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Rolling Circles

Would like to know how?

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dave parnham10/01/2017 17:53:43
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Can anyone try and explain, the technique involved to learn rolling circles ?

or indeed just the rolling Bit?

I've tried using my sim and watched videos of Tx inputs but it all goes wrong very fast indeed.

john stones 110/01/2017 18:37:12
9172 forum posts
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No takers ?

Simplify it to begin with Dave, roll held in and induce turn with up elevator, as you improve use down elevator as well, when you've cracked that onto rudder inputs, it will be scruffy at first so plenty height, step at a time and lots of practice.


dave parnham10/01/2017 19:28:51
137 forum posts
11 photos

Cheers John,

Practising now on my G5.5 wink saves a fortune on repairs

TIM Shaw10/01/2017 19:41:26
166 forum posts
41 photos

Personally, I would work on your slow rolls and maybe 4 point rolls first. You need to be confident you can at least point the nose back up again should you need to in a hurry.

There are 2 distinct types of rolling circle ( actually, if you go far enough back, there's a third one, but can't get my head around that one myself).

If you want to do continual rolls whilst performing a flat circle its actually quite simple.

All you do is roll slowly and hold the down elevator you would use for inverted in until you have rolled to 270 degrees, then release it and hold a little up elevator while continuing the roll to 90 degrees, ease off, and feed in down as you approach inverted, and hold it again until you get back to about 270 degrees. Repeat until the circle is complete.

If you want to so a one - roll circle, ie performing a single roll around the circumference, so that you pass through knife edge at the quarter point, reach inverted at the diameter and continue the roll to opposite knife edge at the three quarter point you need to use rudder s well - but I find that variation a lot harder.

In fact, I might have fooled myself I've almost got it once or teice, but I wouldn't try it with anyone watching....

Denis Watkins10/01/2017 20:06:31
2571 forum posts
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When I was shown, I realise there is more than one way, but it was done in four parts until confidence and the script was learned, 1st was 90° , then for a long time 180° of the circle, then 270° for some time until a wobbly 360° was achieved. I wouldn't say this is the best method by a long way, as A flyer at my field, learned and rehearsed just the sticks through 360° for weeks, then actually flew it, he was young though

ben goodfellow 110/01/2017 20:10:31
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rolling circuits are easy really .start learning with the way the model wants to go ,roll right and do a left circuit or vice versa. one roll circles as said above are a bit more difficult , then theres the rolling harrier doing a circle/circuit, thats probaly for another day .now some use elevator only some use rudder/elevator i prefer the later . as also said above start with 4/8 pointers and lllllllloooonnnggg slow rolls till its instinctive on input , you will find circuits easy then...good luck....and remember low

Speedster10/01/2017 20:37:48
315 forum posts
152 photos

Fun with the sim, with rolling circle.

Cheers Soren

Tom Sharp 210/01/2017 23:54:37
2746 forum posts
13 photos

As my old dad used to say "It's easy when you know how"

john stones 110/01/2017 23:59:58
9172 forum posts
1400 photos

My dad used to say "put that fag out n don't let me catch you again" kulou

ken anderson.11/01/2017 09:28:40
7971 forum posts
726 photos

hello Dave.......first off don't have too much movement on the controls...and start off practicing up high at a constant speed. have a go at doing two roll's in a line when the model is coming towards you and when its gone past...coming towards you is the hard bit. When you can do that increase it to 3 rolls then 4+..aim to go from one side of your site to the other doing roll after roll in a straight line.then have a go at steering the model left and you become more confident and settled have a go at doing a circle..using the ailerons and'll be messy to start with but as time and practice go on it'll get better....introduce the rudder also as you get more confident....then amaze all your clubmates......

ken ...rolling circle dept.

Pete Willbourn11/01/2017 12:06:10
542 forum posts
291 photos

When I saw a rolling circle done for the first time circa 1971 , it was done by the young guy in the club that could do everything, the guy you either hate or admire . He still flys with us and we get on great !

He did it with a Smiths mini plane and gave me the target to aim at .! So I tried and tried and got a little better so 40 odd years later I can do it BUT only rolling outwards and only with a plane I have carefully balanced and set up as to be be pretty neutral in all respects , Like you do for the "B" test to make it look good ,

So my comment is some planes do it easier than others ! No matter how good you are !



Josip Vrandecic -Mes11/01/2017 12:34:41
2853 forum posts
241 photos

Hi Dave , do not give up and not disappoint if not all properly and immediately.
F1 can not drive all and those who drive are not always enough good.face 1



dave parnham11/01/2017 14:15:36
137 forum posts
11 photos

The problem with the Sim flying as I found out last night is some planes are better at it than others.

Obviously the Extra and PA Addiction can do it, but I tried and tried with an ultimate style bipe and just keep crashing time after time.

Oh well practise practise practise I suppose.

ben goodfellow 111/01/2017 15:19:25
1069 forum posts
41 photos

the sim will only get you so far . as for learning basic aeros ,,,maybe .but anything remotely advance they are no good . knife edge is a good example . my lass could do a knife edge loop on a sim ....get out in the real world of practice no substitute for it. .. i can drive a rally car or shoot a 1k kill shot with a rifle on the computer , fly low

Martin Harris11/01/2017 15:27:24
7439 forum posts
186 photos

When I work out which buttons on my transmitter turn off wind/turbulence and perform the reset function, I'll be able to fly as well at the field as I can in my living room!

Essjay11/01/2017 17:06:45
578 forum posts
1 photos

I can fly a rolling circle reasonably well, and also a one-roll circle, but I find I can only do it on a left hand circuit and rolling to the center of the circle blush

Any other direction ends up with it all going pear shaped sad


john stones 111/01/2017 17:16:55
9172 forum posts
1400 photos

I prefer left handed circles but rolling outwards, can do 4 point ones but not single roll without pause, some are quite tidy, some are not wink

Mostly i like doing it with Cubs, Gliders and the like, Oooh that's not scale face 1


Tom Sharp 211/01/2017 18:17:41
2746 forum posts
13 photos

First learn to do a figure of eight in constant knife edge, in both directions. That will teach you to recognise the attitude of the plane all round the circle.

Pete Willbourn11/01/2017 19:57:01
542 forum posts
291 photos

when you master the knife edge figure 8, try a normal figure 8 but with 1/2 rolls so one of the haves is inverted .

The two 1/2 rolls will actually be 1/3 rolls both right and left , !

sounds dead easy ?


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