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Thread: What's flying over your house
17/08/2017 14:36:40

Saw a Hawk just now and a Hercules this morning fly over the house heading for Biggin Hill. Trust my wife to book a holiday so there is now chance of me going to the show. Well I did see plenty of planes at Redhill airport last week and may even have flown over my house? i am in the back of the helicopter with three others. The two in the front seats paid an extra £30 each!


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Thread: Colin Leighfield's Chipmunk build.
15/08/2017 20:32:56

Went on a helicopter flight last Saturday from Redhill Airport over London and back. We waited at a cafe which is attached to an aircraft hanger which you had to enter to use the Unisex loo. Within the hanger were a number of interesting planes including two Chipmunks. I have forgotten what the blue biplane was?.As for the flight my first in a helicopter it was really excellent and I would recommend it.I am not sure about accommodation if it's required, but could the building I pictured be a 5 star hotel?










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Thread: Is it Windy?
11/08/2017 19:38:08

Went flying today at Epsom Downs for the first time since before Derby week and at least 5 weeks ago. The first club member I met confirmed he had not been to the Downs due to the windy weather conditions for about 5 weeks also, and suggested that he would normally fly each week in the summer. It seems the Jet Stream is doing us no favours.

Thread: Keil Kraft Caprice gets electrified!
09/08/2017 15:06:04

We can always check for Nigels with John Privett the Epsom Downs club's treasurer. As for my nephew Nigel he now lives in Bolton and works with British Aerospace and his friend Dominic now lives in Australia and builds Harpsichords so they are unlikely to visit Epsom Downs. Unless you still visit the Downs NG they could be Nigel free but there are still plenty of dogs and horses.

09/08/2017 14:33:09

My nephew Nigel who used to compete in the Nationals at control line combat about 10 years ago once brought along a Caprice which flew very successfully during one of the manic free flight sessions at Grantham. Manic because people get hit by the planes as I did by an electric ME 109 which hit me full in the face and dislodged one of the lens in my glasses. However many years before I assisted Nigel with the construction of a KK Topper which he and his friend Dominic took to Epsom Downs. I met them there and they towed up the Topper which headed off towards the grandstand and was spotted by a dog (Not a Dalmatian!) and promptly flattened on landing. The Caprice still exists I think, but not so long ago at a market held at Chagford in Devon I found an original Caprice kit and bought it to help fill up my wardrobe. I gather the kit is now available for about £54.

Thread: Tony Nijhuis 72 Mosquito Build Log
08/08/2017 15:37:03

Anyone seen the Times article today about the discovery of Mosquito drawings which will assist in getting a full size plane back in the air?

Thread: When was the last time you had to climb a tree?
07/08/2017 22:15:47

We have got 14 conifers in our front garden and they had been overrun with Ivy. So using steps and various cutters I have recently cleared the Ivy and have taken up to eight car loads of it to the local tip. However climbing up the trees on the steps caused my left knee to crunch on a descent and I have been in a lot of pain since. I am only 70!

Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
07/08/2017 20:02:04

These pictures just came up on Facebook :

Image may contain: aeroplane and outdoor

Image may contain: aeroplane

Image may contain: aeroplane

Image may contain: aeroplane

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Thread: Model engine design books ?
06/08/2017 21:47:56

Thanks Martin, i now have 'Snip' on the desk top which seems to work much the same as Paint.

Thread: Flair JUNIOR 60 builders
05/08/2017 22:58:55

My Junior 60 also has a remarkable glide and I would always tend to dead stick land it when the Racer had run out of fuel. I was convinced in the past when flying the plane on Epsom Downs it would gain height whilst gliding which I suppose could have been due to thermals?

If I ever get round to it the Ben Buckle Junior 60 would be ideal for electric conversion. I have a ribs only wing kit for it but to date have not constructed the wing. I also have a badly constructed Super 60 aileron wing that needs extensive remedial work. Another scheme I have is to re-engine my KK Falcon with a four stroke motor.

Thread: Model engine design books ?
05/08/2017 10:33:56

I have just found my copy of the Engine Encyclopaedia as compiled by Ron Moulton and costing twelve shillings and six pence and printed in 1962.

I would scan some of the pages but found out last night that due to Windows 10 updates I think that the programme 'paint' has been undermined so that you cannot produce cropped images in the same way such that they can be read on this blog due to print size?.

They do indicate a Sugden Special plan within the book which was published in the Aeromodeller in July 1955. There is no drawing number.

Thread: Flair JUNIOR 60 builders
03/08/2017 22:41:07

Yes it's finished just about and should be ready for the next bout of fine but not windy weather. As I have mentioned elsewhere on the website I have changed the engine from an ED Racer to an OS 20. purely because the addition of the elevator meant I needed an extra 3 ounces of weight in the nose to get the CG right. It already had 8 ounces of lead just under the engine location.




I must also dig out the Ben Buckle fuselage and tail and perhaps fly it also with same wings. I got this fuselage which needed some work, from the 'bring and buy' at the Nationals in 2006. I think I have only flown it once ?

Ben Buckle1946 JNR 60  

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Thread: Which engine for my old Junior 60.
30/07/2017 00:13:12

As I mentioned on another blog I have just fitted an OS 20 in my 55 year old Keil Kraft New Junior 60 to replace the ED Racer purely to give me an extra 3 ounces of nose weight as fitting an elevator for the first time meant that the C/G of the plane was affected. Fortunately the OS 20 fits the same bolt / bearer spacing as the ED Racer as does my Enya Super Sport 30's and my old Enya 19 so I have got plenty of scope for engine testing.



Thread: Flying field is a bit wet
25/07/2017 11:55:55


Thanks for the information, the Windermere 'Splash-in' for the 23-24th of September is mentioned in the August issue of the BMFA news.

Of course I would be only too pleased to visit the other locations you mentioned but only Holker Hall and Levens Hall appear wife friendly ?. In fact my sister-in-law was a guide at Holker Hall and she often lumbered my retired twin brother Pete with car park duties there on special occasions. However I will do my best to visit all the places especially the steam railway.

24/07/2017 10:16:23

Time to get the float planes out and the RC boats.!

I shall be visiting Cumbria (Grange- Over- Sands) in the Lake District in September and hope to watch some float planes in action, but my wife is not keen as usual so I might be left on my own for the day.

Hope the flood in NZ clears up quickly.

Thread: Can I make a silencer less noisy
24/07/2017 09:54:35

Just Engines can supply a secondary exhaust. I have used them on two of my planes with noisy Enya 45 engines.


Micro Mold Easy Rider 1970s Plane with Enya 45

001 b.jpg


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Thread: Digifleet Gear
16/07/2017 09:20:50

I still have scans of this manual but it does not appear to relate to the HF7 ?

Robert, you bought this lot from me anyway, does it still work!


007.jpg Fleet Gear

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Thread: Chris's Super 60 Build
15/07/2017 18:20:10

Yes it is vital that the wings are configured accurately with no twists and the same dihedral. When I first built my Keil Kraft Junior 60 wings in 1962/3 they were very slightly twisted. After I fitted proportional radio in about 1976 if you gave the plane right rudder and held it for too long the plane would go a spin and it was necessary to throttle back and give full left rudder to get out of trouble. However eventually the plane suffered radio interference on Epsom Downs on a crowded Sunday and piled in. I then took the opportunity to correct the wing twist and the plane was re-covered with red nylon apart from the tail plane which was recovered with solar film. With aileron wings slight twists can be less of a problem and any flight issues can be trimmed out.

The old Junior 60 is about ready again for a test flight with Oratex covering other than the wing which still has the 1976 nylon covering and the original 6 inches dihedral under each wing. The OS 20 is now fitted.



Thread: **NEW POLL** - How many metres do you have to walk with your models and gear to the flying area?
15/07/2017 16:17:13


My goodness I knew it was a fairly long walk but not that far. I should have known better having featured four times in the finals of the Croydon school sports 220 yards sprints in the 1960's !. However my left knee collapsed the other day so flying is out for me at the moment.

Not heard from Roger lately, I hope he is OK ?.

Thread: DC Sabre Prop/instruction sheet
14/07/2017 20:27:47

Presumably you slackened off the compression screw as the engine was about to stall Jon? Many years ago my DC Super Merlin would act the same as your Sabres and preferred Mercury 8 fuel to run consistently. I did de-gum a DC Sabre in the recent past that was fitted in a control plane I made years ago. However the Sabre I remember was not as good as the PAW 1.49 which was favoured for control line flying.

engine sizes.jpg

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