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Thread: To brake or let prop windmill?
15/03/2018 16:20:13

I think this conversation is becoming a little more complex than it needs to be tbh. You can choose how to set the ESC purely based on the type of model and prop:

  • Gliders with big, fine pitched folding props and no undercarriage - Brake on (minimises drag in the glide, keeps the prop out of way on landing).
  • Any other fixed wing powered plane with a fixed prop - Brake off (creates useful drag at low revs that you can use on approach; won't stop the motor with the prop pointing downwards where it is most vulnerable on landing)
Thread: Correct tool for securing TX switches?
09/03/2018 00:59:19
Posted by Martin Harris on 08/03/2018 23:39:47:

I made one on my lathe but here's Jeti's offering.

9 quid for that? I should think they can count the number of those they have sold on the fingers of one head...!

Thread: Matching Motor to ESC rating
07/03/2018 17:00:07


Edited By MattyB on 07/03/2018 17:00:23

07/03/2018 17:00:06

For further information check out the list of sticky threads to help with your electric powertrain here...

Edited By MattyB on 07/03/2018 17:00:39

07/03/2018 16:56:33

As long as you are operating at below the rated current of the ESC it should not make any difference to performance - it's the prop and the Kv that defines the load, not the max amp rating of the motor. My rule of thumb is no less than 10% headroom at full throttle, so on that ESC with a fully charged battery and the motor and prop combo of your choice I would not want to seeing a wattmeter reading of any more than 130-13 = 117A. Let Frank run the numbers for you and you will be able to tell whether your existing ESC will be suitable.

Thread: New Graphene Lipo Battery ?
06/03/2018 14:38:13

There is lots of test data out there on Graphenes if you look for it - this RCGroups thread for instance. Post 2 indexes a number of interesting topics within the thread which show how long lifed and resilient these packs are on average.

I have used them fairly extensively and there is no doubt in my mind that the low IR Turnigy Graphenes are the best I have used in terms of power density and cycle life (there are multiple reports of 1000+ cycles from a pack), but their higher weight and size means they lose out in terms of energy density. You pays your money and all that...

Thread: 35 mhz - any value
06/03/2018 14:10:56

35MHz stuff essentially worthless is because the relatively small number of people who do still use it have all the TXs and RXs they need from previous secondhand purchases/donations from those moving to 2.4GHz. 35MHz still works well (arguably it's safer than it was in it's heyday because of the very low number of users), but it's simply supply and demand driving prices - there are more old TXs and RXs out there than people who want to use them.

Edited By MattyB on 06/03/2018 14:12:06

Thread: Proposed new drone legislation/registration
05/03/2018 16:59:51
Posted by Steve J on 05/03/2018 15:27:04:

UTM / U-Space announcement from NATS & Altitude Angel.


"This partnership lays the foundation for a future whereby access to lower level airspace could increasingly be granted digitally. It links knowledge of an operator’s aircraft, qualifications and mission, pioneering a new form of airspace management suited to the changing use of our skies."

This is exactly the issue we and our competent authorities (BMFA, LMA etc) need to be wary of in the long term. Even if the initial EASA regs are workable there is no doubt the authorities are going to seek to make all models digitally conspicuous under the guise of improving safety; really though it will be about making it harder and more expensive for recreational users of low level airspace to do so.

I am sure they will let us use an app to notify the location of our flights initially, right up until the first whiff of an incident. That's the point the true agenda will emerge and the future of model flying will become clear.

Thread: Logical Switches in OpenTX
04/03/2018 10:43:44

Looks good, but you will probably get a lot more readers if you publish the HTML version as a website - Google will then feature it more prominently in related search results.

Thread: Card version Error
04/03/2018 10:25:45

Before you do anything take a full copy of your SD card and store on your PC and/or a USB drive as a backup - if anything goes you wrong you can then quickly get back to your previous state (and most importantly none of your model setups will be lost).

Thread: Electric Cars.
02/03/2018 12:21:54
Posted by flight1 on 02/03/2018 08:25:09:

There is one problem no one seems to see, a lot of house's don't have parking, you have to park on the street where you find a space and even a lot of the new housing developments don't allocate space out front for every one to be able to plug in overnight. there is a lot of infrastructure to be thought out and built to sort that out if you can reasonably

So why are the planners not making it necessary for facilities to be put in now! madness and short sighted.

If the tech companies get their way this issue will be solved by autonomous cars in the long term. The idea goes that people won't own a specific car any more; they will simply be members of a car sharing scheme and dial up what they want (# seats, amount of luggage space etc) when they want it. An appropriate autonomous vehicle will then turn up charged and ready to go. There are pointers in the Tesla Model 3 specs that point to exactly this type of a future.

As SpaceX proves, Elon Musk doesn't mess about with trying to foster slow, incremental change. Whether consumers are really ready for all that though, who knows... as an IT Security professional I personally find autonomous cars a rather scary proposition!

Edited By MattyB on 02/03/2018 12:23:34

Thread: End for Maplins?
02/03/2018 12:13:59

An interesting article from the FT on this subject...

01/03/2018 09:43:21
Posted by Gary Manuel on 01/03/2018 00:26:47:

2 ain't going to happen Matty.

Looks like we are stuck with 1.

Sadly I agree.

01/03/2018 00:14:00

I’m not going to say “it’s such a shame”, as to do so would be hypocritical on my part. It was exactly the same with Solarfilm a few weeks ago. The facts are clear - Maplin has gone bust because they couldn’t attract enough buyers for their products at a price that enabled them to make a profit. For the past 10 years I have probably gone in three or four times tops, each time having spent relatively little (<£40-50) but got a product I needed quickly at a price a fair bit higher than I could get online. The rest of the time I went online and took the saving. In reality they were a business built on a market (home electronics) that had disappeared long ago and is never going to return.

We can all lament the passing of the high street and the big brands that used to populate it, but it’s becoming clear that consumers will not choose to save the “old” high street - convenience and low prices will win out. That means there are only two options.

1) Town centres become service centres full of restaurants and hairdressers with very few shops selling actual products. Those shops that remain are more like Next or Argos are these days where as many people are coming in to pickup/try on online purchases as shop directly from what is in stock.

2) Governments intervene and incentivise businesses to take up town centre premises by making them financially competitive with setting up an online only operation. They will have to be brave to do so, but cutting business rates and/or VAT for small independents trading from shop fronts could provide a lifeline for the high street. It would be mired in legal wrangling and the lobbyists from Amazon et al will be out in force opposing at every turn, but I’d love it to happen.

Edited By MattyB on 01/03/2018 00:17:16

Thread: FrSky X10 - Taranis replacement?
26/02/2018 10:33:32

Having said that, if you are still happy with your original TX replacing the screen is a relatively simple (solder free) and cheap job - spares are available from T9 for £25...

Edit - Slightly cheaper from RCLife...

Edited By MattyB on 26/02/2018 10:36:34

26/02/2018 10:29:24
Posted by John Privett on 25/02/2018 10:53:09:

I'm seriously considering an X10 or X10s right now. My Taranis - which has been great and given trouble-free operation for the last 'x' years (I forget how many!) - is now suffering from a very dim/low contrast screen, so this seems the ideal opportunity (excuse!) to upgrade...

What are peoples thoughts on the 10 vs 10s?

Can I just copy over models from the Taranis?

OpenTX (as on the Taranis) or stick with what's supplied on the Horus?

If you already use and are happy with OpenTX going to FrOS would be a huge backward step, and require you to relearn the model setup process again. So far of the 5 or 6 people I know who have bought an FrOS equipped TX (i.e. Horus or X10) precisely zero have stuck with with it; all are now on OpenTX. Says it all!

Edited By MattyB on 26/02/2018 10:37:34

25/02/2018 08:37:44

Could you not just have bought a new SD card and populated with all the std contents? It’s been a while, but there used to be several repositories online where you could download the SD card content, one of which was the FrSky site.

Thread: Jeti DS16
23/02/2018 16:17:45

I personally don't like the ergonomics of the Jets (they just don't fit my hands) and that metal case is very cold and heavy for slope use where I spend a fair bit of my time. Having said that I have to admit they are a lovely looking and high quality bit of kit.

I will be sticking with FrSky, but if I was in the market for a premium TX there is no doubt in my mind I would choose Jeti over Futaba, Spektrum, JR et. The quality is great, telemetry integration and functionality unmatched and the competition at that end of the market seems to have melted away in recent times (JR 28X anyone? No thanks, we have all our marbles here...! )

Edited By MattyB on 23/02/2018 16:18:39

Thread: Cornish Beaches with DJI Spark
23/02/2018 16:09:00

Some nice footage, but some of it is rather dull (the downward looking tracking shots along the edge of sea for instance); sorry. A couple of pieces of advice...

  • Prolific posters of videos in this forum are asked to post them all into a single thread to prevent the "Latest Forum Posts" view getting clogged to the point it is no longer useful. I suggest you follow do that moving forward as the mods will probably ask you to do so anyway at some point.
  • Perhaps it is just me, but I find nothing more annoying when watching a video online than being asked to like, share and subscribe throughout. Let your content stand up on its own - if it's good enough people will do those things anyway. If you really feel you need to ask for likes and shares do it once at the very end and in the text description, not incessantly all the way through.


Edited By Pete B - Moderator on 24/02/2018 10:14:36

Thread: Charging Setup for 4S 5000 size
21/02/2018 23:09:48

Those ISDT chargers do look tempting, but for me 200W is not a big enough charger for that size of battery. The max charge wattage for one of those packs at 1C is 4.2 X 4 X 5 = 84W. On average that will probably be nearer to 70W, but that means you can barely charge 3 of these packs in parallel at 1C. That may suit you fine for now, but what if your next model require 6S 5000s, or you want to charge 6 or 9 batteries quickly for a full afternoons flying without field charging?

I would therefore recommend you go for at least a 300-350W charger with a 12V DC power supply at minimum. This will give you the chance to charge those packs at nearly 2C, or 5 packs in parallel at 1C. Even better would be a 500W+ charger capable of operating from a 24V (server) power supply - it may seem excesssive, but when you inevitably move on to even bigger packs you won’t be forced into another charging upgrade, plus your charger will be operating at a lower percentage of it’s maximum capacity which should mean it lasts longer too. The T6 looks to fit that bill, though my natural instinct is that 55 odd quid is just too cheap for a charger of that wattage and feature set to not have a compromise somewhere, most likely on the area of QC. The review threads online do seem to be generally positive though.

Edited By MattyB on 21/02/2018 23:12:35

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