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Thread: Electric Cars.
23/01/2018 20:40:40

Geoff, a Toyota Prius seems the obvious solution if you'd prefer to go the hybrid route. Been on sale a while now so well tested and proven. Plus it's a Toyota. Cars don't come much more reliable than that. Could be worth a look/test drive. Mostly found at Toyota dealers, but there are a few about at other car outlets. If you intend to transport smaller models Geoff, say up to around 60 inch span or so, then the Nissan Leaf may be suitable. Those built after 2013 - in Britain by the way - are preferable over the earlier Japanese assembled cars. They have a more robust higher quality interior, and a better quality battery pack. 

Geoff, a not dissimilar thing happened to me just a couple of weeks back. I was about to turn down a small side street, and having already indicated I began to slow down for the corner. I had previously observed a bunch of schoolgirls walking towards the corner I was about to negotiate. All but one of them were looking down at their phones/ipods or whatever, and blindly just stepped into the road as I rounded it. However, I had anticipated this happening, and braked virtually to a stop when those whom had been otherwise occupied chose to look up. The startled look on their faces said it all.......... they didn't seem in the least bit aware that they were on the road.


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23/01/2018 19:26:43

​I've just been in my local Asda, so I took a peek at one of the latest car mags on offer. I got to see several pics of the new Nissan Leaf - which is apparently the world's best selling electric vehicle with over 300,000 sold - and the full specs were there to see.

The full range of the new Leaf is 235 miles, which is considerably more than the old version. 0 to 60 takes 9.8 seconds. Top speed is 89mph. The motor is a 110kw, which equates to 148bhp. The battery is capable of being charged to 80 per cent in just 40 minutes. The price starts at £21990 with the Government grant. So, fairly well priced to compete with the Golfs, Focuses and Astras of this world. The vastly increased range will win a good few more customers over, as will the much improved styling. The article also mentions a potential move towards battery standardisation and exchange battery packs as an alternative to charging, and if that comes about then it only adds to the overall viability. Sure, there's some way to go, but even the longest walk begins with a single step........

So, what might we see in perhaps 5 or 6 years? A version with 500+ mile range? It is looking like a distinct possibility............


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23/01/2018 16:26:19

Frankly it doesn't need sound modules in electric cars, or men waving red flags. It simply requires people to use common sense and either use a pedestrian crossing if there's one available nearby, or else LOOK to see if it's clear prior to stepping into the road. Some obviously find it hard to do, but they will​ need to change the habits of a lifetime otherwise that life might be made considerably shorter........

23/01/2018 06:40:51

C8, once the revenue from petrol and diesel begins to diminish, the Government will undoubtedly look at the other motoring related consumables/expenses on which they could consider imposing duty/further duty. Tyres or windscreen wipers for example could have additional duty on them, as could vehicle repairs and servicing. Things like driving lessons could also be hit. And of course there's the new favourite, road tolls.......H M Government simply has​ to get this revenue from somewhere to get all their figures stack up. Who said Dick Turnip was dead?



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22/01/2018 21:37:58

That's different Mark. It goes a fair way to ridding the Prius of it's Vicar's car image.

22/01/2018 21:31:45

Geoff. Be a little wary of those van based MPV jobs. They're excellent vehicles for carrying families, but less ideal for model aircraft. They have huge voluminous interiors of course, but that isn't what we need for carrying models. We need loading bay length, and these MPV's tend to fall a bit short here. An estate car usually provides a good compromise. I have a Focus Estate ( other small estate cars are available) and this offers me a load bay length of over 5 feet. You can of course split the rear seat and carry 3 people plus a long load.

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22/01/2018 21:25:40

And perhaps that's no bad thing Andrew. The frumpy styling of the old model must surely have cost Nissan a good few sales. And there's little doubt they'll get less expensive. When it's new, technology always carries a price premium. I remember buying a 2500mah lipo battery pack when they first hit the market. It cost me £59.99. Similar packs can be had today for around £20.

Edited By Percy Verance on 22/01/2018 21:44:12

22/01/2018 21:15:15

Andrew, yes I think the figures are from last year. And yes, the latest Nissan Leaf is a completely new design, and has the improved battery pack. I've yet to see a proper pic of it, but from the front view I have fleetingly seen, it appears to have shed the frumpy Miss Marple styling.

22/01/2018 19:30:05

There are risks as with any car Ray. Over the years, as I've travelled around, I've come across several accidents with not dissimilar elements of risk. I've seen a crashed Mitsubishi Galant (it was 35 odd years ago) which had been rear ended. Petrol was pouring out of the tank onto the road. About two years later I passed a Hillman Avenger (again, it was a while back) which had burst into flames while being driven. Thankfully, all four occupants had got out safely. All car accidents carry risk, full stop.

22/01/2018 18:21:10

Matty, re: Buying a used Nissan Leaf. I read an article in (I think) What Car magazine regarding used Leaf purchase. It seems the older Jap built cars are less desirable because of their older, more costly type of battery pack. It also seems the earlier Leaf variants are not as well assembled as later (post 2013) UK built examples which have slightly increased range. Now there's a pleasant surprise. Basically, the Leaf seems a sound proposition if the car suits you. I'm not sure I care for the Miss Marple styling myself, but hey we're all different. Used values seem robust enough, compared to similarly sized conventionally powered cars.

Incidentally Matty, as it presently stands hybrid vehicles are taking just under 4% of the new market, with the Toyota Yaris Hybrid being the best selling model. And of that share of the market, about 10% are of the pure electric variety. So certainly a long way to go, but stranger things have happened. Many moons ago, an elderly motorcycle enthusiast was recalling the days when a Japanese company named Honda introduced the C50, a little step thru scooter for commuters. Hardened bikers laughed of course. After all, who'd want a Japanese motorbike? The rest of course is history.......


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22/01/2018 14:55:46

Ah yes Trevor, the AdBlue *thing* About a year or so back, the organisation I work for purchased a brand new pair of Citroen MPV's, with 1.6 litre diesel engines. I was tasked with collecting them in turn from the dealer and then taking them to be lettered. I couldn't help but notice both vehicles were fitted with AdBlue systems. I'd not seen this fitted to such small vehicles previously, although I knew larger commercial stuff had it fitted. Once I'd got the pair of them back to base, I made a particular point of mentioning that the AdBlue tank will need to be regularly checked/topped up. Not too long ago I heard that someone had been stranded at the side of the road somewhere after pulling up, and when they attempted to restart the vehicle again, it wouldn't....... I realised then they hadn't listened......

22/01/2018 06:47:38

One thing is for certain, that being the pace of change. Not all that change brings will suit everyone. Such as was mentioned earlier regarding towing a caravan. Somehow I don't imagine being able to tow was very far up the list of considerations of those whom are involved in bringing about the changes new technology will introduce. Likewise, we as model flyers will probably need to evolve. Perhaps even flying alternative types of model in different locations out of necessity......... And yes Tom, I see challenges ahead for chain smoking, beer swilling individuals whom perhaps might like to tow a caravan with a smokey old V6 engined vehicle........Change we will though because we'll have​ to. 


Edited By Percy Verance on 22/01/2018 06:55:05

21/01/2018 21:23:31

Hi again Trevor. John's (my boss) example is about two years old, and having had it from new I have been asking about it's progress occasionally. It hasn't been without it's (minor) issues, but he likes it a lot and will have another. His has a 2 litre petrol engine in addition to the electric motor. The Toyota Prius is a reliable car, as are all Toyotas. My near 80 year old father in-law is a huge RAV 4 fan, having had five in the last 25 odd years. He buys the petrol automatic versions, having zero interest in diesel. He only covers about 5000 miles per year, so the mpg (or lack of it) isn't really an issue for him. His last one was a snip for someone. 11 reg plate with 27000 miles on the clock. Hardly a mark on it....... His current one is 16 reg, grey with big black alloy wheels and a body kit. It looks a bit like Darth Vader's car, and hardly the transport of a slightly built 78 year old.......but he likes it because all his fishing gear fits in nicely.



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21/01/2018 21:06:25

There is a chap in the next village near me whom has lots of solar panels on his bungalow roof. After chatting to him a couple of Summers back, he says that on a good sunny day his electric meter runs in reverse! Nice. The thought of actually being bill free, and even seeing a return occasionally, is what has prompted me to consider panels myself. The snag is that I'm not sure I'll live long enough to see my money back, as I'm in my 60's now.........

Edited By Percy Verance on 21/01/2018 21:09:04

21/01/2018 20:34:42

Exactly Trevor.... yes

And yes Trevor, at some point I see i.c. car ownership becoming very costly as places to buy fuel eventually diminish. The cost of petrol will, without a doubt increase due to the much reduced volumes required for far fewer users. I think we might see this impacting before the next ten years is up.

The charging infrastructure point is a good one. A couple of years back I spent a week in Cornwall visiting relatives, and on my travels was quite surprised to see field after field of solar panels. They were not there on my last visit about 5 years back, so someone is obviously anticipating much greater demand. I have actually had my house recently re-roofed, and I'm seriously considering festooning it with solar panels....... Incidentally, my boss at work drives one of those Mitsubishi PHEV electric SUV's, and has had a charging point installed in the wall right outside his office..........




Edited By Percy Verance on 21/01/2018 20:55:07

21/01/2018 20:28:48

And that is pretty much where the major development is happening Jez........... The first line of your post pretty much says it all.   

Advances in technology, not yet discovered, will be the key here. It's wandering off topic a bit, but what do you suppose Chistopher Columbus might have said if you'd shown him a nuclear powered submarine? 

Edited By Percy Verance on 21/01/2018 20:33:09

21/01/2018 20:14:44

So all the big players in the car industry, along with those involved in developing electric vehicle battery technology, are really wasting their time at the moment then Paul? I'm not sure if you've heard Paul, but it will be illegal to sell cars powered by internal combustion engines in another 20 years or so. I can't recall the precise year, but a cut-off point has been set by the Government....... And people whom use commercial vehicles to go about ​their​ - as opposed to there- business will almost certainly be catered for. Witness the Tesla electric articulated truck already being trialled in the US...... Stay in denial if it suits you Paul, but I'm afraid it's gonna happen. With your blessing or without. And don't lose sight of the fact that oil is a finite resource. At some point it's gonna run out......... And society functioned perfectly well for thousands of years prior to the advent of the i.c. engine Paul. And we'll find a way to carry on without it, believe it or not.


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21/01/2018 19:08:04

Frank, as part of my recent major house renovation I had the main electricity supply cable moved from overhead to underground. And I couldn't help but notice the cable they used seemed a good degree heavier/thicker than the old overhead one. When I asked the engineer about this, he said they were using heavier cable now in anticipation of greater loads in the future. Make of that what you will.........

Thread: Coming back after 50 years: bit lost
21/01/2018 18:53:20

Oooh, I don't think I'd want to use that switch as a main supply from the lipo to the ESC, it doesn't look butch enough. Even the better ones I've seen are only rated at 15 to 20 amps, which wouldn't be up to the job for some models. It does look a bit like one of those receiver switches with an integral charge socket, and those are (I think) rated at about 2 amps...... The actual contacts in the switch will be the limiting factor, not the wiring or plugs/sockets. The Jeti ESC's I have do have an integral arming switch which is wired in as part of the ESC circuitry.

Edited By Percy Verance on 21/01/2018 18:55:46

Thread: Electric Cars.
21/01/2018 17:47:09

A driverless motorcycle Phil? About as much use a solar powered torch.........

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