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Thread: Is it a scam trying to get my Hobbyking details?
21/10/2017 20:18:16

I've inadvertantly left things in my HK cart, and I've never had any email...

Thread: Unexpected revelation - FMS Super EZ
20/10/2017 16:20:19

John, Thanks for your pointer. It looks to be an excellent plane.

My first thought, at the beginning of the video, was: "aren't all these planes basically copies of the Wot 4"!!!

Mind you, that's obviously more of a compliment than a criticism... and especially a compliment for a ripped off Chris Foss ...

Thread: Sharkface and dc Dart?
19/10/2017 09:36:14

A PAW 80 (now 049, I believe) and with the RC gear that we have now, you can even have a throttle.

I know of a couple like this, and the owners are very pleased.

Thread: Small engines big hassle
18/10/2017 19:18:52

Ted, I think that's only true in the case of an auction or a simple BIN.

If an item is listed as BIN or offer, which was the case here, and the seller accepts an offer, then the amount of the accepted offer won't be shown in the finished listing and, as I mentioned, there is no way of knowing what the actual sale price was.


13/10/2017 21:25:14

Bert, I think Piers asked why I thought these reed valve engines are not worth messing with. Well, they're unpredictable and it's difficult to achieve consistent runs. There's very little flexibility, no real idle or slow running possibility. Even if they're "set rich", they still scream when the fuel runs out. Honestly, their only virtue is that they're cheap!

Could I offer this video, as a "Small engine - No hassle". Have a look, and then reconsider whether it's worth messing with a reed valve 049.



Edited By brokenenglish on 13/10/2017 21:27:17

13/10/2017 11:25:09
Posted by bert baker on 13/10/2017 10:44:10:

I may have a go at converting a head to standard plug

Bert, I think you can buy them from the present Cox engine suppliers but, for me, none of these "reed valve in the tank" engines are worth messing with.

12/10/2017 20:32:55
Posted by Piers Bowlan on 12/10/2017 19:51:54:

Did somebody actually buy the $90 Black Widow?

Not yet Piers. It's still on sale at the moment.

With the selling format adopted, I think the guy will leave it on sale for a week or two, and then let it go for the best offer he receives, but we won't have any way of knowing what the actual sale price was ...

12/10/2017 08:57:19
Posted by Mike Stevens on 12/10/2017 06:03:32:


Mike, that's an optimistic "asking price", with an invitation for lower offers.

A Cox engines collector might pay a reasonable sum for this "new in box" example, but I don't think he'll get his asking price, it's just not rare enough.

11/10/2017 19:39:10
Posted by Mike Stevens on 11/10/2017 16:19:39:

I have a black widow which i think fetch a few pence these days.....

Sounds a bit optimistic to me. No Cox reed valve engine is of any great value.

Thread: Loss of radio connection on third flight.
10/10/2017 07:58:53

I'm not expert enough to comment technically, but I had the same reaction as Piers, above.

I've flown standard electric foamies a lot for the last 5 years, and I've never had to wait for a motor to cool down!

If you're not an expert, better get a PNF model and fly it as supplied. That's all I do and I've never had a problem.

Thread: DC Darts Puzzle
06/10/2017 08:42:53
Posted by onetenor on 05/10/2017 21:53:44:

The red one has terrific compression but is as we decided a later one.

If it really is a late one, make sure that you're not confusing "compression" with excessive bore taper (piston fit tight at the top).

Thread: Trailing edge profile
03/10/2017 07:59:17

Build as per plan. A solid balsa wing needs thickness for strength and warp resistance.

Edited By brokenenglish on 03/10/2017 07:59:52

Thread: What wire gauge for servos ?
29/09/2017 14:03:42
Posted by Andy Green on 27/09/2017 12:39:30:

Have you seen this I did some years ago, I've been making them for years.


That's really helpful. Thanks a lot!

Thread: DC Darts Puzzle
29/09/2017 07:59:11

Bert, Thanks! I think your assumption is probably correct. There must have been a period, towards the end, when "any ol' thing" left the factory.

In any case, the fin profile and alloy tank show it as a late model. The profile isn't a curve, it's largely "straight" and parallel, which is a late model.

Thread: WOT 4 CG and adding nose weight
28/09/2017 17:12:48

Bob, before you start adding weight, check that there is none already added.

The last W4 foamie I had (fairly recently, the current model) came with a big metal weight in the slot under the fin, as delivered. So have a look there before you start adding at the nose.

Thread: Orange receivers
27/09/2017 21:18:04

I only use Orange receivers, and I've never had a problem.

I've never had an R618, but I have half a dozen (at least!) of each of the R615X and R620X, and they're excellent.

Bear in mind that the 615 really is a "park flyer" Rx. I lost range once, with a 615, at around 500m, so now I only use the 615 for small planes, that can't be flown far away, and the 620X for all medium/larger planes. No problem, excellent receivers.

Thread: Horizon Hobbies
26/09/2017 09:07:08

I'm not an expert at all(!), but I could perhaps make a couple of remarks...

Looking at the above, all those who've had any kind of problem with Spektrum have changed something (e.g. Li pack option), whereas the gents who've just used Spektrum "straight out of the box" have never had a problem. The implications are obvious.

I started to fly RC properly 5 years ago. Using a Spektrum Tx, I decided to use 4 Eneloops and to charge them (externally, on a domestic fast charger), before every flying session. This takes around 30 minutes. It isn't a chore and is easily absorbed into the elapsed time between deciding to go flying and actually leaving the house, i.e. zero "additional time".

The bottom line is that I've never had the slightest problem, I'm totally satisfied and I certainly won't change anything while I never have a problem... I'm also tempted to add that perhaps some people can't resist "upgrading", for largely theoretical reasons, when the standard configuration does the job perfectly well.

Edited By brokenenglish on 26/09/2017 09:08:24

Thread: DC Darts Puzzle
25/09/2017 20:22:20
Posted by Bert on 25/09/2017 20:11:14:

DC Darts were produced with plain ally heads at some time or other, I have one new in the box in my engine drawers . If I get the time I'll fish it out and see what year it was made.

Interesting... Bert please fish it out. "Never say never" and all that, but in 55 years of engine collecting I've never seen or heard of one. Perhaps, right at the end, when they were in all sorts of problems and production was a little "disorganised"... Please try to post a photo.

25/09/2017 15:03:08

John, there is no "pink" one. It's just a red head faded!

It's amazing that the engine ran at all with a yard and a half of fuel tube and the tank well below the engine!

21/09/2017 21:24:43

I wouldn't touch the venturi.

Firstly, does the engine run OK?
If it runs OK, leave it as is!!!
If it doesn't run, then opening the venturi certainly won't fix it!!!

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