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Sheep Eating Cars

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Cliff 195917/08/2017 19:45:43
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We rent a patch from the sheep farmer which we surround by an electric fence, this keeps them off very nicely.

We have to park however in the main field which has curious sheep wandering around.

Question: Do you have sheep in your parking area and, if so, do they bother parked vehicles and, if yes, have you found a way to keep them at bay?

By 'bother' I mean they tend to chew on any piece they can get their teeth around, usually around the edges of vehicles, this, understandably can be costly.

Ian Jones17/08/2017 19:51:59
3168 forum posts
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Yep, one of the clubs I'm in that sheep problem applies to. Their little deposits are a horrible smelly mess and sometimes we get them making excursions onto the strip (we use an electricfence too but that doesn't stop some of them when we are using the strip). I'm not aware of the sheep ever consuming car parts.

bert baker17/08/2017 20:03:52
1106 forum posts
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We have erected a fence round the pits, yep the sheep like the cars ,

One nicked my cakes when I left the tail gate open

And left the empty bag Bah 


Edited By bert baker on 17/08/2017 20:12:00

john stones 117/08/2017 20:15:45
9252 forum posts
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You want one of these on committee.

Edited By john stones 1 on 17/08/2017 20:16:17

Cliff 195917/08/2017 20:27:21
204 forum posts
49 photos
Posted by john stones 1 on 17/08/2017 20:15:45:

You want one of these on committee.

Edited By john stones 1 on 17/08/2017 20:16:17

Very good John but I don't think the farmer would be too impressed, perhaps a card-board cut out laugh

sgwlm17/08/2017 21:36:05
91 forum posts
81 photos

Electric fence the car park area, i was going to go flying tomorrow but not if the sheep are hungrysad

Dwain Dibley.17/08/2017 22:39:42
918 forum posts
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We have the patch surrounded by an electric fence,the sheep are in the pits, but they never chew the cars/vans.

We also get ducks and Geese watching us fly....I'm sure they are smurking at us.

The sheep Poo gets over everything tho !!




cymaz18/08/2017 06:47:04
7539 forum posts
975 photos

We used to have sheep our strip, yes, their poo gets on the plane covering and sticks well. Better than two part epoxy if it's allowed to dry. A cleaning session after every flight was the only way to cut the mess.

Several years ago the sheep were moved after the farmer retired. Then the rabbits moved in.....what a mess! Scratch holes everywhere that need regular filling in. The grass ( what little of it remained), then died. So what it left is dead patches and holes everywhere.......oh for some sheep poo to scrape offface 15

trebor18/08/2017 07:34:26
1515 forum posts
181 photos

Get an old landrover, galvanised steel bumpers not very teeth friendly.

KiwiKid18/08/2017 07:59:40
388 forum posts
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I have been pondering whether the title of this tread should be Sheep Eating Cars or Cars Eating Sheep - any English scholars about?

My local club field is situated in the middle of a huge dairy farm, which is great as it affords a large clear area well away from civilization (at the moment), but the field is only protected by an electric fence and we have had a few incursions. The worst was just a few weeks ago when the field was really wet and the damage was substantial. Repairs are underway and the LHS has sold out of tundra tires.

field damage.jpg

Peter Miller18/08/2017 08:41:38
9012 forum posts
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And at one field that we used many, many years ago it was cowpats.

and even more years ago...have you ever seena control line model hit a fresh cowpat dead centre at full power? IT was even INSIDE the engine. Not mine I am glad to say!!

Engine Doctor18/08/2017 09:35:41
1932 forum posts
19 photos

I visited a neighbouring club and had my car licked clean by the sheep ! I was going to take it back as they missed a few bits surprise . They didn't chew anything on it thankfully.

When we had sheep in our club  field some years ago the lambs would chew our models if they gotca chance usually when we went to the club shed for a brew . Fortunately we don't have sheep on the field now and they are NOT missed at all . The latest annoyance is a local scumbag who walks his dog and allows it to foul on our patch and pit area !

cymaz18/08/2017 09:41:35
7539 forum posts
975 photos
Posted by Engine Doctor on 18/08/2017 09:35:41:


The latest annoyance is a local scumbag who walks his dog and allows it to foul on our patch and pit area !

Scoop it up and put it on his car seat to take home with

Edited By cymaz on 18/08/2017 09:41:59

Steve Houghton 118/08/2017 10:10:08
1860 forum posts
128 photos

I fly gliders from the slope at Meio Common in S Wales. We have to park our cars at the side of the road then walk up a worn, steep path to the top of the slope, probably about 100m ish.

There are ponies up there grazing, and locals come along with lots of vegetable goodies for them to munch on, which they tip onto the ground on the slope side of the road, so the ponies come down to feed on this.

But ponies are curious beasts and they will often go to have a look at the parked cars, and then try to eat them. I have several friends who have had great chunks taken out of the paint work on doors and bonnets by the ponies biting the cars. So now when they are about I tend to park my car on the opposite side of the cattle grid to keep my car safe.

I have even had young foals try nibbling at something they see protruding from the back pocket of my jeans as I'm busy trying to fly my model or, having to shoo away the ponies as they come too close to the models sat on the ground, again as I'm trying to fly.



trebor18/08/2017 10:19:42
1515 forum posts
181 photos

My old Astrohog in a previous life was stood on by a horse down Beaulieu airfield. The chap that repaired it left loose bits inside the wing that are still rattling about inside laugh

Mike T18/08/2017 10:47:22
319 forum posts
25 photos

@Steve. Was on the Meio yesterday with Mark and Chris - now I know why they've taken to parking on the far side of the grid! I've not had any car nibblers so far, but they do take a deep and abiding interest in my boot when I'm trying to load/unload. They are completely unfazed and often have to be physically shoved off!

Re Kiwikid's pic of his field - I feel your pain. Until recently, our Club life has been one of mowing and rolling (with our cars!) to get a decent patch, only to see it trampled by cows. The bloody farmer always seems to put them in our field when it's wet! We are now moving to a field with 500 ewes on it...

Edited By Mike T on 18/08/2017 10:48:10

cymaz18/08/2017 10:53:10
7539 forum posts
975 photos

On the subject of sheep....

Mary had a little lamb

She tied it to a pylon

A thousand volts went up its bum

And turned the wool to nylon

iqon18/08/2017 11:05:06
1320 forum posts
237 photos

Cymaz- you know how to tell a yarn

Don Fry18/08/2017 11:32:54
2349 forum posts
30 photos

And there was me thinking this thread was looking like a visual larder.

Engine Doctor18/08/2017 11:44:11
1932 forum posts
19 photos
Posted by cymaz on 18/08/2017 09:41:35:
Posted by Engine Doctor on 18/08/2017 09:35:41:


The latest annoyance is a local scumbag who walks his dog and allows it to foul on our patch and pit area !

Scoop it up and put it on his car seat to take home with

Edited By cymaz on 18/08/2017 09:41:59

If we could catch them they would certainly be taking it home with them believe me probably wearing it . The strange thing is our patch is a long way from houses so they are walking some distance over farm land with no nearby public footpaths .We let the local police dog handlers use the field for training their dogs and he did speak to one dog walker early one morning warning them about dog fouling but it continues. Sorry off topic and rant over.

Edited By Engine Doctor on 18/08/2017 11:45:16

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