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Thread: Am I drinking too much?
20/02/2017 18:57:02


Have you thought of joining U3A? Lots of people our age, generally with a very positive outlook on life, and usually a good range to activities the get the body and mind active and develop social contacts. There are now over 1000 U3As in this country.

Thread: How to set up a CCPM heli?
20/02/2017 14:29:50

Check out the "How to" section here. One How to goes step by step through programming a flybar helicopter.


Thread: New entry level Taranis Q X7 TX
19/02/2017 10:56:54

I'm more bothered about a radio's functionality rather than its appearance on a shelf in the living room.

Thread: Creating sound files Horus
19/02/2017 10:54:12

The Horus uses .wav files not mp3.

Thread: Time to change car
17/02/2017 13:40:25
Posted by ted hughes on 17/02/2017 09:49:39:

Apparently the cheapest way to run a car is to buy one a year old and keep it until repairs are un-economic (that came from a money-saving website, for what it is worth).

I kept my last Mitsubishi SUV for 5 years from new, and traded it in with 40,000 on the clock. I got over 50% back against the list price of a new one. That worked out at just £2000 a year in depreciation, and the only things replaced were the tyres.

Thread: Spot The Difference!
16/02/2017 14:27:05

The bird bath has morphed into a table.

Thread: Creating sound files Horus
16/02/2017 10:48:04

You need to download a program called TTSautomate, which is on the internet. This will create .wav sound files for any speech files you wish to generate.


Thread: Am I drinking too much?
15/02/2017 16:30:06

I suspect that recognising the problem is 75% of the way to the solution. Well done.

Thread: Planning laws, clarification sought
12/02/2017 11:18:00
Posted by Peter Miller on 11/02/2017 08:42:47:

I hear on the radio this morning that when Brexit happens the rules regarding species habitat protection will be cancelled..

Greater Crested Newts will no longer be able to hold up building works.

Me? it doesn't make any difference to me.

In our village (now a small domitory town) They cram the houses in on any space available.

We have Great Crested Newts in our area and I've seen the occasional one. Two house renovations were held up due to this. Surprisingly these animals are remarkably mobile being able to travel 2km in a night. Seems a bit pointless trying to move them on.

Edited By Andy48 on 12/02/2017 11:18:22

Thread: **NEW POLL** - What's the main radio brand you use 2017?
10/02/2017 19:18:42

Interesting analysis BEB. I do think FrSky would have made much greater progress it it had a simpler beginners model, perhaps with a stripped down version of OpenTX. I certainly wouldn't advise a newby to go for a FrSky, more probably a cheap Spekky.

An interesting analysis of BMFA numbers shows that the latest membership number is around the 203,000 mark. 10 years ago it was around the 150,000 mark. In our club most of the newbies are either retired or nearing retirement age, and thus less inclined (using the language carefully!) to want such technical equipment.

Thread: Planning laws, clarification sought
10/02/2017 11:55:15

I live in a very small village. While a number of houses have been knocked down and rebuilt over recent years, mine is the only new build house allowed in the village since the war, built in the 60's. It was built and lived in by the then local MP. Says it all!

Thread: Horus TX
09/02/2017 16:49:30

You have to use OpenTX 2.2 on the Horus. It is the only version that works on that transmitter.

Yes the documentation refers to the Taranis, and obviously the screen displays are somewhat different, but you should soon find these differences for yourself. The Widgets are new to the Horus. However, OpenTX works in exactly the same way on the Horus as the Taranis. You will need to ensure however, that when you come to setting up the Companion you do specify the correct transmitter.

While OpenTX 2.2 is unfinished, it does work well now, as the core of the program remains unchanged. FrSky OS is still developing and there are still plenty of bugs in that.

09/02/2017 13:15:30

Oh yes, BTW. Forget almost everything you learned on the JR. OpenTX uses a quite different approach, and the menu driven FrSky OS is actually derived from OpenTX with many similarities.

09/02/2017 13:13:16

My suggestion would be to go over to OpenTX, its far, far better than the FrSky OS. If so, there is a full set of documentation for OpenTX 2.1, a slightly earlier version than one you will put on your Horus. Flight modes and speech alerts are no problem. I would also suggest you work through OpenTX Companion. While OpenTX is far easier to work with on the Horus than it was on the Taranis due to the much improved screen, the Companion allows you to see a much better overview of all the settings together, and saves an awful lot of button pressing and knob twiddling.


Thread: Horus compatibility question
06/02/2017 09:23:26

For some reason the system if funny about what sort of USB cable you use. One I use regularly to read and write to and from the Taranis simply won't work with the Horus.

Thread: Old, returning flyer so kind of Newbe
05/02/2017 22:15:19

Oh err... Old servos may well NOT work. Most were rated at 4.5 volts. New receivers generally run of 5 or 6 volts. The last thing you want is a servo to fail in flight. Given the cost of new servos (£3-£6 each) and the power of mini or micro servos, all of which now run off 6 volts, maybe worth a change.

Thread: On Line Passport renewal
02/02/2017 19:02:06

Hmmm. When my wife renewed her passport earlier this year they sent her old passport back by registered post. her new passport was sent out a couple of days later by ordinary post, and delivered to someone 4 miles away who kindly dropped it in to us.

Why couldn't they send the old and the new together and why send the new one just by ordinary post?

Ranks with getting my pension every face 19face 19face 19 four weeks rather than every calendar month. You have to admire governmental department efficiencies.

Thread: Diesel Crackdown
02/02/2017 15:21:56
Posted by Frank Skilbeck on 01/02/2017 21:15:31:

Tesla are also building home power storage units, and the Japanese are looking at using electric cars as part of an electricity storage system, so when there's spare power they charge up, when it's short they feed back in, sort of distributed transmission and storage.

An £18m power storage facility connected to the national grid is being built just down the road from us to cope with peak demands.

01/02/2017 18:46:22
Posted by ken anderson. on 01/02/2017 14:46:44:

it and it was pointed out that the raw materials that were taken out of the ground to produce a car would take millions of years for the planet to replace.

Er.... actually no! Maybe true of stuff like oil and gas and diamonds, but not most minerals such as aluminium or iron ores. Some of these raw materials found on Earth were created when previous stars exploded, - those in the periodic table above iron mostly. The rest are just part of the material that formed the Earth, and the planet cannot replace them.

Thread: Taranis Upgrade
01/02/2017 18:39:57
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 01/02/2017 17:33:11:

They do look interesting - I'm tempted,.....but I'm also moving very close to buyng a Horus now, I need a Horus and a Taranis with Hall Effect gimbals?

OK, I know, stupid question!


Once you get your hands on a Horus you'll leave the Taranis in the case, except as a buddy box perhaps. OpenTX 2.2 is looking good on it, still a bit buggy, and quite a few bells and whistles to add but wow!

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