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Thread: retracts
14/10/2017 14:41:28

their new home,just trying for size.dscf1374.jpg

14/10/2017 12:20:36

I'm thinking of going air at the mo,i might try an add,no rush just yet,as I don't fancy working in a cold damp garage over the winter I just spent the morning converting the spare room,the old bed covered with a old door then plasterboard on top sorted,might be sleeping in there as the rest of the house is like a war zone now,ive got to find a home for every thing that came out of it,so much of it I'm sure it was dr whos tardis.

14/10/2017 08:36:15

getting things ready for my winter build,a brian taylor 76 inch p47 thunderbolt,apart from some sheet balsa its just the retracts to sort do I go electric,mechanical or air,they all seem to have there good and bad points,i tend to go for electric these days but trying to sorce some that fill my needs seem to be short in supply at a senciable price,good ole HK seem to do a lot but with bad reports and oleos that don't fit their retracts,and all dear to relace so been looking at unitracts as they do them for the said plane but only as mech/air.the search goes on,

Thread: home made exhausts
01/10/2017 14:00:43

I'm thinking about making a exhaust for a 50cc petrol engine as I want it nice and quiet and to fit in side a spitfire cowl,i shall probally use 1-2mm steel as I need a lot of nose weight,ive had a quick google around to find sizes and designs but with no luck as yet so if anybody can point me in the right direction or as any ideas I would love to here them,many thx Andy.

Thread: work station/tressle
30/09/2017 16:53:24

dscf1362.jpgdscf1361.jpgnow I'm back on with my big spit, I usually balance the engine on end and mark round the mounts so to find the best position,the spit being a lot bigger proved a problem so with some wood laying around the garage and a hours work I come up with this contraption,crude but does the job nicely.dscf1360.jpg

Thread: Dear Mr Futaba more durable antenna please
28/09/2017 17:28:36

my futaba 14 aerial is now glued permanently glued in one position,im not buying a third one,well not yet.

Thread: rcgf 26
24/09/2017 15:18:36

well its sorted now ,couldnt work out which one of these was the culprit so to be on the safe side i changed the ign module for a rce xl one instead of the Chinese one and bypassed the switch and alls fine,but both tested out ok unless they were breaking down under load,but at least I should be able to sleep tonight with out it playing on my mind.dscf1356.jpg

Thread: My Ultimate Biplane Build
23/09/2017 19:48:09

ive always fancied a ultimate but I should stop reading these threads as I might end up getting one even when the house is falling down around me,looking good.

Thread: rcgf 26
23/09/2017 19:38:04

as ive tried two engines with the same results its got to be fuel or spark but both seem good,im still going electric as when it was still running it was as if the ign was cutting in and out at low rpm but it all seems to check out ok so it could be fuel ,lol

23/09/2017 16:11:17

down the club today hoping for a nice flying session,new parts on set back to factory settings and still not running right,but after about an hour it wont even start now,healthy spark petrol but wont fire up even though it gives a good kick back now and again,re done the tank and with another ign module but still the same,charged the battery and even swapped it with a identical engine but still the same,so I'm thinking its got to be the battery even though my charger says its full,as my battery checkers no good is there anything ive missed or I can try,(before tempers get to bad) many thx Andy

Thread: Hobby King Global Warehouse.
22/09/2017 20:40:52

like so many ive been put off from ordering from the global site,but as I was in no hurry for a carb block as I had already repaired the old one I put in my order ,I know it was only a small item but ordered it late sunday night and received it Thursday morning very impressed so will try again.

Thread: rcgf 26
19/09/2017 19:27:51

dscf1354.jpgbeen rushing about sorting my carb block,got it finished last night ready to fit tonight but got a text today to say the new one will be delivered Thursday,impressed 4 days from china,at least I have a spare but hopefully wont need it.i ve,ed the crack plus afew 1mm holes(not drilled right through) then a coating of chemical metal to finish.dscf1353.jpg

Thread: e-flite retracts
17/09/2017 22:53:08

thx for that Denis had a read through so re checked the connections,and found one that was taped rather than having a proper connecter on it,it seemed to have pulled out slightly but wont no if its sorted until I fly it again.

Thread: rcgf 26
17/09/2017 22:44:07

3-10 days from china,ive had it well over a year but only just got round to using it,shall have ago at fixing it so I can fly next weekend.had a few flights today but the landings are bit scarey coming in a bit on the fast side,nice when the wind picked up to slow it up abit.

17/09/2017 20:44:57

just ordered a new block £2.47 the bad bit £11.61 postage,there were dearer options over £20 and cheaper ones but I want it this year so now the wait.

17/09/2017 20:15:39

many thx

17/09/2017 19:07:28

couldn't settle so out with the engine again but this time with success,stripped all the carb and block off and with close examination found a hair line crack in the carb block,even forcing it apart was only just visible,now the hard job of finding another onedscf1352.jpg

17/09/2017 17:30:14

Hi John,screw is out and it all seems to seal nice an tight,ive even removed the throttle servo to make sure its closing and when its completely closed off its still reving to high,it must be getting air in some how but how I'm yet to find out

17/09/2017 14:47:38

the engine runs really sweetly,but as its running in more(over two hrs now)its seems to be getting faster and faster,i can slow it down some by winding the le needle out but as it is its very rich the models covered in oil.someone suggested soldering over the hole in the butterfly so ive just tried that but again no difference,ive checked for air leaks the best I can but now given up for the day with a cuppa.also someone suggested a walbro carb,ive got one off a 22 but noticed the rcgf carb as a crackcase pipe going to it so could I block this and use a walbro,many thx Andy.

Thread: e-flite retracts
17/09/2017 13:29:18

ive got a new problem with my spitfire,the electric retracts when retracted in the air just keep cycling going up and down all the time.luckerly when switched to down position they stay down,im thinking ign inrtference of some kind as when tested on the ground alls well and good but that's with the engine not running,could there be another reason of some kind many thx,Andy.

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