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Thread: Repair of crashed model
16/04/2018 15:01:14

Thanks Rob.

I managed to get to the end of the garden today to do an engine test and was amazed that the Enya SS 30 started without a hitch. Some adjustment of the 'bottom end' may well be necessary on the flying field,however the engine which I had not run before emptied the tank. The throttle link worked OK so that problem is resolved, but I need to get the Weston Cougar out of the loft to make a C/G comparison of both planes and adjust the repaired plane as necessary.




15/04/2018 17:21:09

New throttle connection made with piano wire. Radio adjusted for end points etc and reduced servo throws as necessary. I just need to add about 30% Expo on the elevator, rudder and ailerons and secure the receiver and fix the two associated aerials. Perhaps I can carry out an engine run tomorrow , set the fail Safe and then think about flying as the weather is meant to improve later in the week ?.

15/04/2018 15:38:14

I have just finished installing the new 5 cell Eneloop battery ,a new Radio switch and Futaba 2,4 GHZ receiver. Having bound the receiver to the transmitter the controls function OK with the exception of the throttle link which has the flexing problem as Martin suggested, but the situation is worse than I had anticipated. I have some piano wire so will have to revise the link. it's a pity because I was about to annoy the neighbours with an engine run, however it has started to rain. Oh well should I watch the Man united game and annoy my wife instead of the neighbours?

Thread: New MOT Test From May 20th.......
11/04/2018 12:02:24

I hope you are right Dennis, but I have witnessed the car being revved up by the MOT station in the past for it to pass the emissions test once the exhaust smoke cleared. They advised me then to give it a blast on the motorway prior to future tests. Fortunately we have a 30 year old Polo Ranger which I tend to use on short journeys to avoid clogging up the X-type . We have had problems with other cars exhaust systems clogging up such that engine warning lights have appeared which have been related to the exhaust sensors. This has happened on my wife's Golf MK 5 with less than 40,000 miles on the clock and my son's Polo with the same FSI engine. I think the cars would fail MOT's with the warning lights on as they could indicate problems with the Cat converters?

What about buses I am always following them ?

Can I still use my ED Racer ?

Edited By Mike Etheridge 1 on 11/04/2018 12:06:11

11/04/2018 10:02:59

I am beginning to feel a bit apprehensive about the test as my car is a turbo-diesel and it also has headlight washers. It seems necessary to give it a blast out first on a motorway before taking it for an MOT as I can confirm if it is used on short Journeys it can smoke somewhat if the the throttle is hit hard. Having paid £20,000 for it twelve years ago I shall be most upset if it fails an MOT as it has only done 62,000 miles.

Edited By Mike Etheridge 1 on 11/04/2018 10:04:01

Thread: Peacemaker
11/04/2018 09:53:54

Looks great Martin,and your piano wire throttle link evident in the photographs. I was tempted when I saw the plan in the RCM&E magazine to make one up having made the control line version in 1963. Still I have other projects to finish first. I assume the Mosquito repair is complete ?

Thread: Bungee
09/04/2018 17:29:20

My bungee I have not used for about 7 or 8 years. I only have one glider with a bungee hook, an old Micro Mold Sprite I bought from new with the bungee in the 1970's. The bungee is made up with a hook and parachute at one end attached to strong fishing line which extends to a length of rubber flex and possibly more fishing line after the rubber flex ? I used to anchor the bungee with a very strong fishing rod rest which was hammered into the ground. Once extended the bungee had a tremendous pull, and my Nephew and I found out the last time we used it that on the plane no up elevator was necessary just rudder as the ABS fuselage fractured in front of the all moving tail- plane which then separated from the fuselage. I would suggest that lightweight planes may not be suitable for bungee launching in view of my experience. The Sprite still exists with Futaba M Series radio and dihedral that increases with every flight on the foam / hardwood wings !

micromold sprite 001.jpg

25-10-2008 ; micromold sprite 006.jpg

Thread: Restoring an old Flair Junior 60, Help and Advice needed
09/04/2018 09:25:51

Your JNR 60 is looking really good Mike. Mine has flown for about 50 years on and off with the ED Racer with either a 9x4 or 9x6 prop. On one occasion / flight I fitted an Enya 19 and it flew much better before it 'Dead Sticked' after loosing one of the carburettor fixing screws. I then reverted back to the Racer. More recently it was reckoned at the Bartons Point club to be the slowest plane they had seen, and hence I have fitted the OS 20 in place of the Racer. Like DD I have used Solarlac paint to match the Oratex around the engine bearers. The Enya 19 is fitted to a trainer plane I have not flown for years.

Thread: P.A.W engine factory vid
03/04/2018 13:12:27

Reminds me of my trip to the ED factory in 1962. I was amused a week or so ago whilst reading so of the history of the company and found that it was owned by a Brian Etheridge (no relative ) for a few years. I have a nephew Brian Etheridge but he has never been an aero modeller but his brother Nigel was an expert RC and Control line flyer,

The very last version of the E.D. Super Fury appeared in 1980. It was intended to be a "replica" of the original blue-headed Super Fury of 1960, since it sported a blue-anodized head and dispensed with the twin exhaust stacks. However, it was very far from being a true replica since it retained the plastic backplate and rear disc valve of the previous Surbiton models. It did however perform at a very high level and remains a fine collectible in its own right.

In this manner, the E.D range continued to hold a place in the British model engine marketplace into the 1980's. However, competition from the US, Japan and other developing countries was then rapidly submerging the British model engine industry in almost every respect, just as it was doing concurrently to the British motorcycle and automobile industries. Consequently, E.D. continued to fade gradually into the background despite the best efforts of Ken Day and his colleagues.

Eventually the business passed into the hands of Brian Etheridge, who moved the enterprise to Hampton Court. Here E.D. continued to trade for another five years or so until financial considerations resulted in a further change of ownership to Alan Greenfield of Weston (UK) in 1985.

Alan had worked with Ken Day from 1972 onwards and hence knew the products well. As a very active marine and aero modeller, Alan was well versed in the technology of tuned pipes, multi-speed carbs and marine engines. With his experience of E.D. and its products, Alan resurrected many of the original engine designs in the range using original tooling and castings that had survived over the years. E.D. moved yet again, this time to Sittingbourne in Kent. The original designs that survived were the Racer and Super Racer, the Super Hunter, the Viking 4.9cc marine, the Super Otter 3.46cc marine, the Sea Lion 4.9cc marine and the air-cooled Viking into which the old 5cc Miles Special had now been transmuted.

Thread: Restoring an old Flair Junior 60, Help and Advice needed
03/04/2018 11:15:03

Mike, plan prints are done. Three copies in all were made as the Flair plan due to it's width needed to be copied twice. To get reasonable reproduction of the dark plans a light setting on the print machine was selected and most of the reproduction looks OK. As I mentioned before the 1946 BB plan excludes the wings but my 1946 Junior 60 flies OK with the 1955 wings as does my Super 60. Total cost without postage is £6.60 . I will send you a PM with total cost details and my address.

Ben Buckle1946 JNR 60


01/04/2018 09:42:16

I have got two planes with closed loop links , a Weston Cougar and the Fun Fly I have been repairing. I have to admit that the installations were carried out by others. When I refurbished my Junior 60 last year I retained the original balsa push rod that controls the rudder and added a small snake tube to operate the elevator. The snake tube exited the fuselage very close to the rear and was supported throughout it's length to avoid flexing.

It seems to me that you do need care with closed loops , one of our club members did not set up his Majestic Major (Big Junior 60) properly and found when it was flying he had no rudder control. The plane then went out of sight and finished up in the sea, but was spotted and rescued.

Thread: Repair of crashed model
30/03/2018 18:05:35

Wing servos now fixed and cables fished through the wing ribs to a 'Y-lead'. I need to install the receiver , a new flight battery and switch to finish off the model. As mentioned earlier with the construction complete I need to do a C/G check using my Weston Cougar as a template. I will also try and copy the Cougar's flying surface movements although the Cougar is on 35 mhz and the repaired Fun Fly will be on 2.4 Ghz and will of course need the 'Fail Safe' setting. An engine test can follow but goodness knows when the weather will improve for some flying? If the plane functions OK I might consider re-covering the wings at some stage as there are a few punctures in the red covering not to mention a few rips under the yellow patches which are hiding various attempts to fit the servos it seems. I have filled the holes that were at the top of the wings with Ronseal filler and covered them with BMFA stickers.




Edited By Mike Etheridge 1 on 30/03/2018 18:08:08

Thread: Model identification help
30/03/2018 14:52:56

Yes Jim, my Falcon an E-bay purchase flies well, but would often dead stick. Not sure why but none of us at our club managed to sort out the 'as new' Merco 49 . A club member bought me an OS 61 four stroke for my 70th birthday last year and I am going to try it out in the Falcon.


28--09-2008 ; bartons point 28-09-08 006 1.jpg


Edited By Mike Etheridge 1 on 30/03/2018 14:58:39

Thread: Restoring an old Flair Junior 60, Help and Advice needed
30/03/2018 10:46:45

Have rolled both plans Mike to make them easier to feed into the print machine. The Flair plan is a bit dark and the BB plan outlines are a bit light so both not perfect but usable. The charges for printing are usually on a size basis, so as the plan sizes exceed A0, I think, there may be an on-cost ? I have checked and as it is Good Friday the company Cheril Print appear to be closed.

Thread: Model identification help
30/03/2018 10:36:21

Here is mine with full scale cat Tonky. Have a new engine to install in it ,a must do for this year:

KK Falcon

Thread: Maxford USA Albertros D.Va IC Installation Videos
29/03/2018 22:20:47

Very good Pete , and a far more entertaining approach to the plane's build with your videos.

Thread: Restoring an old Flair Junior 60, Help and Advice needed
29/03/2018 16:25:15

Got your PM, Mike, I assume you want just the Flair plan and not the Ben Buckle plan (Wrong junior 60) or the Keil Kraft instructions ? -cost is usually about £5 plus post.

The earliest I can get to the printers is Tuesday.

Edited By Mike Etheridge 1 on 29/03/2018 16:41:40

29/03/2018 12:01:55

Mike, I have got the Flair Junior 60 plans and the 1955 Keil Kraft instructions sheet but not the 1955 plans which were stolen. I also have the Ben Buckle 1946 plan but not the sheet showing the wings. On both plans the wheels are shown as 4 inch diameter. If you would like copies of the plans I can get them done at a local printers , just PM your address.

Thread: Middle Phase 2
27/03/2018 23:51:46

I am most impressed with the plane's finish Jonathan and no doubt your middle phase will fly before mine does cockpit or no cockpit. Mine has no cockpit to date and my Flair Heron has not had one for over 30 years and flies OK.

Thread: Restoring an old Flair Junior 60, Help and Advice needed
27/03/2018 23:25:01


You are missing a metal threaded connector in your first picture. It is crimped on to the snake and is screwed on to the clevis as below:


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