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Thread: Flite (sic) Test paper and card model - hints?
15/11/2017 18:38:24

My glue gun is pretty useless. I suspect the problem is the wattage and the temperature it reaches. There will be less stringing the hotter the gun gets.It also leaks constantly.


Edited By Andy48 on 15/11/2017 18:40:18

Thread: Am i being thick - probably!
07/11/2017 11:54:59

... or the live and learn thread.

Thread: Horus TX battery
04/11/2017 10:15:43

I have my main screen widget set to show the actual tx transmitter battery voltage. It should be in the range of 11v or higher when fully charged, and is usable down to about 9v. That way I can be sure it is fully charged. I've not had a problem with battery life. it could also be due to the settings you have for the battery range. These should be set to 9.2 to 10.8. If the lower value is set higher then you will get early low battery warnings.

Thread: What's a Watt?
02/11/2017 19:11:42
Posted by David Mellor on 02/11/2017 18:33:14:

You can, of course, boil 20 million pints of water at home using just 1 kettle (a normal 1200 Watt model).

It would take 76 years (continuous use with no breaks).

1.2kW is not normal for a kettle, most kettles are between 2.2 and 3kW.

31/10/2017 10:17:53
Posted by Martin Harris on 30/10/2017 23:07:40:

I've often wondered why the SI system didn't adopt 100 or 1000 degree graduation of a circle - 360 is just so Imperial...could it be that it facilitates a better range of divisors? Suddenly 240 pence to the pound makes much more sense although spending less than a pound is a lot more difficult than it was in 1971 (99p shops excepted)!

You can get the NATO mils, which is a circle divided into 6400mils. Much more sensible.

30/10/2017 21:46:23
Posted by Geoff Sleath on 30/10/2017 16:54:52:

I just hope the current dislike of things European in some quarters doesn't result in our backsliding into Imperial weights and measures. I just wish we'd go the whole hog and go completely metric and leave the US (and apparently Myanmar and Liberia) in the 19th century.


Edited By Geoff Sleath on 30/10/2017 16:55:54

Actually in 1668, it was a British cleric and philosopher John Wilkins who first proposed a decimal based unit of length. It was based on a pendulum swing and was 997mm long.

Thread: OpenTx - Questions and Problems
29/10/2017 10:30:12

No. The bluetooth is for the trainer function. In any case openTX 2.2 can't handle this function yet.

You can plug a bluetooth transmitter into the headphones socket and use that, however its a great deal more faff than simply using headphones.

Thread: Phone Volume
19/10/2017 20:12:21
Posted by David Holland 2 on 19/10/2017 19:42:54:

Sorry for the slow response but I've been at the MMEE all day and only just checked the forum. I do have a hearing aid but it is worse than useless, it amplifies all the wrong frequencies and actually makes things worse. I also have a punctured left eardrum so I can't have an aid in that ear (this is rapidly turning into something that should be on Dr Foster's Problem Page). I suppose I should start by investigating more modern hearing aids. Or time travelling back 50 years and take better care of the old shell likes. I am working through the suggestions and so far Don Fry's electrocuting dog collar looks like a winner. Having said that, I'm told that you can buy a thingie you wear on your wrist that will vibrate when you get an incoming. Think it's primarily to pander to the current whim of knowing your heart rate every second of the day. That might be worth a google. I am making problems for myself by having plucked up courage to affect a "man bag" (on selected occasions, i e not at the flying field where the opportunities for taking the p would not be resisted), a phone, wallet, keys etc. so compromise the sleek line of my designer jeans (yeah) so I do not notice the standard vibe. Anyway, if anyone has experience of hearing aids or vibrating arm thingies, I would be very grateful for your input. Thanks for the suggestions so far,


PS I hope the mods don't take exception to all the references to vibrating objects.

Modern hearing aids are completely different. I've always been profoundly deaf in one ear and the other one is slowly on its way out. I got some decent hearing aids and the difference is amazing. They are tuned carefully to the frequencies you can't hear well. I can now hear clearly in my bad ear, something I've never been able to do for 60 years. I have a TV sender which means I hear everything going on in the room, but the TV sound is also sent to my hearing aids to supplement that sound. No the TV is at the volume comfortable for the OH.

I even have a device which plugs into my Horus, so all the speech goes straight into my hearing aids and does not annoy others. It also plugs into those radio things you get when you go round historic places instead of a guide. - You can't use headphones with behind the ear hearing aids.

I've worn mine every day since I got them and now after a year, everything is sounding far more natural. At first while I could hear much better things sounded tinny.

19/10/2017 15:54:55

Hearing aids?

Thread: Long wait for car parts
19/10/2017 15:52:32

When I damaged the boot of my Mitsubishi a few years ago, I phoned the insurance company on a Tuesday night. it needed a new boot lid, a bumper plus a few other bits and pieces. I had a phone call from the repair centre the next morning, and the car was picked up that day. On Friday evening they returned the car. 3 days. This was a new model car that had only been imported for just a year, and there were less than 2000 of them in the UK. Well pleased with both the repair centre and Mitsubishi.

Thread: Prop Fixing
15/10/2017 17:34:03

The OP says the shaft is attached to the rear, this is an electric motor, however job done.

Thread: Rabbit Problems
14/10/2017 18:52:16

Simple really..... **LINK**

Thread: Friday the 13th
13/10/2017 13:00:40

Be positive. The prop looks OK. smiley

Thread: Unable to flash X6R with EU LBT firmware
12/10/2017 18:42:20

Not that at all, you will not affect your BMFA insurance and updating to the EU firmware means that older kit will meet the newer EU standard.

Personally rather than doing the half-way house of an upgrade to an older version of OpenTX, this topic illustrates why it is useful to keep OpenTX upgraded. Winter is approaching and now is an ideal time to do these upgrades.

Thread: My Hermes
12/10/2017 14:18:02
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 12/10/2017 13:17:23:

Remember, this timescale they have failed to meet is not of my design - it is service they offered me, I paid for and didn't get. Not just once, but many times.

Can you imagine any other aspect of life where we would just accept this? Suppose you went to a restaurant and it said steak was on the menu, but for a bit extra you could have fillet steak. So you order the fillet steak, and pay the extra. Now, suppose the waiter comes along and says: "Sorry about this, but the chef is really busy, and he's not paid very much. You have to feel sorry for him. So, its going to be just meat and potato pie and chips I'm afraid - but of course we'll still charge you for fillet steak because while you were at the toilet just now we did bring a fillet steak along - but you missed it."

You should try buying a new caravan BEB. - 3 new British-made caravans, all leaked within the first year. .... Could be a whole new long tedious topic. crying

On a more positive note, the stuff I ordered on Tuesday night at 9pm from HK arrived at 9am this morning by Royal Mail.

11/10/2017 20:57:52

Think that's bad. I recently bought something from Germany delivered by DHL to the UK and then to be delivered by UK Mail. The delivery day came and went. No delivery, no card through the box. Looked on line, it said address could not be found. Re-arranged delivery for later in the week. After another non-show, looked on line again and same message.

Then drove a round trip of 24 miles to collect it, to discover two DHL/UK Mail barcode labels with completely the wrong address, and sat between the two, the suppliers delivery note in the usual plastic wallet with the address plain for all to see and correct. Complained at the local office. Waste of time. Have done 5 on line complaints and they haven't bothered to respond to any, only sent a complaints numbers.

Having said that, Royal Mail have been very good, stuff always arrives promptly, and the postpeople are really friendly.

Thread: Ignore member button
30/09/2017 14:26:28
Posted by Bob H on 30/09/2017 09:29:38:

hi, How do I become a Message Member, please ?

Sorry to disappoint, but its message member, not massage member. devil

Thread: Taranis x9d newbie
28/09/2017 19:10:34
Posted by flight1 on 28/09/2017 18:31:27:

The teranis x9d is a fantastic tx do not be put off with a steep learning curve as some find it easy even though they are nor pc gurus (ie Normal) see open tx university for loading the latest open tx on to the Tx and go from there . it can be simple or as hard as you desire . also there is a manual available to purchase from here ( cost money do to the time and effort to write so worth it)

I am happy with mine and the reliability from frsky 2.4Ghz protocol and i think you could be too

Edited By flight1 on 28/09/2017 18:35:00

I make no money at all from the manual I wrote in the link above. Over 150 pages and by far the most comprehensive manual for OpenTX out there, and free to download. The spirit of OpenTx is that work done on the project is freely given.

28/09/2017 17:04:52

I wish it were that simple. It would be foolhardy to load a set of library settings and expect them to work on your models as expected without quite some tweaking, which requires knowledge of OpenTX and how the systems on your planes work.

I would suggest you do one of two things.

Either: start here **LINK**

download these documents and start doing some night-time reading until you have some familiarity with OpenTX,

Or: Ebay it.

As a newbie flyer and also only slightly pc literate, I would definitely suggest the latter. Almost certainly you will need to update the system with some of the latest software.

Thread: WOT 4 CG and adding nose weight
28/09/2017 16:55:28

I think if you read my post, the Cof G is exactly 82mm.

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