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Thread: Multiplex Twin Star. Owners Thoughts and experiences.
23/02/2017 13:59:08

I had one of the original Twinstars way back when, and it performed very well indeed. The original 400 brushed can motors were worn out after a couple of seasons though, and there were various unofficial mods and upgrades even back then. The TS is an excellent *hack* style model, and is a relatively easy model to fly, despite it's twin layout. A few months ago I got myself the newer brushless version complete with the Multiplex power set. It's just about ready to go, and I'm looking forward to even more enjoyment than the first one gave me.

Mike T's Grumman Goose style conversion certainly looks the part. A few years back I do recall seeing a US based site offering a float conversion for the TS consisting of an add -on float type hull, not dissimilar to Mike's conversion, although Mike's looks somewhat neater. Multiplex themselves do offer an add on float conversion which does look quite convincing......

Thread: Throttle Curves?
19/02/2017 21:12:42

Four strokes don't throttle as well as a two stroke?

May I respectfully suggest you try a Laser Denis?........

Edited By Percy Verance on 19/02/2017 21:15:27

Thread: Time to change car
19/02/2017 14:03:07

I'm not sure I'd want to go the 13000 mile Hertz route kc. My good lady has had success using the Ford Direct way, with some quite good bargains available. Six years ago she was about to buy another new Ford Fiesta (she's had six), and she'd chosen a particular colour, along with some extras over the standard spec. I found a Ford Direct example in the shade she wanted, along with the extras she'd said she would choose. This car had further extras over and above the ones she wanted, and had just 900 miles registered. It was priced at approximately £2500 less than a new one with no extras. Six years on she's now looking at changing again.......

A Peugeot dealer not a million miles from me has numerous low mileage *specials* on offer. These cars have typically just a few thousand miles registered, and offer savings of thousands of pounds over the list price. However, I'm told a good number of them are *problem* cars which have had niggling recurring faults, and they've been returned as unsatisfactory by some customers. I have no idea if this is true, but then I'd never consider a Peugeot anyway.

Edited By Percy Verance on 19/02/2017 14:04:34

Thread: Johns Skywriter....will it be spelt correctly ?
19/02/2017 12:41:39

If you use Sullivan carbon snakes, they're unaffected by variations in temperature.......

Thread: Magnetic Building Board
19/02/2017 11:53:41

Sounds useful Malc. I already have a good building board, but I'm sure you'll soon find a taker!

Thread: Time to change car
19/02/2017 11:30:54


I think quite a few of the available electric cars are now sold with leased rather than owned batteries. It was probably the only way to get the buying public interested, otherwise the replacement costs would have scared off 90% of potential buyers I reckon.

At the moment it needs further investment into battery technology. Once that happens, and we see 500+ mile range, just watch it all take off. Ok, electric cars are mighty pricey just now but once the market opens up, the sky will be the limit I reckon.

And to sort of underline my point, about 7 or 8 years ago, I paid £60 for a 2500mah 3 cell lipo to go in a Multiplex Acromaster. These days you'd pay £20 odd quid for a lipo like that........


Edited By Percy Verance on 19/02/2017 11:32:18

19/02/2017 11:10:57

Me again Ron

Apologies Ron, you did get the price correct. It does indeed start at about 7 grand for the petrol estate. The warranty is 3 years/60000 miles though.....

Just be sure to take a good test drive if you are seriously considering one though Ron, because I have a sneaking feeling it could be a sticky car to move on come trade in time.....

It all sort of harks back a bit to the old Lada jokes. Question. What's the difference between a cold and a Lada? Answer. You can get rid of a cold.......

It's not all bad news though Ron, the Logan has a 6 foot long load bay.........


Edited By Percy Verance on 19/02/2017 11:20:02

19/02/2017 10:49:24


If you do look at the Dacia Ron, look carefully. I recently read a friend's copy of Diesel Car magazine - dated Feb 2017 - in which there was a brief test of the Logan Estate. They were not overly impressed, saying the quality of the interior plastics and mouldings would have seemed poor even for 10 years ago. They did state that it appeared solid enough though. They stated that the performance seemed leisurely compared with some of the competition, and that the steering felt rather vague, leaving you with the feeling of not knowing quite how far you've turned the wheel. That said, the nearest direct rival was the Skoda Fabia estate, priced at over five grand more........

Yer pays yer money etc...........

You may be mistaken regarding the price though Ron. According to Diesel Car mag, the cheapest entry level Logan Estate is £10195.......but that may be for a diesel one of course.





Edited By Percy Verance on 19/02/2017 10:58:10

Thread: KeilKraft Pixie
19/02/2017 08:55:04

A chap in a club of which I was a member 20 odd years back scaled up a KK Pixie, but he went with i.c. power - electric flight wasn't so common back then - and it flew very well indeed on it's OS .20fp. From memory his was around 50 inch span........

Thread: AIRTEK HOBBIES Products
19/02/2017 08:42:56

That's good to hear Mel. Seems all good then? I'm always wary of cheap servos, but Airtek's K Power range seem genuinely good value for money.

As Kevin mentioned, some items have been out of stock for a while. I imagine it can't be easy to keep everything in stock all the time though.......  It's stating the obvious I know, but popular items soon sell out with the result that you have none left in stock!  

I recently got my hands on an E Flite Timber. Nothing remarkable about that you may think, apart from the fact I ordered it from my LMS on November 23rd last year. I knew it was a popular model and supply was short, but that's the longest I think I've ever waited for any modelling product.



Edited By Percy Verance on 19/02/2017 08:48:34

Thread: Time to change car
19/02/2017 08:24:05


A friend of a friend bought one of the first Nissan Leaf (100% electric) jobs when they appeared a few years back, and I got to take a bit of a look round it. Certainly different, and something of an acquired taste, but there's no doubting it was a confident start by Nissan. One small detail left me wondering though. There was absolutely no mention whatsoever in the handbook of the fact that if you drove it on a wet winter's night using the lights, wipers and heater, the range would be seriously reduced...... or the fact that (at that time at least) a new battery pack might set you back 10k secret


Perhaps nobody mentioned the Insignia Estate for a reason. Maybe they even had one as good as yours? Seriously though, it doesn't seem to be a popular choice among those whom need mid sized estate cars. The Skoda Octavia has statistically been the most popular mid sized estate car in mainland Europe for a little while. Good car, I've had 2 yes  I switched back to petrol a little while back though, and in so doing I moved to a Ford Focus estate. I tried the Focus and it immediately seemed like a very driver orientated car, along with one of the nicest small petrol engines I've ever tried (1.0 litre Ecoboost). I liked it so much I bought one.





Edited By Percy Verance on 19/02/2017 08:37:13

Thread: Bad News And Good.
18/02/2017 21:53:23


The last model I built from a free plan was in 1991, and was the Ruhig Tiger from the 1990 Radio Modeller plan - very similar to the Ballerina - but I knew the designer well, along with the history of the model and the time spent developing it. It turned out to be one of the nicest models I'd ever owned. I even took my Examiner's test with it in the early 90's.

Edited By Percy Verance on 18/02/2017 21:56:05

Thread: Time to change car
18/02/2017 21:48:09

They also used to bend it a bit with the mpg tests Chris, as they used to carry them out on rolling roads. This of course gives a completely misleading result, as it can't take into account differing road surfaces, wind, or any other influencing factor. Most car manufacturers have now sussed the fact that the vast majority of buyers aren't stupid though, and some make extremely informed buying decisions.

Thread: AIRTEK HOBBIES Products
18/02/2017 21:10:02

I've uses Airtek Hobbies quite a few times in the last year or two. Good service and no problems at all. Their own K Power servos seem good value for money. I have a couple of their Apex electric motors here too, and although they seem good quality I haven't used them yet so can't comment on how they are. I'm confident they wouldn't chance their reputation though, so I'm sure they'll be fine.

Thread: Time to change car
18/02/2017 20:46:44

As I understand it Trevor, Suzuki produce hardly any cars in Japan despite proffering their Japanese image......

Oddly, my Focus was built in Germany. That was actually a contributary factor in my deciding to buy it. My previous car was a Skoda Fabia estate. Luckily I decided to trade it in just a few weeks prior to the emissions *thing* blowing up.......

Thread: Bad News And Good.
18/02/2017 20:33:21

Quite Gary.

I cancelled my RCMW subscription a couple of years back. We needed the mags once over to see what was new to the market, and perhaps to see reviews of prospective purchases. Now we have the net, the mags aren't so essential anymore.......

It's the same story with newspapers. I haven't bought a newspaper on a regular basis for 10+ years, and I understand sales are down hugely these days. It's so much quicker and easier to get up to date news online as there are several excellent sites which are constantly updated.

Edited By Percy Verance on 18/02/2017 20:36:20

Thread: Staufenbiel
18/02/2017 08:31:12

Reading with interest here, as I'm about to begin using Staufenbeil.......

Thread: Time to change car
18/02/2017 08:28:58


A Toyota MX5? Sorry Michael, but cars such as that don't even register on my scale. We obviously have very differing views on cars/car ownership Michael. I see my car as simply a means to get me and whatever I want to take with me, to where I want to go, nothing more I'm afraid......... And my Focus Estate seems to fit my requirements very well indeed.

17/02/2017 22:31:57


I was once filling my car up at a petrol station when a rather nice old Land Rover pulled up next to me. I knew it was an old one as the exhaust exited up through the front wing. It was in remarkable condition, and when I glanced at the dashboard I could plainly see just 14000 miles registered. I asked the owner - a cloth capped farmer type - if the mileage was genuine. He replied " no lad, I've (swear word) pushed it further than that"........

17/02/2017 21:28:19

Well Michael, I'm afraid I'd beg to differ. I'd rather walk than buy an Alfa Romeo. In fact if you bought one, you'd almost certainly end up walking at some point, such is their somewhat tarnished reliability record. Indeed, it might be fair to say that most Italian produced vehicles have a less then good reputation here. Sure, they're better than they once were, but they don't clock up big sales in the UK.

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