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Thread: Electric Cars.
23/01/2018 11:32:52

Thinking of the solar farms in farmers' fields, if the solar array is greater than 9 square metres, then the farmer needs planning permission, and as a model club you would be able to put your objections in to the development.

Thread: Need urgent help with my 9D Plus update
23/01/2018 11:29:22

Ah! "can then see it in the "Write Firmware" list when back in bootloader mode" There is your problem. The bootloader cannot update itself whilst it is being used.

If you read the documentation carefully, to update just the bootloader, you load the firmware onto the SD card as you have done, and then switch on the Taranis normally and update the bootloader. Go to page 10 of the documentation and follow steps 7 and 8.

Its easy really. wink

Thread: Electric Cars.
22/01/2018 20:32:31
Posted by Andrew767 on 22/01/2018 19:44:09:

What the capacity of some of these batteries will be in 10yrs is anyones guess as there are no vehicles of that age to prove one way or the other. However, Mitsubishi and Yuasa, who make the cells, expect around 90% in normal usage. That is one of the reasons why the battery warranty increased from 5 to 8yrs,the packs are simply standing up better than expected.

Well, it is a Mitsubishi. smiley

Thread: Need urgent help with my 9D Plus update
22/01/2018 19:00:33

Look at the documentation I gave the link to above. That tells you how to update the bootloader. Its probably easier if you print it out. Use method 2 on page 10, but only update ther bootloader not all the firmware at this stage.

Given the fact your bootloader is probably faulty, its better to copy the files onto the SD card by taking the card out of the transmitter and putting it directly in the computer.

Once this is done, you can easily check the bootloader version number by going into the bootloader itself. If it has updated you should then be able to update firmwares normally. .... hopefully sarcastic 2

Thread: Electric Cars.
22/01/2018 17:43:57
Posted by Geoff Sleath on 22/01/2018 17:05:04:

I was bit dubious about 'all the way to Scotland' I confess because we've always turned off at Scotch Corner and either gone across to Penrith and through Gretna or over Carter Bar and via Jedburgh though we went as far as Durham on Boxing Day.

Driving up to Scotland one day along the A1 north of Newcastle, and they were doing some sort of road repairs. There was a man with a red/green stop/go board! Haven't seen one of those for years. Then you drive down to Peterborough and its 4 lanes wide! The worst stretch is between the M18 and the junction with the M1 near Leeds.

The stretch up to Scotch Corner was planned to be upgraded to motorway standard years ago then cancelled, later restarted. Its still not finished.

Its not bad up to Durham, though usually very busy.

22/01/2018 17:36:59

I think you've also got to look at battery degradation. If Mitsubishi guarantee their battery to have a storage capacity of greater than 72% after 8 years, that means one could reasonably expect a 3% degradation a year. May not sound much but it soon adds up. 30 mile rage from new, 25.7 mile range after 5 years, 23.5mile range after 8 years.

Thread: Need urgent help with my 9D Plus update
22/01/2018 14:55:57

No. Did you also upgrade the bootloader? If you upgraded through the bootloader, it would not update the bootloader itself. As I said the problem was probably the faulty bootloader.

While you are at it, you might as well go to OpenTX 2.2. There's a few extra twiddly bits make it worthwhile, and it gets harder to upgrade the more models you add onto the system sometimes due to some features changing slightly. For instance, on 2.2 the filelength for sounds and pictures has reduced to 6 characters from 7, so you have to go through your models and change the pictures and sound commands.

Edited By Andy48 on 22/01/2018 14:57:00

Thread: Electric Cars.
22/01/2018 14:48:09

It is a diesel, and meets Euro 6b. I am well aware of the issues, and this car does not use Adblue; not all diesels do. You can also switch the engine off during the regen process to no ill effect. There is a problem with oil in the sump during regen, apparently this is due to the % of biofuel used in the UK which does not evaporate in the sump like ordinary diesel. A couple of years ago the service limit for this engine was increased from 9,000 miles to 12,500 miles, as again the manufacturer has sorted the regen problem out through an improved regen process.

Both my OH and I do about 8,000 miles each, we both have the same car and we do tow a caravan.

22/01/2018 14:00:17

.. or rely on the warranty. The warranty on the battery in a Mitsubishi Outlander, for instance, is 8 years.

With some makes you only rent the battery.

22/01/2018 13:08:23
Posted by eflightray on 21/01/2018 15:29:00:

I also have a hybrid, a Hyundai Ioniq, great drive. Snag is it's too much fun to drive economically, though I'm still getting 55mpg.

An electric powered car should be designed from the ground up, not just modify an existing petrol/diesel model. The current trend in 'cross-over', SUV, boxy style models ignores the advantages of good low drag aerodynamics when it comes to economy.


I have one of those boxy SUVs with 4wd and an automatic gear box, yet it will still do 50mpg, and that figure doesn't reduce on cold mornings when the heater is going full belt and the seat heaters are on.

22/01/2018 13:03:22
Posted by Geoff Sleath on 21/01/2018 20:22:23:

Paul, when I was a teenager in the 1950s I worked near London right by the A1. It was a single carriageway except where it passed DeHavillands in Hatfleld and I happily cycled along it on my old 3 speed hub gear pedal cycle to night school because it was so quiet in the evenings. I met and old chap who could remember when it was little more than a cart track (no cars at all., just horse drawn traffic) but look at it now. Dual carriageway, multi-lane all the way from the M25 north to Scotland. Times change and the rate of change is increasing.

Never say 'Won't happen' because it will, one way or another.


Nooo! Try driving along the A1 north of Newcastle. There's still 60+ miles of the A1 before you reach the Scottish border. A significant length is single carriageway, but then the powers that be never consider anything north of the Midlands, and dualling of this road has been repeatedly rejected. How much is being spent on Crossrail?

Thread: Club subs payment methods
20/01/2018 20:05:37
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 20/01/2018 19:46:52:

Perhaps you should review the methods you are using?

Believe you me I did. Even down to changing banks to have a debit card and only one signature. Speeded up such things as banking, avoiding a trip to town, instead going to the local Post Office. Even that was not easy. Constitution had to be changed. Visits to the bank by all concerned with various minutes, copy of new Constitution etc.

Add on a very slow internet and time really adds up when you are trying to log into the bank account.

20/01/2018 19:28:52
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 20/01/2018 18:12:09:

Its only a hobby lads - "penality charges" what next,...fines for wearing the wrong colour socks? At our club the rule is simple - as someone has already said - if you haven't paid you can't fly. Easy. So it takes 5 mins of our time to process someone's payment - big deal. I just think of the many, many hours people put in over the years to help me learn to fly, build models, fettle engines etc. etc. So I put a little bit back that's all. Afterall, they are my clubmates?


Sounds simple, but in reality its actually a lot more than 5 minutes processing a single payment when all the bits and pieces are done. We don't charge a penalty if there is a good reason, however.

I agree it is only fair to put a bit back as you say, hence why I became Treasurer, but it has been a massive job taking a day/day and a half a week with over 200 financial entries in the spreadsheet (excluding membership payments) and a turnover of £40k+.

20/01/2018 19:17:11
Posted by Denis Watkins on 20/01/2018 17:56:31:

The day they pay Chris, then they can fly

No pay, and no fly

And to be honest, I think they all know that

We have at least one or two every year who come down and pretend they are members. Membership card still in the post, forgot to bring it etc. Had one or two get really irate when they are turned away. Some members won't challenge those who don't put their membership card on the peg board.

Let's not forget the time it takes to print, cut out and laminate membership cards.

Thread: Need urgent help with my 9D Plus update
20/01/2018 14:30:45

I seem to remember that Taranis sent out with 2.1.6 had a faulty bootloader on the system. Update this first then all should be well.

See here:


Go to the section called "The Basics".

Thread: S6r Rx downloads
20/01/2018 14:15:29
Posted by trebor on 20/01/2018 12:28:57:

It seems the lesser of two evils as I used the stk tool before (once) I would have to update the Taranis and I am worried about loosing my 8 models programmed. As I say I'm a computer novice but willing to learn which is a dangerous thing in my case laugh I've updated flight controllers using Betaflight and I found it easier.

Its pretty difficult to lose models anyway on OpenTX. If you use Companion and save the models onto your PC, then there is always a backup copy. Indeed if you save them under a different filename each time you do this you can also revert to an earlier version also.

I would think it almost impossible to lose any models using the LUA script.


Edited By Andy48 on 20/01/2018 14:16:37

20/01/2018 12:10:42

Here is a screenshot from my Horus. It will look different on the Taranis due to the different screen, but the information is the same. The blanks at the right will be populated when the Tx connects to the receiver (obviously it needs binding first). Then simply go down to the parameter to change, and job done. To "recover" the extra channels used by the receiver for stabilisation go down to the CH5 and CH6 mode functions and change those. The channel numbers will be different for an S6R and an S8R. It saves automatically. It can be done with the receiver in the plane already.

lua 2.jpg

If one wants to calibrate the receiver then the LUA script looks like this:

lua 1.jpg

If you need to update the firmware, all the instructions are here:

Again easily done from the transmitter rather than faffing around with the STK tool.

Edited By Andy48 on 20/01/2018 12:23:14

20/01/2018 11:53:52

I'm simply amazed. Why put yourself through all this when exactly the same thing can be done in a couple of minutes wirelessly from your transmitter? Forget your STK tool, its a right pain to use. Forget the versions. Forget the PC.

Why do you want to make life so difficult for yourself?

Yes we really need a headbanging smiley! sad

Thread: Club subs payment methods
20/01/2018 11:47:28

Having been a Treasurer in a large club, I was dead against BACS payments. Easily done by the bank, no problem there, but a huge amount of extra work for the Treasurer to keep tabs of each individual payment, reconcile each individual payment on the accounts system and then each individual transer of money to BMFA. Also makes auditing more difficult.

No BACS payments encouraged more to come to subs night, and collect their membership card etc. After subs night, I collected the money together, cash and cheques, and paid it in as one batch, updated the accounts with one statement, showed this as one payment date on the membership spreadsheet, and made one submission to BMFA. Fairly easy, and easy to ensure every penny was accounted for.

The next crunch time was the date when a penalty for late payment was levied, and all the payments from subs night until then went in as another batch.

Finally as other payments tricked in they were dealt with individually, and each took as much time to process as a whole batch. Hence the penalty fee.

Perhaps when members want all the options made easy for them they ought to consider the work involved for the Treasurer. I spent at least a day a week on accounts, more likely a day and a half. I had an efficient system and I doubt anyone could have done it faster. I had efficient IT systems set up with mail merging facilities. However, there were always a few that were not satisfied with anything and demanded things their way, even to the point of threatening violence.

Any wonder I'm not still Treasurer?

Thread: Unable to connect to transmitter after downloading software
19/01/2018 18:53:58

The bootloader update is not that important and doesn't have to match the OpenTX version number, but its better to update just to be on the safe side. Actually its the program that starts up when you do the three finger salute.

Pleased something worked. laugh

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