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Thread: Price Increases On Engines from The Far East
19/01/2017 20:41:42

Well there's a comparison if ever there was one. I know which one will still be running superbly 20 years from now.....

Worth every penny of £209 in my humble opinion.

Thread: Horus compatibility question
19/01/2017 20:36:44

And I thought it was Freddie Laker,,,,,,,,,

Thread: BMFA Country Members
18/01/2017 22:05:21

With LMA membership at an all time high Rich, it appears others have also made the move too.........

I suspect though, that the BMFA will handle this issue (if indeed they consider there even is one) by ignoring it. I'd urge them to monitor this situation very carefully.

I'd liken it to a bath-full of water once the plug has been removed. You don't notice it emptying at first..........

Edited By Percy Verance on 18/01/2017 22:10:56

Thread: Magnum Open rocker 4 stroke engines
18/01/2017 21:13:36

Hi Barry

I do remember these being available. Mid to late 80's I think. And yes you're right regarding the quality. It wasn't absolutely top notch from what I remember reading at the time. They were no ball of fire, but were said to be fairly reliable as I recall. They never caught on in the same way the UK produced Lasers have.

Maybe a bit of a collector's item now Barry. The single cylinder engines they made were a .91 and a 1.20

Edited By Percy Verance on 18/01/2017 21:15:30

Thread: LMA v BMFA insurance
18/01/2017 16:13:56


I've seen very few posts protesting/moaning about the cost of BMFA membership. No, most I've seen are about the way the BMFA is run, or their seeming reluctance to accept even basic democracy.

I'll cite an example if I may. Several years ago the BMFA themselves published figures estimating there were around 10,000 plus non club/non BMFA model flyers in the UK. All well and fine. But having done that, I personally then saw no further attempts or effort to engage with these people! We can probably assume these people have absolutely no idea of the BMFA's existance. I therefore fail to see how a National Centre will do anything to increase awareness of our hobby to such people, but it's gone ahead anyway. Might they not have better spent their time and effort implementing some sort of imformation network - possibly involving the major UK modelling distributors - to get their message across? These *hidden* flyers have to buy their modelling items somewhere.........

Now that would have benefits for both the hobby in general plus the BMFA.




Edited By Percy Verance on 18/01/2017 16:18:05

Thread: Field Battery
18/01/2017 15:58:12

Hi Steven

I'd consider something like a 40amp hour leisure battery, or bigger if you can carry it ok. A field flight box is pretty much a personal thing. Some are large, others not so. You'll need to consider exactly what you are going to put in your field box. Personally, I opted not to bother with a power panel as I consider them a waste of time and space. Most I have seen can't handle both a 12v starter and glow activation. Usually, as the starter is applied, the glow dies! I'd use the big leisure battery to start i.c. engines, using a separate glow stick.

If you eventually make the switch to electric flight, then you perhaps ought to consider how much flying you're actually going to do. Some of the electric flyers in my club arrive with a dozen or so fully charged batteries, enought to fly all day, and rarely charge on the field.

Thread: Nigel Hawes Tucano
15/01/2017 22:00:56

That's worth knowing BEB. That sanding sealer trick. I'm soon going to try Poly C for the first time, and I'll give that a go.

Thread: Spektrum Rx price hike???
15/01/2017 21:18:32

I never really liked Izal. It slid up yer back.......

Old crisp packets are even worse in toilets. You just hope and pray you don't get a corner.......

And I have no idea what this has to do with Spektrum receivers getting pricier.......

Edited By Percy Verance on 15/01/2017 21:20:18

Thread: Cambria Christmas Charity Draw
15/01/2017 16:42:56

Now that looks like a nicely presented kit....... yes

Thread: Spektrum Rx price hike???
15/01/2017 15:25:56

Ah yes John, it's probably all down to subjective judgement and expectation.

And one man's cheap (I prefer less expensive personally) is another man's good value.

Estate agents have it all off to a tee. A house with broken windows and holes in the roof would probably be derelict to most of us, but to an estate agent its *an opportunity to create the home of your dreams*.........

15/01/2017 15:09:39

P. M. sent Andy........

Thread: Back to RC Aircraft after 20yrs.
15/01/2017 14:55:58

I'm not entirely convinced he was all that wise Tom....... wink

Thread: Spektrum Rx price hike???
15/01/2017 14:48:14


I have 3 RX 5's Andy, with one in particular in an Easystar I use to teach new flyers. As you say, not a moment's bother despite it being the cheapie of the M Link range. I've had mine so high it was but a dot in the sky. Most of the time though, I'm with the 7ch jobs, both Light and telemetry...... Prices seem very competitive there Andy. Thanks for flagging them up.....

I couldn't use a 5ch rx in the Condor Andy, it needs more channels. It needs 7 ch minimum, with 8 servos required.

Edited By Percy Verance on 15/01/2017 15:00:42

Thread: Build Board Material
15/01/2017 13:38:40

Hi Silver Wolf

I have my Sundeala board on a worktop too, but not bonded to avoid the very problem you have. I lift my Sundeala off the worktop prior to each build, and check for warps with a metre long spirit level. Luckily I've not had to adjust anything yet. I think the secret is to make sure the units are completely level, then tightly screw them together, making a solid lump. Then screw the worktop down from underneath, checking for level as you go.....

Thread: Spektrum Rx price hike???
15/01/2017 13:16:25

Well I'm glad I hung onto mine gangster. I still have a few new/boxed 35mhz receivers, as well as a dozen or so well used ones, and I will certainly use them.

One never knows, they may start making them again. Look at what's happened with vinyl records.........

15/01/2017 12:21:51

Perhaps there is no real truth Martin? Perhaps it's simply down to subjective judgement? 

Right now I imagine Hamish has a fairly low opinion of his radio, but will he change makes? I must admit I have seen a number of flyers experience issues with the said brand but curiously, few seem to move to other makes of radio.


Luckily, my radio has full *backwards compatibility* too. I have a 1990 transmitter here, and it was fully 2.4ghz usable in seconds, after simply plugging in a module. It remains usable on both 35mhz and 2.4ghz, changeable literally at the flick of a switch. Futaba in particular seem masters in the art of protocol confusion, with FASST, even FASSTER, and goodness knows what else. Too confusing for me I'm afraid. I like to buy stuff and still know I can use it with newer stuff years later.





Edited By Percy Verance on 15/01/2017 12:45:42

15/01/2017 11:57:15

Well, there is that too Martin.......

15/01/2017 11:34:53

Nope, not Spektrum Chris. Think German.......... And confidence? Certainly. The only issue I've had in almost 30 years of using it was a dodgy 35mhz crystal. That's it. So yes, I'd say a price worth paying......

Pete B

I'm in the process of putting the model in the for sale ads, but my attempts to do so have left me confused, confounded and bewildered. I'll suss it out though I'm sure......





Edited By Percy Verance on 15/01/2017 11:56:24

15/01/2017 11:11:42

Hopefully the mods won't mind too much if I do this?

Further to my above post, the Condor is now actually for sale to make room for further projects. If interested, please p.m. me.....

Thread: Dennis Bryant 1:51/3 scale Tiger Moth Advice Needed
15/01/2017 11:08:10

Limobob seems to have gone quiet. I was quite looking forward to the build...........

A bit of a DH fan here, as you can see from my header pic.

Edited By Percy Verance on 15/01/2017 11:08:55

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