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Thread: Repair of crashed model
19/01/2018 12:57:45

My error the Cougar exhaust is angled underneath the fuselage such that the throttle link is arranged through the front bulkhead in the right hand (Viewed from the front) corner, so this can be achieved on the repair plane. The only location doubts would appear to be the flight battery which on the Cougar sits behind the fuel tank and the throttle servo. The covering on the front of the Cougar has lifted so will need to be replaced. No progress made for a couple of days due to the water tank replacement in the loft which undermined my plane storage.





17/01/2018 17:52:51

Not sure Cymaz, but will check the arrangement on the Weston Cougar. However there is less space for the radio in the repair plane as the wing sits lower on the fuselage so there is a recess on the underside of the wing to compensate . No progress made today but my next move will be fit a throttle servo in place which will influence the location of the throttle link and the front bulkhead / engine arrangement.

16/01/2018 18:03:31

Having bolted the Enya to the mount then with the exhaust directed under the fuselage the throttle link would need to be routed under the tank which may not be practical with the flight battery in that location ?. The mount could be mounted at a different angle so that the link could be routed beside the tank. Must make some more investigations.



16/01/2018 15:57:24

Having looked at the engine situation the PAW 29 is larger physically than the Enya SS 30 and will not fit on the new Cougar 30 sized engine mount. The Enya SS30 will not fit on the larger engine mount as indicated.



I will therefore proceed with the Enya installation and fix the Cougar engine mount which has three mounting holes and see what the implication is of fixing the larger four holed engine mount. Fixing the tank and carburetor in line should not present a problem.

16/01/2018 14:49:25

I need to get an Enya SS 30 and the PAW 29 from the storage box and try both on the selection of engine mounts to identify the best arrangement . The engine mount(s) selected needs to be angled such that the exhaust extracts beneath the is the case with the Weston Cougar. As I have two Cougar sized tanks, I can set one up for glow fuel and the other for diesel fuel. The latter will need a rubber internal fuel feed tube within the tank rather than the normal soft plastic tube which suffers with diesel fuel.

As the engine exhaust arrangement determines the location of the engine on the front bulkhead it would seem my earlier thoughts about mounting the engine and tank on the plane's thrust line are somewhat undermined ?.

It's going to be very cold in the garage / workshop so progress will be limited.

14/01/2018 19:55:16

Good effort Martin , don't forget to let us see the the finished repair. What caused the crash of the Mossie ?

Odd that I was walking towards the slope at Collie Hill about a year ago and having crossed the bridge over the M25 there on the ground was half a tail- plane from an Airfix Mosquito. It had been airbrush painted, and I assume dropped by an aeromodeller that flies models and makes the plastic variety for display ?.--Anyone lost it ?

I should get some more repair work done next week but we are having a water tank replaced which has already caused mayhem in our loft where the planes are kept.

14/01/2018 09:19:12

At this stage of the repair Ron an extra band or two would be stretching things a bit too far!. And Percy that's all the fin you get the rest is just rudder. I have bought worse planes on Ebay but any bids for the plane will be considered, it's only had two careful owners to date and has a low mileage !

Thread: Mike Oldfield
13/01/2018 11:35:23

I used to do a lot of fishing JS, only yesterday my wife sorted out a cupboard at home and found some pictures of me taken 25 years ago of me holding a large Rainbow trout I had caught and the very last Sea Trout I caught which weighed over 6 lbs.

As far as Hi-Fi goes I don't think she understands that you need plenty of power (Hence volume ?) to operate speakers properly depending on the speakers efficiency. If she is in the house I get immediate requests to turn the volume down when I am playing music. I cannot locate my speakers where I want them either. Over Christmas my youngest son brought round his new sound system which consists of an odd shaped Bose speaker presumably with an internal amplifier etc that he could operate from his Smart phone. ''Why don't we get a system like that and get rid of your old stuff''' my wife said 'tongue in cheek' knowing I have not got a Smart phone !

I do a have a Tandberg TCD 310 MK2 tape player.

Thread: Repair of crashed model
13/01/2018 11:02:30

Ha Ha P V ,it does look a bit of a state but that said I do hope to make it look a bit better (Sow's ear >Silk Purse ). However the wings did survive Tom but they look a bit tatty and as you can see have the name Victor Meldrew stuck on them. I think the previous owner Phil Claridge was quite fond of the plane but treated it as a fun machine in all respects. Phil used to comment on this blog but so far has said nothing..

I am still trying my best to take this project seriously but feel slightly embarrassed when I look at other projects that are on the go on this forum such as the RM Trainer and the Middle Phase 2

The latest is that I have started the gluing operation and need to construct the new front bulkhead. It may not be critical but I feel I need to identify a thrust line for the plane so that I can locate the engine bearers and the tank location. If the thrust line is through the middle of the wing then the tank could poke out the top of the fuselage so there may not have been a cowling top and the tank could have been held in place with a rubber band strung between two short dowels set in the cowling sides? Fortunately the bit of ply I have for the front bulkhead fits a treat already. From an engine selection point of view to keep under 82 DB I think I would need to use an Enya SS 30 with a decent silencer or the PAW ? The poor silencers on the Merco 29 and 35 would probably exclude them

Today's pictures:





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11/01/2018 23:15:27


Unfortunately I have run out of the very thin ply so I could not make up replacement side pieces for the extended fuselage. The side pieces I have left high and will reduce them once I can locate and fix the tank . Fortunately I do have suitable ply for a new firewall in the blue 'Thin Ply' packet. The plane may have had a top cowling cover fixed with a rubber band as there were short dowels set either side of the cowling but I will look to do something different. What is not evident is the original location for the throttle servo or any snake tube link for the throttle. Phil Claridge who gave me the plane said that he had problems with the throttle linkage which failed on one flight and the plane had to be flown for some considerable time before the engine cut, so I had better get this issue right.I don't think the flight battery will fit beneath the tank so it may have to be fixed to the bulkhead to be fitted behind the wing dowel but obviously clear of the wing.

I have not got a clue of the plane's true identity and it would appear to be made from a plan as some of the balsa parts are marked in pencil.

Edited By Mike Etheridge 1 on 11/01/2018 23:18:17

11/01/2018 17:39:58

Some progress made with replacement of front fuselage balsa. Fuselage extended to accommodate Weston Cougar sized tank .The fixing holes of the engine mounts I have including the new Cougar unit, do not line up with the mounting holes on the existing front bulkhead, so some drilling may be necessary, and possibly a new bulkhead constructed. The next exercise will be the gluing of the new ply and balsa parts. I have a choice of engines to consider for the plane such as two Enya SS 30's, a PAW 29 diesel, a Merco 35 and a Merco 29 . I am tempted to use the PAW. just to be different.



Thread: Mike Oldfield
09/01/2018 13:33:19

Crackling/varying sound could be a dirty pot. Try whipping the volume and stereo pan controls backwards and forwards a few dozen times.

Cheers Bruce it appears to have worked, I have been blasting out 'The Wall' and Tubular Bells without problems at high volume whilst my wife is at the Tate gallery. Must try some Moody Blues next.

Having looked on the internet my Thorens TD 160C turntable second hand is priced at just under £600 but nothing like the cost of some that Cymaz has spotted.

Thread: Repair of crashed model
08/01/2018 14:28:30

The plane is a fun fly type much the same in design as the Weston Cougar. In fact I have just phoned Westons for a replacement fuel tank and engine mount for the plane. The plane was given to me some while ago by Phil Claridge together with a damaged 'Super Air' and another unnamed smaller plane all described as 'damaged repairable'. The plane has obviously nosed in as had the Super Air. However it has had plenty of use in the past as some of the balsa (not much) is fuel soaked and will need replacement. I have repaired two Cougars last year and the Super Air previously using very thin ply I bought from Avicraft to support the nose structures. Although the repair is not extensive it might take some while as my garage workshop even with an electric fire running is dammed cold!

I have removed the large rudder and removed the covering to find that the balsa structure has been coated in varnish like glue and will need sanding before re-covering. The fibre hinges had failed and will need replacement and some reinforcement of the structure is needed. The front bulkhead with the engine mount screw fixings is unusual in that there is a slot for the fuel piping etc and not a central hole. I am hoping the Weston engine mount will fit directly to the existing bolts, otherwise I will need to construct a new bulkhead from ply I have not got. i think I will need to construct a cowling cover to fix above the fuel tank but until I know the vertical projection of the tank i will leave this task for now. There are fixings for servos apart from the throttle but the fixings are set well back in the fuselage similar to the Weston Cougar and may mean that to get the C/G right the flight battery may need to be located under the tank ? Other tasks include recovering the fuselage and tailplane, but I could make do with the wing covering. Photos to follow





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Thread: Mike Oldfield
07/01/2018 20:02:59

Have read up about my amplifier problem. i.e, 'the sound diminishes on one channel and then with a crackle it returns to full volume', it seems this can be caused by dirty contacts on the speaker protection relay. The trouble is that I will have to disconnect everything and remove the tuner amplifier case and identify the relay to clean the contacts. Only months ago I removed the case and discovered a considerable amount of dust in the case plus cobwebs !

I had a friend that bought a Dynatron unit years ago but was subsequently upset to find out that they were linked to Philips Electrical.

Thread: Electrifying A Junior 60
07/01/2018 16:42:56

I do have a complete plan of the KK / Flair 1955 junior 60 and a plan of the Ben Buckle 1946 Junior 60 fuselage. if you have any problems with the computerised copies from Mc G 6969, I can get plan copies made if required David?

Thread: Mike Oldfield
07/01/2018 13:14:14

I have been listening to MO on my old Hi-Fi and have been bought recently some new LP's including Pink Floyd's 'The Wall'. However I seem to have sound problems with the Hi-Fi which dates back to 1976. The tuner amp is a Trio/ Kenwood 40 watts rms per channel model, the record deck is a Thorens TD 160 C and the speakers are Acoustic Research units. I gather capacitors suffer as they get old and they could be the problem ? --Anyone had similar problems and had their Hi-Fi repaired ?

Thread: Electrifying A Junior 60
07/01/2018 12:56:16

I shall be interested in the outcome of the electric modification as I have a Ben Buckle 1946 Junior 60 fuselage that is complete with radio and an IC motor and could be electrified. Apart from that I have reconditioned my original KK 1955 Junior 60 and have added an elevator but have yet to fly it. My worktop usually matches yours David but I did clear it the other day so I have decided to clutter it again by refurbishing a Fun Flyer I was given a few years ago by Phil Claridge.



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Thread: Middle Phase 2
05/01/2018 22:38:22

Wonderful finish on the fuselage , but you might need some lead ahead of the battery to get the C/G right. When I made my dark blue Flair Heron over 30 years ago I needed a fair amount of lead as can be seen in the photo. I also needed to add lead to the Middlephase 2 having made sure the battery could be fitted as far forward as possible.The fuselage hatch on the Heron gave complete access and I was able to fix enough lead with epoxy  glue to get the CG right. I seem to remember  having to cut into the nose area on the Middlephase 2 to glue in some lead?

 The Flair Heron originally had one servo set within the wing centre and Bowden cables linked to the ailerons. When I damaged the wing my nephew repaired it and removed the Bowden cable links and introduced torque arms which meant that the snake tubes had to be splayed out within the fuselage. 

Slope Soarers

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Thread: Mike Oldfield
05/01/2018 17:43:12

Looks like MO moved on !

01/01/2018 21:57:28

i seem to remember Mike Oldfield was mentioned on this website before and on the strength of it I dug out my 'boxed set' of his records presumably I bought in the 1970's ? I have just dug out the four records and discovered a large booklet with photographs of his several guitars and also confirmation that Hergest Ridge wherever that is. was the place where he flew his Slope Soarer Gliders. Click on picture for larger image.

001 mo.jpg

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