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Thread: Time to change car
28/02/2017 00:37:59


I cannot imagine these small turbo charged engines lasting long especially the three cylinder types, but what do I know.? The Peugeot 3008 SUV I rode in had a 1.2 three cylinder engine and a remarkable performance. That said I have also ridden in a new Seat Leon Cupra last year with a 2 litre engine rated at about 260 BHP that was much quicker !

Thread: 1/5th scale Supermarine S6b
24/02/2017 22:36:15

Not very good photographs but I think this is an S6B at the Solent Museum in Southampton ?.



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Thread: Multiplex Twin Star. Owners Thoughts and experiences.
23/02/2017 15:42:47

Moving the battery forward to move the G/G forward Patmac. Ever tried moving the C/G too far back by shifting the battery location, I have it would not fly! . My battery wedges between two strips of adhesive backed sponge rubber and is very secure but also adjustable. I have wondered with the brushless motor and two speed controller set up how every thing can be accommodated in the fuselage recess? I assume with a lipo battery less space is required?

During the last eleven years apart from breaking the plastic wing joiners and cockpit clips I have had one aileron servo fail and issues with a propeller detaching from a motor shaft. Also the supplied Multiplex cable connector that links the wing servos and motors has fallen apart and I have replaced it with a couple of electrical 'fixed connectors' unfixed of course.

p2220232.jpg Twin Star

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23/02/2017 13:36:11

Really impressive picture above from Mike T !

I have had a Twinstar 2 for eleven years and have just replaced the radio with 2.4 gear. The plane has been excellent and still flies with heavy 9.6 V Nimh battery packs which can be moved forward within the fuselage if penetration on windy days is a problem. As others have mentioned it is not a stunt machine with the brushed can motors, just a very stable aircraft that is very easy to fly and ideal for camera mounts. It is a good plane to start off your flying day especially if you have had a long winter break. To date mine has had replacement motors, replacement speed controllers, propellers and of course battery packs.

Picture from 2007

20-05-2007 uproar barton point 002.jpg


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Thread: Any Electricians Out There
22/02/2017 12:48:40

In future ensure all electrical installation work is carried out by an NIC ECI or ECA approved contractor with part P qualified electricians. There is / was an arrangement with the ECA to guarantee any electrical work carried out by their members. If any works proved to be unsatisfactory then the ECA would arrange to have the installation rewired as necessary at no cost to the client.

I am amazed to think that a substandard installation has been signed off by a local authority by someone without the necessary qualifications. That said I worked directly for two local authorities for about 35 years but eventually both authorities dispensed with all engineers,architects,surveyors and I got made redundant twice. Other than by out sourcing work to consultants,I wonder now who is employed in Building Standards Offices country wide to sign off or approve electrical works ?

21/02/2017 22:54:57

This was extracted from the contract schematic drawing I developed for the replacement block of flats at Upper Norwood. It was meant to comply with the 17th Edition of the IEE Regulations at the time in 2008 but I think there have been recent changes ?. The extract shows a typical wiring schematic for a flat including dedicated circuits we required.but only one cooker circuit. Also shown is a typical conduit and outlet box arrangement. I hope the drawings are big enough?

001 schematic 2.jpg

001 kitchen elevation.jpg


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21/02/2017 20:02:22

I was an electrical engineer rather than an electrician. My last housing design job was the re-building of a block of flats in Upper Norwood. that burnt down on Christmas day 2007. Certainly I would have included for two dedicated circuits for the cookers. Other dedicated circuits would include a fridge freezer point (s) in kitchens. There are other specific requirements for the current edition of the IEE regulations which may have been supplemented since I gave up work 6 years ago. However a 'Part P' qualified electrician should have all the answers and someone normally responds to these questions.

Thread: Paint match for red solartex?
21/02/2017 14:54:19

I have used Solarlac with both Solarfilm and Oratex, it looked OK on my old Matador, junior 60 and Super 60. i have also used 'Gluelines Spectra' which seemed to match the red Solarfilm on my old Easy Rider and the Oracover on my Super Air.

I have just noticed that others have had problems with Spectra paint as detailed on earlier blogs..


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Thread: Time to change car
20/02/2017 16:18:32

My wife has just bought a new turbo charged Seat Leon 1.2 . Needless to say it will never be used to transport my model planes. It amazes me that it can do 0-60 mph in under 10 seconds with such a small engine. If you turn the radio on and start reversing, the radio volume automatically turns down until you move forward. She has only recently allowed me to drive the car and it seems very ,good but will it last as long as her old VW Polo Ranger (Bread van) which is 29 years old and still going strong? I can use the Polo to transport planes plus my 12 year old Jaguar X-Type 2.00 diesel estate which has been very good. Last week I had a ride in a new automatic Peugeot 3008 SUV. I must admit I was impressed with it, especially the automatic headlight dip feature. I gather most people do not use their capital to buy cars these days and use leasing arrangements which get over costly and intricate repairs that modern cars seem to need.

Thread: Super 60 advice for new member please.
16/02/2017 19:46:27

I would recommend Oratex as an alternative to Solartex having used both. In my photograph above the fuselage is covered with Oratex which enabled me to cover the whole of the fuselage without the need to have a colour change on the nose. you can in fact buy fuel proof paint to match the Oratex which i have just used on my old Junior 60 fuselage.



16/02/2017 18:49:56

Billy Bean,

It might be worth waiting for a kit or part finished plane to appear on E-bay from a financial point of view. I did get a Super 60 on E-bay a few years ago but it needed re-building and I think that took longer than building it from scratch . If you can get some cheap balsa wood especially 1/4 square and 1/4 sheet for the fuselage and 1/16 and 1/8 sheet for the wings, then building from the plan might be worthwhile ?. A chap that lives on the opposite side of my road decided a few years ago to build a Super 60 when he retired. He made an excellent job of the structure generally, but the fuselage was twisted. I am not sure he has done anything about it to date? My Super 60 still needs a set of wings but flies OK with my 54 year old junior 60 wings.


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Thread: Matador etc
12/02/2017 11:09:49

I think you should fit ailerons to extend the experiments further with the Matador. If you felt it necessary you could also make some non-aileron wings. I have it in mind to make up some aileron wings to suit both of my Junior 60's and my Super 60.

Thread: brooks biplane
08/02/2017 23:31:47

The 1955 New Junior 60 certainly showed the ED Racer on the plans /side elevation:

kk junior 60 (1).jpg

08/02/2017 16:32:42

Originally I covered my Junior 60 in 1962 /3 with red nylon with the exception of the tailplane and fin which were covered with heavy weight Modelspan tissue so that they did not warp. I was influenced by the RC planes at the 1962 RC world championships at Kenley aerodrome. Most of the planes at the championships appeared to be covered with nylon. The nylon lasted till about 1976 when it rotted and turned pink, so I replaced it following a crash. Recently I have re-covered the fuselage tailplane and fin with Oratex. I have also cleaned up the ED Racer and added an elevator. but have issues with my 35 mhz radio to resolve.pb030179.jpg

07/02/2017 23:41:53

Well is it time to buy our plans in CAD format? Certainly the printing company I use which is located in the same road as Avicraft can open up usual CAD formats and no doubt can scale up plans. So to buy a plan in future would be very easy and could be E-mailed to the customer with the CAD file attached . The customer could then E-mail the CAD file to local printers and detail any scaling issues and order a print. Certainly in the past I have taken a CD disk to the same printers with engineering CAD files, and waited in Avicraft till the required prints were ready for collection. it seems that nobody in the design businesses these days use drawing boards and pens, they use Auto Cad, Microstation and similar software and can E-mail drawings anywhere in the world where the same software is used.

I agree with Broken English, the ED Racer in a junior 60 is about the limit. I have also been flying one 'on and off 'since 1963.

07/02/2017 15:39:17

Depending on the software used it is usually possible with CAD to scale up drawings. Certainly I used to do this on Microstation CAD by putting a 'Fence' around the drawing border and using the 'Scaling' tool. The scale factor would simply be 66/56 = 1.18

07/02/2017 13:23:45

I remembered that the Brooks Biplane plan was available through the MAP plans service. So I have scanned the details from the 1975 catalogue. The plane was originally designed for free flight it seems so the engine choice would have been somewhat smaller than for an RC plane. As can be seen the engine classifications were G and H, which in terms of capacity would be 2.5 to 3.5 cc. Of course a modern 40 that AD suggests would perform better than the ED Racer but then so would a 4 stroke I think.

001 (2) brooks biplane.jpg

engine sizes.jpg

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Thread: new home for paw
06/02/2017 09:52:13

Don't forget that diesels are still used extensively for control line combat. This includes PAW's and Russian made diesels used for the F2D and F2E bouts. The Russian diesels are extremely powerful and a Russian chap and his partner (Dementiev & Co) would sell them at the National events together with the Kevlar covered planes. I understand that Igor Dementiev and Co, who would come over from Russia to take part in the Nationals also were tasked with teaching the Russian army to fly combat to hone their reaction skills.

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Thread: Bringing absolute stupidity to a new low!
01/02/2017 10:22:18

Onetenor, I did not mention that just prior to take off on Epsom Downs on the first flight of the day ,we must on the runway restrain our planes with out legs and set full throttle and check all controls to their fullest extent. During a test we must call out what we are testing. In the 2008 picture below Steve Hummel then of Westons UK tests out my Uproar last built by Chris Olsen prior to putting it through virtually every stunt manoeuvre he could think off. Admittedly he is not on the runway at Bartons Point.

11-05-2008 bartons point 008.jpg

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Thread: Confessions of a Bodger
30/01/2017 19:40:36

Barge or narrow boat, when I was in Haxey last year and visited a pub that overlooked a Marina that was close to the river Trent, I was told by an owner of an expensive motor cruiser that narrow boats were called 'Ditch Crawlers', who was I to argue?

Edited By Mike Etheridge 1 on 30/01/2017 19:42:01

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