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Thread: Laser 180/200v will it fit
25/09/2017 21:20:33

I think the cowl measurements of most of the DB Sport & Scale designs were on the site, certainly before Eddie sold the business. I'd be surprised if Richard - the new owner - has removed these.

I think the DB Spitfire and Hurricane were originally intended for the Super Tigre 2000/3000 range of engines. These were huge lumps, so there's a good chance a Laser V might go in. You need to hear from Richard himself, or perhaps someone who has managed to fit one in.......

Thread: building bench
25/09/2017 13:54:13

Varifocals here for 10+ years too. They do take getting used to, which will disappoint those whom expected instant results. Your eyes need to adjust, and it takes as long as it takes. Everyone will be different.

I do have some cheapie reading glasses in my building room though, along with another pair in the garden workshop.

Thread: Pe Reivers
25/09/2017 13:48:50

If it is I haven't found it Ace. I was a fairly regular visitor to his site, and as a former MVVS owner I found the information very useful. Great shame Mr Reivers has gone along with his site.

Another good site is the dedicated Saito one. Absolutely nothing to do with Saito themselves, but compiled by someone who very obviously knows his stuff.

Edited By Percy Verance on 25/09/2017 14:00:30

24/09/2017 07:06:41

With that patch of different coloured film I'm wondering if a repair has taken place many moons ago, hence what appears to be a slight difference in wing panel length.

As already mentioned, it looks tidy enough and will appeal to the nostalgia collectors. I'd happily agree with the asking price suggested by Martin.

I bought an EMP Chaser back in the early 70's. I wish I still had that!

Thread: Horizon Hobbies
24/09/2017 06:52:55

There's no substitute for years and years of experience Joe, and that's exactly what Mike Ridley has...... yes

Thread: A new and nasty scam
23/09/2017 20:23:25

They just never give up do they?

A few years back I had a phonecall from a bloke claiming to be from *the tax office*. He advised me that I was due a sizeable tax refund, and if I gave him my bank account number they'd transfer the amount asap.

I asked him to forward the cheque in the post, and I'd bank it myself. I'm still Waiting............

Thread: FMS Models
22/09/2017 21:35:43

Buy a plan or a kit. You'd have it built by Christmas...........

Thread: Bowman Models Sunduster
22/09/2017 21:30:22


Thinned down PVA glue - about 50/50 with water - will do as a Balsaloc substitute if you have any.......

Thread: Are we being ripped off
22/09/2017 21:19:39

You may very well have a point there Lima. In which case we could well see something of a return to the *trad* modelling skills, with a good few modellers making and fabricating bits and pieces for their models, pretty much like the 40's/50's. I see a time when lots of the convenience type bits and bobs we're so used to buying and using will be harder to source. The margin on such items will probably be next to nothing, and consequently there may be far fewer stockists.

Thread: Horizon Hobbies
21/09/2017 14:07:43

He's good Joe, I kid you not. Quite a few years ago I bought a job lot of gear from someone who was giving up the hobby. This particular chap never really got into it and so most of the gear was unused. Among the heap of items were 2 Multiplex 35mhz synth receivers, but unfortunately only one worked. Not too much later I sent one of my Multiplex Royal sets to Mike for the M Link/MPCM update, and I included the non working receiver in the parcel with an explanation of how I came by it. Mike did the set conversion (which was a freebie from Mpx at the time) and also fixed the dead receiver for free as well!

I don't seem to need his services too often thankfully, but when things do need looking at it's good to know they'll be sorted fairly promptly. That said, the current Spektrum merry go round may well have an impact on turnaround times.

20/09/2017 06:41:24

Hi stubtoe

Not sure about Skyleader stubtoe, but in the past Mike worked for MacGregor, JR and the Futaba service department at Ripmax. He has also (I think) designed numerous electronic gadgets for another company (Westfield, Westbury?)

He's also the UK service agent for Multiplex.

Mike's service is prompt. Even after a heavy arrival I will get a receiver checked out prior to flying it again, and Mike has frequently had stuff back with me within a week. Highly recommended.


Edited By Percy Verance on 20/09/2017 06:43:23

19/09/2017 14:50:35


Try Mike Ridley at

He's good! yes

Thread: Anybody know this plane.
17/09/2017 20:52:37

And move forward it will Jim..............

Thread: RCGF 10cc RE
17/09/2017 11:11:24

Mmmm, the nearest speedway track will probably be almost 100 miles from me. I'm up in't hills a bit here Bob......

I don't know about Model Technics Bob, but David Watts of Southern Modelcraft says his turnover is down considerably on a few years back. And certainly at Elvington recently, I didn't notice too many punters at his stand. I remember well about 15 or so years back you had to wait to be served when you wanted to buy fuel off him. How times change........



Edited By Percy Verance on 17/09/2017 11:27:38

Thread: Gliders Distribution
17/09/2017 09:11:23

Another vote here for Sherwoods (Leeds Model Shop). When you browse their site you can see an indication of how many of a said item are in stock. Good stock/website management. Enough said......

Thread: Anybody know this plane.
17/09/2017 08:57:41

And finally I've managed to get the ad from the old RCM&E on here........

p1000228 mod.jpg

As will be seen, Jims model is the Cobra. The photo Jim has is the very pic Phoenix Models used as a promo all those years ago......


Edited By Percy Verance on 17/09/2017 09:01:16

16/09/2017 20:45:20

Hi Again TIM

Now you mention it I do remember the wing having a symmetrical section at the root, but with a flat tip. If I remember correctly, the wing tip block was simply a bit of 3/8 square balsa.

I can't ever remember flying mine very slowly. It seemed happiest with the tap wide open.......

Thread: RCGF 10cc RE
16/09/2017 18:52:15


It wasn't so much the various things glow fuel is mixed from, I was thinking more along the lines of who might be stocking it in, say, 5 years time..........surprise

16/09/2017 09:09:03

Thinking ahead a little though, will you still be able to buy glow fuel in a few years time? I can't see there being any issues wIth petrol availability for some time, but glow fuel might be a different story.

Just a thought........

Thread: Anybody know this plane.
16/09/2017 08:58:16

The main difference I can see from the Cobra pic and my own Challenger seems to be the canopy and the slightly swept trailing edge. The Challenger had no canopy and had a straight trailing edge. From memory, my Challenger was about 36 inch span.

I'd have another tomorrow if they still did the kit. It was a great fun machine.

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