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Ripmax Easy Street

Where can I get one?

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JC26/01/2008 00:25:00
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Hi all

Does any body know where I can buy a  Ripmax 'easy street' kit. 'Stix'  had it on their web site last year but it has since been removed.

Cheers Jon 

Jonathan Lewzey26/01/2008 09:40:00
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That's probably because it's an ancient pre-jurassic design for 400 size motors. I've just looked on the ripmax website and all they seem to do is spare parts. It's not one I would go for - get something a bit more up to date for brushless motors and lipos.

Try something like this: . Although it's probably more expensive, it'll have better flight characteristics and looks a whole lot better.


JC26/01/2008 13:30:00
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Jonathan hi

Thanks for the reply. I like the look of the Easy Street and athought not qiute pre Jurrassic I,m getting on a bit myself. I saw a review of the model in RCME in the 90s and have allways wanted one but did not get one as I was just starting out in RC and the Easy Street is not a beginners aircraft.. The Easy Street was designed for 600 brushed motor but could take an inrunner set up with lipo.


Jon (also a Jonathan) 

Jonathan Lewzey26/01/2008 17:07:00
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Well you might pick up a really old one if you phone round a few model shops, but I don't think anyone stocks them anymore. The other alternative would be to build something very similar. I don't know whether you're a subscriber, but a few years ago there was a plan for a Nigel Hawes Whizzza, the 600 size version of the Fizza I'm currently building. It would be easily modified to look more like the Ripmax design.


JC26/01/2008 18:25:00
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Thank you very much for the tip. I have allways fancied a go at buliding from a plan as I have now bulit several traditional kits and would enjoy the challenge of scratch buliding from a plan. I will try to find the plan of the Whizzza.



Tom Sharp28/01/2008 04:01:00
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I've got an Easy Street kit. I never touched it because I bought an ARTF version which flew very well until it hit a farm shed and buckled the nose.

E.mail me. I am by J17 M6 in Cheshire.

Neil Evans07/05/2008 15:33:00
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I had a fizza a great little plane (till it took the side of the hill out!), if you do a search on google they do have a website, they have some excellent small balsa kits on there, the fizza 2 is out, I have heard good things about it, but it is somewhat larger.  The love of the fizza was how small to put into the car it was and take anywhere with me. 

Looking for something similar, off on holiday soon so need it up and running quick, the mini Pulse does look a good little plane, although I did like how basic the fizza was (solid plank for wing. 

If people can recommend this or other very basic similar size plane (36" wing max"), which bounces well, it would be appreciated.  Almost a park flier.  Did think of the Parkzones Spitfire.

Nomadic soarer tries electric08/05/2008 20:34:00
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Jon, I was after an Easy Street about a year ago and on posting a request like yours got similar replies - some folk just don't seem to apprieciate 'we' like some of the 'older' models, I've now almost completed a 45" Nigel Hawes Tucano but would still like an Easy Street - Cos I like em! TOM, if you've still got your Easy Street and Jon hasn't snapped it up ... I'll have it ...

..hopefully, Jon Hill.  

GrumpyGnome09/05/2008 07:21:00
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I bought one off ebay about a year ago - I paid £35 I think.  Mine has a cheapo outrunner (about 300 watts) that cost about £15 and a 3S lipo in it.  Goes like stink.  Very nice for big smoooooottttthhhhh fast aerobatics.  I really like it.  Recommended.

And I do have some more modern machines like a Mini Ultra Stick and Mini Funtana .............. I like them too but they're a completely different breed.


Adrian Lawrence 219/10/2008 07:07:00
4 forum posts

I too am looking for an easy street, I wasnt convinced until my friend picked up one and converted it to brushless and lipos. So if anyone has one please let me know. ps is it possible to build one from the plans of the original kit version?, if so does anyone have a plan?

Cheers Adrian

Nomadic soarer tries electric19/10/2008 18:12:00
7 forum posts

Gosh, another 'actual modeller' who wants to build from a plan !  I've no problem paying a reasonable price for a plan - so if some one can help.... you'd make at least two of us happy...

... hopefully ...Jon Hill

David Ashby - RCME26/05/2010 06:20:44
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I fancied something fast and smooth for the park and remembered this thread GG, saw a reduced Easy Street for £35 in the LMS on Sat, and rattled the credit card. I've got a little 300-watt outrunner that should do the trick.
Wingman26/05/2010 07:33:37
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404 photos
David I had one of these till very recently until I tried a KE pass at less that wingspan altitude. It was a nice flier on 200 watts a 1500 3S and an APC 8x8 so it will be a pocket rocket on 300 watts. I replaced it with a Hyperion Helios 10E which uses the same power train and is just that bit sharper given its more modern design. I'm sure your Easystreet  will be great fun and its easy to pop in the boot as well.
Bob Cotsford26/05/2010 08:12:04
6041 forum posts
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EasyStreet - lovely little model with a 300W outrunner and 3S 2250 LiPo.  As GrumpyGnome said, it really is a miniature pattern aerobatic model.  I picked my ARTF version up for £25 at a club bring'n'buy. 
I have the Balsacraft plan at home IIRC it costs about £3-4 to get a copy run off.  
I needed the plan after spending too long practising low inverted figure eights, and trying to gain altitude with up elevator.
if I came across another kit, I'd be tempted to try it as a soarer, it seems to float forever on approach so I think it would go well in a bit of a blow.
David Ashby - RCME26/05/2010 08:23:00
10706 forum posts
1605 photos
606 articles
Good thanks guys, I'll start on her later today. Few pics - I guess it's about 2000-2002 vintage? No laser cutting here and goodness knows what the covering material is
Wingman26/05/2010 08:54:46
1041 forum posts
404 photos
Whatever the covering is it's pretty tough and well applied because mine had very little hanger rash despite being thrown in the car boot on top of everything else (it went to every flying session). I fitted it with a PG03 on ailerons so it would fly better in higher winds and I also reinforced the 'bottom lip' front edge of hatch with fibre reinforced tape as it was always getting scraped on landing.
Bob Cotsford26/05/2010 11:09:59
6041 forum posts
321 photos
On mine I replaced the front hatch bolt with half a dozen small magnets out of a dead outrunner spread around the perimeter.

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