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Thread: Free flight Kent outdoor flying
19/10/2017 14:58:09

Try the Medway club on the Isle of Sheppey. They do have a couple of free flight and radio assist days I think. Flyers just pay a small fee which goes to the Air Ambulance charity. I did fly my junior 60 at one of the events a few years ago.

Thread: **NEW POLL** - Did you start with ARTF and move to building from kits or vice versa?
13/10/2017 12:12:17

I started at the age of 9 with a balsa / tissue kit of a fairy Firefly. I was assisted by my older brother who served an apprenticeship at the Hawker aircraft company in Kingston in the 1950's. Other kits followed from the Keil Kraft scale rubber powered range that cost 3 shillings and nine pence. I had a couple of friends who also became aeromodellers and we all dabbled with model planes including Jetex powered types. After relative success with the Keil Kraft Dolphin , Soarer Baby, and Invader we then tackled the Keil Kraft Pirate, Skylon and a home designed Plylon plane that all flew very well at Epsom Downs. The latter plane was built by a friend David Murray who at 14 designed his own free flight 5 foot span plane that was much admired on the Downs by a well known ducted fan expert (His son was Marcus Norman?). I also built a similar plane which piled in after 7 flights on the same day i lost my Southern Junior Models Southern Dragon. Another friend and I built radio controlled models in 1962, mine a junior 60, his a Matador and then a Sparkie. I have lost contact with these old school mates and assume I am the only still making model planes?

Hope to fly the damaged repairable Super Air i was given this weekend.

super tigre 3.jpg



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Thread: Newbie attempts Ben Buck Junior 60
08/10/2017 10:37:15

I assume that because of the size of the motor you cannot shape the front of the cowling further so it has the typical Junior 60 shape , not that it really matters ? I also assume that the motor will need some venting to provide cooling, are you therefore introducing an air intake hole above the propeller on the top cowling or below the propeller in the lower cowling yet to be fitted ? Electric Junior 60 flyers might have some comment on these issues?

04/10/2017 09:40:57

It looks good Tom . Obviously the engine bearer arrangement is different from the original Keil Kraft model and can be adapted to suit any number of IC engines and of course electric motors.

Thread: Vickers Viking Crash Stavanger August 1961
01/10/2017 14:55:15

I am just reading the second book on this disaster as written by Rosalind Jones, whose brother won the toss for the last seat on the plane. I knew two of the boys on the plane through junior school and Colts cricket. Rosalind is giving any profits made on the book sales to charity. i trust it is OK to advertise the book here ?

Dear Lanfranc relatives and friends, and personal friends and acquaintances,

At long last I can tell you that my book 'The Papa Mike Air Crash Mystery' is finished and currently being printed. It has taken far, far longer than ever expected but the end result is what I had hoped for.

The book is a double volume and consists of 464 pages with more than one hundred photos, maps, and diagrams. Book One 'The Investigation' narrates what happened 56 years ago, the accident and the investigation which was carried out by two teams, the Norwegian investigators and British AIB (Accident Investigation Board) investigators, working together. Their conclusion as to the cause of the crash was swayed by political needs - as I discovered from all the archived documents from both The National Archives at Kew and the Norwegian National Archives in Oslo. My account, written from these documents, plus Hansard, national newspapers, and other sources, reveals what went on in the Ministries of Aviation in both countries at that time, and why they came to such a seemingly inconclusive conclusion. It had been intended that this information should remain 'caged' for 75 years, but fortunately the Freedom of Information Act has made available all sorts of previously 'secret' information - including 'The Papa Mike Files'. Hundreds and hundreds of documents were photographed at Kew and I retyped most of these 'fuzzy grey' pages - some actual examples of which can be seen in the book. They form an historic record from which I have narrated the story of the investigation which ends around the date of the Cuba Missile Crisis in October 1962.

The following years from 1962 are covered briefly to link up with the 50th Anniversary in 2011.

Book Two, 'The Detection' continues from here. This should have been a 'Diary of Detection' compiled from correspondence between myself, an airline captain/crash investigator, a Norwegian ATC expert, and others. Unfortunately, at the last moment the airline captain and his airline captain colleague, both claimed privacy, so their opinions could not be used. Without these the 'Diary of Detection' had to be abandoned. I couldn't give up. Two loyal 'detectives', Eric Tarrant the British Eagle Archivist who had attended the 50th Anniversary in Norway, and Helene Bjørntvedt the Norwegian ATC expert who had a particular interest in the tragedy, both continued to support my quest. I had made a promise and I had to keep it. So, I wrote a totally new and different Book Two. In fact, this new approach was much better! Not only that but resulting from this adversity the solution to the 'mystery' may have been found. I say 'may' because I am leaving it up to readers to make up their own minds. So you will become a 'detective' and weigh up all the possible clues which have been discovered.

'The Papa Mike Air Crash Mystery' is a limited edition which will retail in the UK for £21 (plus £4.50 postage). My pre-publication price until September 9th saves one third, and is £14. The printers, Berfort of Hastings, have agreed to fulfill orders for me for a short while. Their charge for postage and packing is £4.50. So the total amount for one copy is £18.50. I hope that you will take the opportunity and buy copies now. The book should be ready to be posted to you by the end of August.

I am also offering copies of 'The Lanfranc Boys' for their original price of £12.99 but POST FREE.

ALL my Royalties from 'The Papa Mike Air Crash Mystery' will be shared equally between four nominated charities agreed between the 'detectives' and myself. They are: The Stavanger branch of the Norwegian Red Cross, the Norwegian Refugee Council, the RAF Benevolent Fund, and Sightsavers.

Thank you for taking the time to read all this. You have been very patient waiting for this book. I think you will understand why it took so long to write, and I hope that you will find long overdue answers to questions that our seniors asked 56 years ago. My belief that the truth should be told has kept me going on a quest that has been anything but easy.

I hope that you will then CLICK and order a copy through PayPal on my online Shop. Or email me if you prefer to send a cheque. (If you have visited the website previously you may need to click your 'refresh' button (circular arrow on the tool bar) to update.

With Good Wishes and Many Thanks - for being so patient! Ros Jones

Thread: S.A.S Wildthing
29/09/2017 12:52:49

If you are good at wrapping Christmas or Birthday presents then the Wildthing should pose no problems.

Mine has been waiting for a flight for some while:

Wildthing 60

Thread: Flair Junior 60
26/09/2017 17:49:05

Having read the original instructions there is nothing specific written about the parts in question. However adjacent to the instructions are these 3D and 2D diagrams which do show the balsa part :

kk junior 60 (2).jpg

Edited By Mike Etheridge 1 on 26/09/2017 17:50:47

26/09/2017 11:29:51

Bill, the part is balsa and in the original Keil Kraft kit it was necessary to cut it out from the printed parts on 1/4 balsa sheet. I am sure the part was slightly recessed at the bottom to allow for 1/16 sheet balsa cover, and I may be able to check this from the original instructions ? I did modify my plane to secure the original Ever Ready 4.1/2 volt flight battery needed to power the old Terrytone receiver. However your plane will need modifying to accommodate the electric power kit so sheeting over the under side of the bit of fuselage in question may be OK ? Most Aeromodellers introduce their own changes to planes where necessary anyway. I will have a look for the old instructions..

25/09/2017 21:07:09

I am sure this question has come up before . I have just looked at the Flair plan and it looks exactly the same as the Keil Kraft 1955 new Junior 60.

These photos of my old 'New Junior 60' might help although it is IC powered?





Thread: Caption competition!
20/09/2017 14:08:21

So that's how you 'boot up' a transmitter!

Thread: Repotage of Westland Lysander
29/08/2017 23:15:15

During World War 2 my parents moved from Waddon near Croydon Airport to avoid being bombed. They moved to a road in Thornton Heath not realising that there was an aircraft factory at the top of the road called Redwings where they repaired 1,500 Lysanders up to the end of the war. Only one V1 bomb landed near the factory and demolished some large houses nearby killing two elderly women.

In the 1930's for a brief period Redwings owned Gatwick Airport where they taught their apprentices to fly in a biplane called the Robinson Redwing.

Edited By Mike Etheridge 1 on 29/08/2017 23:16:55

Thread: Newbie attempts Ben Buck Junior 60
29/08/2017 18:00:05

Tom, your building work looks fine to me so I do not see a problem with you completing the plane but just make sure you get the centre of gravity right and no twists in the wing structure. I built my junior 60 when I was 15, the kit cost just 58 shillings then. I have just finished the refurbishment of the plane which is 55 years old so with a bit of luck your plane will last the same.

We do have a Tom Clayton in the family, his grand father who is still alive at 96 flew in Bristol Beauforts during the war as a navigator but was also a trained pilot. The usual pilot in the Beaufort was named Alan Etheridge.

junior 60 1962-3r.jpg

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Thread: I've never seen this before.
28/08/2017 09:39:59

I thought you guys wore thermal underwear under your kilts?


Edited By Mike Etheridge 1 on 28/08/2017 09:41:43

Thread: What's flying over your house
27/08/2017 23:59:54

It's midnight and the Police Helicopter is hovering over our house again. This seems to happen quite often, but only last week in my first helicopter flight from Redhill Airport, we followed the Police helicopter off the ground and hovered in a waiting area before both machines were allowed to ascend.



Edited By Mike Etheridge 1 on 28/08/2017 00:02:24

Thread: I've never seen this before.
27/08/2017 21:44:57

Not from Texas was it ?-today we had a 4 foot long inflatable metallic blue letter 'S' land on top of our rotating washing line. I would have preferred grass though!

Thread: Flair Junior 60 Build
26/08/2017 21:17:08

B E, I have both versions of the Junior 60 and certainly the Flair model is a copy of the 1955 version. I have the Flair plan also, but my original 1955 plan was stolen apart from the detail drawing above. I can confirm that the Flair plan and Keil Kraft plan match. However I have a copy of the Ben Buckle plan but it would appear that the wings were shown on a separate drawing which I do not have. AD needs to confirm then which model he is making. The width of the Flair version fuselage is 4 inches , the width of the Ben Buckle fuselage is 3 1/2 inches.

1946 JNR 60 and original Keil Kraft 1955 New JNR 60 Built 1962/3

Edited By Mike Etheridge 1 on 26/08/2017 21:28:48

26/08/2017 20:51:12

New scan showing the centre section detail which does not appear to include the ply wing braces. Many have recommended beefing up the ply braces from what was originally specified so that the wings do not fold due to stunt manoeuvres.

001 jr60.jpg

26/08/2017 20:25:31

This plan / elevation was supplied in the 1955 Keil Kraft New Junior 60 which is the same as the Flair Junior 60, whereas the Ben Buckle Junior 60 is the 1946 version with slimmer fuselage. The drawing shows the wing centre section detail:

kk junior 60 (1).jpg

Perhaps I can scan this drawing again so that the centre section is shown fully/

Edited By Mike Etheridge 1 on 26/08/2017 20:26:58

Thread: Vintage plan or kit for .2cc diesel
26/08/2017 00:03:00

Here it is a free download. A simple modification to the nose would do the trick?

Hornet - plan thumbnail image

25/08/2017 16:31:26

Ever seen the Humbrol Hornet ? I once built a rubber powered version and it flew very well .

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