/05/2018 16:53:41
Posted by Chris Walby on 14/05/2018 13:01:05:

From a practical point of view it might be worth doing a few unpowered hand launches, just to see how it glides a short distance. This might highlight any wayward tendencies and limit the damage.

Just a thought

Or find a field with a bit of a slope on it, just a slight gradient, and extend the glide a way.

Keep at it. Don't fall in love with your trainer, it is like falling in love with a hammer. Both are tools for a job. If you ever get good advice in this game, that advice has cost the provider a lot of grief and airframes. Game of blood.

Thread: Honda Field.
14/05/2018 11:07:44

I reckon John sees approaching death and senility as a greater worry, than that piece of junk, to waste time on it.

Thread: Flying a Turbine
12/05/2018 19:29:23

I refer you to John Stones posts. A club can do as it wishes. Whether it a safety, or dinosaur related behaviour is irrelevant.

Thread: Covering models with GRP.
10/05/2018 21:08:22

Chris, if you wish to stipple I wish you well, it will do the job well enough. I use a roller. It does the job well enough. But I think neither of us use will think a 2 1/2 inch brush is a tool for our work.

10/05/2018 20:59:26

The strands are so fine in 20 gsm cloth, a brush will fracture them. The rougher the brush, or the brushing, the more fractures you get. Hence the fur you see on the surface when the brush catches the broken strands. And while your brush is held normal to the surface, most of the time, the bristles bend when they hit the surface, pushing at strands.

Hence a roller.

The original poster was using a large brush for boat building, 200 gsm is what they use on large hulls. You are trying to lay down 15 to 20 mm of glass. Not our world.

But my experience of seeing boat building, Sealine, is they seemed to use a lot of rollers to apply resin in the hull construction process.

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