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Thread: The 'share your photos' thread (not model flying)
16/01/2017 00:22:37

I spotted this deer in the garden next door on Boxing Day. Rudolph?



Thread: **NEW POLL** - Have you passed the model flying/building bug onto anyone else?
11/01/2017 00:06:34

I built my Nephew Nigel when he was about 10 a free flight Chatterbox and a control line Keil Kraft Champ. He went on to upstage me in every aspect of the hobby including taking part in the Gold Trophy and the combat control line events at the Nationals. He passed his B certificate and demonstrated RC flying at RAF Dunsfold where he once worked having passed an aeronautical degree. I spoke to him last week and he confirmed he is working on the full size Typhoon fighter. I believe he has still got the Chatterbox and despite giving up radio control several years ago has just bought some 2.4 mhz gear.

001 (2) nigel.jpg

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Thread: New Futaba 2.4 6K system and Analogue Servo's
07/01/2017 00:04:11

No mention of servo types in the December 2015 report, but otherwise all seems OK. I have noticed that the 6K does not have the channel 6 flaps variable control wheel that the 6EXA has. I have used this facility to control the mixture servo on Chris Olsen's last Uproar which I have not flown for a few years,so what do I do now?

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06/01/2017 23:19:57

Thanks Nigel and the other contributors, I have just found the December issue of RCM&E, so I will check what David Ashby reports.

06/01/2017 16:46:03

Thanks for the information guys.

Martin, the scheduled servo types listed for the modulation selected would appear to be digital although I have not checked this. There is no actual mention in the instructions as far as I have noticed that the system cannot support analogue servos, but then there is no information regarding the use of the latter. The other day I was given some information regarding a compatible receiver made by Cooltech. I gather this receiver requires adjustment for analogue servos and that it's default setting is for digital servos. The receiver only costs about £22

See video


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06/01/2017 15:28:57

As my 35 mhz radio gear gave me several glitching problems last year, thanks to Santa Claus and Mick Charles Models I now have a Futaba 6K transmitter and receiver and need to consider what I can do with my 30 odd models that all have analogue servos. Unless I have misread the new instructions there is no mention of analogue servos only digital servos. I gather there are some systems and makes of receivers that have to be adjusted with switches and indicator lights such that either analogue or digital servos can be used. There is an S-bus socket on the 6 channel Futaba receiver that the manufacturers warn specifically about connections, and schematic diagrams show the hub connections to this particular socket to allow for limitations on wiring particularly on wings with multi servos controlling ailerons and flaps. Before I ruin the £45 receiver could anyone provide advice?

Thread: Middle Phase Advanced Kit - first trad build - advice needed
30/12/2016 17:38:11

Earlier this year I refurbished a Middle Phase 2 that had been in my loft for at least 5 years. I acquired it for £18 on e-bay. However it had never flown by the look of it, and it needed radio plus servo's (I used cheap metal geared standard servo's from the Component shop)and re-covering which I did with Solarfilm having removed the original Solarfilm. I have always found this covering satisfactory and used it over 30 years ago on my Flair Heron which still survives.The idea of a ballast box is good but rather than a box I have a bolt fixing for ballast on a Bluebottle glider built by my nephew over 30 years ago. Also on the Middlephase I used small snakes,metal clevices and nylon control horns.

At my last IC flying session I had trouble with my 35 MHZ radio so I have dumped all my planes in the loft. Nobody from my club has mentioned slope soaring yet but if we get south westerlies something may happen and the Middlephase could have it's maiden flight?




07-11-2008 ; heron 002.jpg

Thread: Diesel guru needed
22/12/2016 17:24:16

Interesting topic diesel engines. I felt that years ago I was very competent at starting and running diesels and would agree with others that the running in periods for diesels could depending on the motor take some while. My first engine was a Quickstart DC Super Merlin which compared with a Mills .75 was a pig to start. Also when running it would become over compressed so the compression screw always needed backing off. However once I got used to starting the motor and it was run in and I had the right fuel (Mercury 8 was the best) I felt it was a great little engine. I was reminded recently by an old school mate from over 50 years ago when we had to give class seminars that I started my had held Merlin in front of our class by just squirting fuel into the exhaust port and flipping over the prop.

After a diesel has run I always found that it was necessary to back off the compression slightly, fill up the tank and squirt some fuel into the exhaust port and whilst flipping over the propeller slowly increase the compression till the engine fired. Of course this is not possible with silencers fitted other than the old ineffective Enya types. As for the PAW 1.49 in the past we viewed the engine as absolutely brilliant and my friends and I used one in various control line models. Some years later my nephew used a couple of Blue Head PAW 1.49' s to win a 1/2 A combat competition. I still have at least 4 diesel engines and rate my ED Racer MK 2 as my favourite engine.


Thread: CoG problem
19/12/2016 00:21:25

I am sure it was friend Peter Bruce who experienced problems with his Sopwith Camel. Check out his posts.

Thread: Christmas Caption Competition!
02/12/2016 11:53:41

''Earth to earth ashes to ashes this lot are having a laugh at one of my crashes, with a spot of Cyano glue the plane will be alright alright'' -Bowie!

29/11/2016 20:14:06

''Earth to earth ashes to ashes this lot are having a laugh at one of my crashes, with a gallon of glue it will be alright alright'' -Bowie!

29/11/2016 19:07:03

''Earth to earth ashes to ashes this lot are having a laugh at one of my crashes'' -Bowie!

Thread: Suitable plane for an Enya 19
22/11/2016 16:38:59

Well spotted KC, it has taken me about 19 years to discover the true identity of the Mini Pronto up till today. I acquired both a DB designed 'RM Trainer' and the Mini Pronto at the same auction all those years ago. Both planes sat in my loft for about 10 years before they were flown. Neither have flown much for a few years

Interesting issue about the wing rib shapes, but some years ago through the Aero modeller plans service you could obtain A1 size sheets of any number of wing rib types such as Clark Y, and most of the NACA range. The ribs were coloured black and various sizes were given to suit required wing chord dimensions. I would have thought that any number of model plane designers would have used these wing rib sheets including DB?

22/11/2016 12:02:20

Patmc is right my plane was designed by DB and the plan is available through 'Outerzone'  as a free download. However the plane's name is 'Mini Pronto' and not 'Second Pronto' The wingspan is 48 inches and the suggestion is that IC power should be up to 19, so the Enya 19 is the ideal motor size.

Mini Pronto - completed model photo

Mini Pronto - plan thumbnail image

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21/11/2016 17:50:34

I have fitted an Enya 19 IN MY Junior 60 and had just one flight with it and can report that the plane flew much better than with the usual ED Racer. However the plane 'dead sticked' so I have not bothered to fit the Enya since. The latter is currently fitted in a plane I picked up at a model club auction about 19 years ago. It flies well and on the cowling the name 'Second Pronto' is evident. Wood block flooring is now refurbished!

Second Pronto

Thread: Junior 60 incidences
04/11/2016 12:59:32


I'm interested in your conversion of the E.D.Racer as I i'm thinking of doing the same to mine .

Could yo give some more details , are the exaust manifolds self made or commercial items , and how did you connect up the R/C carb .

Thanks Keith

I have only just seen this request Keith. In 1976 when I changed my Junior 60 to proportional radio witha Sanwa Mini 2 radio, I was able to buy an RC throttle and the exhaust stacks from Avicraft in Kent for the ED Racer. To buy them now would be difficult although it would be worth contacting Weston UK Ltd who have some ED spares as they bought the company. New pictures below:





Thread: Stashed In The Attic
23/10/2016 15:28:58

Quantities as follows;

-7no RC slope soarers.

-1no Free flight glider foam construction

-1 no KK Caprice kit not started.

-4 no. RC Electric power models

-1no Electric power free flight model.

-18 no RC models IC powered.

-3no control line trainers

-1no control line Mercury Team racer

-2no F2E combat models

-1 no team racer kit (Mercury or Veron ?) not started

So I make that a total of 39 models,and to date I am coming second as a model plane hoarder and possibly need medical help?.

The reality is that a number of these planes have been collecting dust for years and have either not been flown or repaired / built. This year i have flown about 5no IC planes, 2no Slope Soarers and I no Electric Plane. I have refurbished my original Junior 60 and E-bay Middle Phase. I have repaired a Ripmax Extreme Lite following a bad cross-wind landing and two Weston Cougars for other club mates. So I now have to select the next plane for building works from the loft.

Thread: The Death Of The English Language As We Know It.
22/10/2016 10:36:33

One trend I have noticed with the young is the request in a place such as a restaurant or similar 'Can I get'' rather than ''Please may I have'' something. If offered something the young sometimes respond ''well go on then'' . Does this occur throughout the country?

Thread: Warps. How Do You Get Rid Of Them?
19/10/2016 15:28:34

When I first constructed my junior 60 in 1962/3 I built in a slight warp to the wing with the result that if you selected right rudder for too long a spin could result, I then had to throttle back the old ED Racer and apply left rudder and pray! It finally crashed in 1976 after radio interference on Epsom Downs, so I repaired it and took the opportunity of straightening out the wing warp after removing the nylon covering and re-setting the ribs and trailing edge of one wing and then re-covering the wing with new nylon. This did the trick with the right turns, and as I have mentioned before I have nearly finished re-furbishing the plane except the wings which still have the 1976 nylon covering which is some what blotchy now but still intact. I just need to re-connect the radio equipment and then take it to my club flying field where the old crate is a standing joke with the other flyers!



Thread: Classic Aerobatic Model Photo Thread
14/10/2016 22:50:55


I was told today that Chris Olsen's cousin John Hughesdon died last Friday. John was the last relative of the Olsen family i was in touch with although other relatives live in America I think.?

John was a Chartered Civil Engineer, and during his National Service in the Navy he assisted with the maintenance of Seafire aircraft.

Chris of course designed the 'Uproar', 'Uplift' and 'Upset' model aircraft and was British model aerobatics champion in 1958, and a member of the aerobatics team that won the World Aerobatics Championship in 1962 at Kenley aerodrome.

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