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Thread: Re: Peter Miller's Don't Bin It, Fix It Article
19/06/2017 17:50:57

This is the Seagull Challenger prior to the crash. I have been paid in full for the repair and my wife given a bottle of fine wine for her patience with me spending a number of hours on the repair in our garage. She thought she deserved a crate !

18/06/2017 22:13:52

Seagull Challenger handed over to owner today. The plane is now ready for it's post crash maiden.


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13/06/2017 15:33:37

Great result Paul!

The Challenger is now complete and ready for hand over. It was a lot of work but I learnt some issues regarding modern ready made planes and found out today from Mick Charles models that the covering used on all Seagull planes is Profilm which I have used for the first time. As you can see in the pictures I did manage to retain the star and stripe but I cannot imagine how long they will stay adhered?

Now where was I on my old Junior 60?

I will let you know how the Challenger performs.






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10/06/2017 19:56:42

More progress made on the Seagull Challenger repair. I am now in the process of replacing the damaged balsa on the fuselage side and underneath the same. Al reinforcing with balsa strip has been carried out and checks for symmetry. It does not look too bad however I am told that often a repaired plane is never quite the same when flown.



Edited By Mike Etheridge 1 on 10/06/2017 19:58:45

07/06/2017 23:15:06

I managed to obtain the Wickes 16 mm DIA aluminium tube at about £6.00 and there was sufficient length for two wing tubes. Thanks DD.

I have fitted both wings but need to strengthen the fuselage wing fixing areas as they suffered a number of fractures to the lightweight ply. I still need to glue the fuselage sides and add more balsa sheet where it was damaged. This will also be necessary on the underside of the fuselage.

It was interesting to watch the YouTube video review of the unmade Challenger kit.




Edited By Mike Etheridge 1 on 07/06/2017 23:16:10

07/06/2017 13:25:44

Thanks DD that is a much cheaper price for a longer bit of tube. The nearest Wickes is at Coney Hall West Wickham which is not too far away and fairly close to Avicraft where hopefully I can obtain other bits.

I will check out the Seagull website KT as there might be some useful tips. However I have been making up the replacement bulkheads with much stronger ply and of my own design and intend to add additional strengthning. I may add a little weight but I don't think the performance of the plane will be affected as the owner uses a new OS 46 up front with plenty of power.

07/06/2017 12:31:00

Thanks Ray !

07/06/2017 12:26:00

Just when things seemed to be going OK I contacted SLEC regarding the Phenolic tube and it seems they cannot provide the right diameter of 16 mm (15.9238 mm). I am now stuck as I need to fix both wings on the Seagull Challenger to check for alignment and distortion.

Anyone know another supplier?

I have just found that Fighter Aces list the 16mm DIA tube

Edited By Mike Etheridge 1 on 07/06/2017 12:30:36

06/06/2017 16:06:09

Thanks Peter, I have just discovered the short piece of Phenolic tube that fits within the fuselage in amongst the broken plane parts. Also I have just re-fixed the Starboard wing peg that had come adrift and set the wing within the fuselage so that the glues dries with the peg in the right place such that the screw fixing can be made.

06/06/2017 09:38:45

Is the Phenolic easily removed, and what is it's purpose I wonder?

Edited By Mike Etheridge 1 on 06/06/2017 09:39:07

05/06/2017 21:44:45

Thanks Raymond that looks like the right tube, fortunately not much is needed.

05/06/2017 21:19:41

Seagull Challenger

Some progress made with one side of the fuselage which was extensively damaged. I have had to dismantle this side which I had glued together and replace two bulkheads and repair the front bulkhead. It was necessary to ensure that the fuselage distortion was remedied which seems to be the case. The wing tube shown I have straightened but it will need to be replaced as it is still bent {Anyone know where these tubes are available?)

It would seem that these planes are built with bulkheads attached to one side of the fuselage first and then the other side of the fuselage added and fixed to the bulkheads. Super glue seems to have been used throughout the construction.



Thread: Largest plane in the world
04/06/2017 23:53:15

Was it not said that if a plane looks good it will probably fly good ? That big plane looks as if it could fall apart and I think it looks awful. I also think that similar to the Lockheed Lightning,the Twin Mustang and any twin boom aircraft the tail plane should link both booms structurally. I hope I am proved wrong.

Thread: Re: Peter Miller's Don't Bin It, Fix It Article
02/06/2017 22:44:43

I felt the repair was going OK but today having inserted the wing fixing tube I have discovered the fuselage is distorted and to resolve this could be a real problem.

02/06/2017 15:34:32


I think the missing bits will not be a problem, however every bulkhead in the fuselage has broken with some bits in situ but most not. Even the front ply bulkhead with the engine mount has suffered. I have noted that the tank and battery support structure and the servo tray will be difficult to install if I complete the fuselage repair first, so both operations need to be carried out together. The fuselage sides are only 1/16 balsa sheet so they are very flimsy and it's no wonder one of the fuselage sides shattered. The same is true with the balsa covering on the bottom of the fuselage and strangely the balsa grain runs along the fuselage.All the damaged balsa will need facing with balsa sheet internally between the new or repaired bulkheads and I will need to add thin ply where the fuselage wing ribs /wing fixings are located. I will need to re-cover the fuselage where the original sticky covering had to be removed. However I think I can re-use the self adhesive go faster stripes and other decor. The wing tube bent and has not straightened properly so that needs to be replaced.---How much is a new fuselage?

01/06/2017 20:08:44

This Seagull plane crashed yesterday. It's almost new but suffered an aileron failure on take off . The owner was thinking of binning it but I was sure it could be repaired,so I got the job. I started the repair today but it is like making a puzzle with bits you cannot locate and other bits missing. Fortunately the wings were virtually undamaged. Not sure which model it is? The owner has just let me know he has the missing balsa parts, but he lives 50 miles from me !p5310008.jpg



Edited By Mike Etheridge 1 on 01/06/2017 20:10:15

Thread: Unwelcome Visitors
31/05/2017 20:32:33

OK peter I will not kill the bees as I think our installer left a gap in the new UPVC structure so the bees could still gain access. I think Everest must have a strategy for dealing with bees?

We did have a swarm of Honey Bees settle in our neighbour's front garden a year or two ago. I did phone up a bee keeper I knew and he sent round to us a couple who were also bee keepers but by the time they arrived the bees had taken off apart from a small number on the front lawn. Eventually a queen bee was prised from the small bunch and the keepers were quite happy as the queen was worth about £35. As soon as the keepers left , the swarm returned to the same spot in the front garden, and by this time my neighbour had returned home and had invited another keeper over who successfully captured the 5000 or so bees. The following morning another small swarm of bees landed in the same front garden so I alerted my friend who agreed to come round. However I made a closer inspection of the bees that then objected to my presence and promptly chased me up my driveway.

31/05/2017 18:43:17

We have just had our house soffits ,fascia boards and gutters replaced. I was told by one of the installers that he had to remove a large empty wasp nest from the structure, but nether the less I had to give him some wasp killer so presumably there was also a live wasp nest?. The installer also said there was a live bees nest in the roof structure and that when he had finished the work they were still buzzing around. i climbed the scaffolding yesterday to do some painting and sure enough on one corner of the house there were bees milling around and further more they were still able to enter the roof structure. Should we kill bees,I don't think so?

Edited By Mike Etheridge 1 on 31/05/2017 18:44:28

Thread: twin engine model thread
31/05/2017 18:34:13

I had two successful take- offs, flights and landings with the Twinstar 2 today with the undercarriage fitted as detailed earlier . The undercarriage survived but could do with some extra bracing such as a rubber band fixed between the undercarriage legs. An interesting exercise,the undercarriage structure is made with piano wire, coat hanger wire, carbon fibre tube, balsa wood and Coke tin aluminium.


30/05/2017 21:52:46

I am trying out this thrown together undercarriage on my Twinstar 2 tomorrow. it's the brushed motor original model so it may not have enough guts to get off the ground. Report to follow.



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