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How many plan-built models have you made or started in the last year?

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Q: How many plan-built models have you made or started in the last year?

 5 to 10

Beth Ashby Moderator24/04/2017 13:10:00
196 forum posts
20 photos
74 articles

Discuss below...

Jon Harper - Laser Engines24/04/2017 13:34:26
2639 forum posts
123 photos

are kits included?

Piers Bowlan24/04/2017 13:40:26
795 forum posts
15 photos

1) A4 Skyhawk (PSS mass build). Airframe completed and radio installed but not covered with film yet. blush

2) 'Alley Cat' by Peter Miller, with OS 30 FS. Progress, as above!

3) 'Holly' by Derek Woodward. Leccy conversion for 3s 2200mAh LiPo. Wing complete but not Fuselage.

I like to have several models 'in-build' and switch between projects so I don't get bored, eventually one gets finished- that is the theory!

I am not going to start another project until I get the Skyhawk completed and flown but, the Peter Russell's 362 Delta in this months mag is very tempting....devil

Peter Miller24/04/2017 13:53:03
8267 forum posts
895 photos
10 articles

Only four but that includes drawing the plans and I have done nothing this year at all though I have started drawing a plan

Super Marauder




Edited By Peter Miller on 24/04/2017 13:55:35

Steven Shaw24/04/2017 14:20:50
156 forum posts
78 photos

I've built and flown my "Wiggo", I've built the fuselages for a "Woodys Pusher" and a "Das Ghosten Flugboot". They are all scratchbuilt from RCM&E plans or from Outerzone.

I'm working on the wings for the Flugboot and the Woodys Pusher, but I want ailerons and a different mounting system so it is taking a bit longer.

Cuban824/04/2017 15:14:10
1431 forum posts
1 photos
Brian Taylor Mk1a Spitfire 70". Coming to the end of the build now but it's been a lot of work and frustrating in places, although finally very worthwhile. About half way through glassing and paint now.
Bob Cotsford24/04/2017 15:19:12
6646 forum posts
357 photos

Only last year's Ballerina from plans, plus 2 kit builds and 4 1/2 ARTFs. Unfortunately I'm not decimating them at the same rate so the house is getting overrun with the things laugh. Garden sale?

Plan - Ballerina

Kit - Mini Stik, Fugly

ARTFs - Wot'sWot XL, FW Ta152, P47, P56 Provost and halfway through a standard size Wot'sWot

Tony Bennett24/04/2017 15:27:49
4716 forum posts
125 photos



Surrey air services biplane


72" shackleton

all own design and Depron.

Tony B

MattyB24/04/2017 16:08:35
1483 forum posts
25 photos

Interesting poll, but I think the result is likely to be skewed by the disproportionate number of builders who post threads here; not a criticism, just something to be remembered when interpreting the results.

Edited By MattyB on 24/04/2017 16:10:01

David Mellor24/04/2017 16:17:35
173 forum posts
71 photos

In the last 12 months I have built 8 and am currently on my 9th.

They are all from plans.

However, the plans are all my own designs, not published plans.

Does that count? (I hope it does because I pushed the 5-to-10 models made or started button!).


Deanland Duffer24/04/2017 17:22:18
5 forum posts
Druine Turbie
MK9 Spitfire
Trevor24/04/2017 17:48:16
170 forum posts
16 photos

Just the one - Fauvel AV36 from the Gordon Waite plan. **LINK**


Robert Foreman24/04/2017 18:01:38
70 forum posts
45 photos

Elf Senior & Peter Miller's Jezebel

kevin b24/04/2017 18:37:02
1388 forum posts
150 photos

Mini Barnstormer, one I can't recall the name, fliu, SPAD x 2, Wren, own design Italian Warbird fun-fly (still working on it), 2 x trainers and a top secret project I'm not allowed to talk about !

Apart from that 3 kits, a couple of foamies and then there are the "restoration / repair" jobs.

I like building. laugh

Retirement is going to be fun !!!

Mike Etheridge 124/04/2017 18:59:22
1235 forum posts
298 photos

None but there is potential in my wardrobe, a KK Caprice, and Mercury control liner that need building. In my loft there is a Veron Mini Concord and two Chris Olsen built planes waiting for works amongst the 30 odd other models, which include two Junior 60's, one KK Falcon and a Mercury Matador plus Chris Olsen's last Uproar all built from plans.

Rather than build from plans I have an untouched Weston Velocity 52, a Flair SE5A and repaired Super Air and Middle phase 2 that have yet to fly.

Keith Evans 324/04/2017 19:03:32
292 forum posts
37 photos

In the last 12 months .

Beechcraft Bonanza

Veron Viscount .

john stones 124/04/2017 19:05:33
8151 forum posts
1312 photos


Phil Francis24/04/2017 19:42:30
45 forum posts
8 photos

Just one. Apache Aviation Chipmunk. 82" wingspan, Laser 155

Tim Hooper24/04/2017 20:58:07
2793 forum posts
2346 photos

Just the one in progress - an o/d Civilian Coupe.

It might be interesting to ask how many builds have actually reached completion in the last year. I know of quite a few modellers who routinely start a new project, only for it to lay around unfinished when a new design attracts their attention.


img_1639 small.jpg

bouncebounce crunch24/04/2017 23:55:37
1687 forum posts
203 photos

one plan build in progress, and a kit build resumed.

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