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Aims / Ambitions / Projects Planned for 2012

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Big Bandit26/12/2011 13:22:32
2436 forum posts
947 photos
Will do Olly,
It'll only be when I move things from the shed, spare bedroom and loft that I will know what there is roughly 60 kits of most types, some I will keep and the rest will have to go.
Reno Racer26/12/2011 15:01:59
1129 forum posts
165 photos
Only 3 things currently planned; I'm sure more will 'appear' through the year.
Firstly, build my Balsa USA 1/4 scale N11. The problem is that this is in storage in the UK, so will have to wait until the summer when we return home to start, so this is probably next winters' build. At least a further 6 months in the US will allow me to buy the petrol engine, servos and other stuff cheaper in the mean time. I had previously planned to use a RCGF 26cc engine from Hobby King (had great success with their 15cc engine), but I'm tempted to get a DLE20 instead.
Secondly, learn to properly fly helicopters. My plan is that I can then fly the heli in the garden/field at the back of the house when I'd be otherwise using up too much 'family credit' with a trip to the field. I have a Blade MCPX, which I can hover and do figure of 8s (just). I have nearly finished a TREX 250 clone, so hopefully this will be in the air in the New Year. My plan by the end of the year is to have a TREX 500 clone flying scale like and either ready for, or fitted with, a scale body.
Thirdly, is finally get my HET Super Sniper 90 out of store in the UK, build her with the 6S Jepe fan I have and fly the living poo out of her.
3 very different models! I am really a warbird man and normally fly my H9 Corsair as my normal model, but do love WW1 warbirds, just sold a Balsa USA 1/6 scale N17, which was lurrrvley and I really enjoyed the build. The Heli thing bit me a few years ago and I could never master it. Now I have a good club instructor and more enthusiasm.
EDF has not really left my system; had lots a few years back and sometimes feel the need for speed that even my slightly over powered Corsair cannot give, hence the SS90.
Of course by this time next year, this would have all changed!!
Eric Bray26/12/2011 16:55:32
6600 forum posts
2 photos
Bandit - if you find a Keil kraft Elmira glider in there, let me know, please!!
When they were available, i couldn't afford one, and now the roles are reversed!
I got a plan off fleabay, but....
Big Bandit26/12/2011 16:59:27
2436 forum posts
947 photos
Hi Eric,
There's definitely not an Elmira in there, I did have one in the 70's but built it, after a few flights it was given to a local model shop for display, and they sold a few on the back of it, but I never saw it again.
Josip Vrandecic -Mes26/12/2011 21:11:02
2503 forum posts
222 photos
Chris,a tremendous job waiting for you...good luck my friend
p.s.The hardest will be remove unnecessary things from the shed ....
Erfolg26/12/2011 21:18:13
9945 forum posts
856 photos
I hope to fly more of the models I have.
I really should finish my Bachem, however poor it turns out.
I want to build a TH Clean sweep, to replace a rather poor design/model of my own.
Beyond the above nothing, that is other than enjoy my self.
Paul Marsh26/12/2011 21:22:08
2802 forum posts
736 photos

Not sure what to get. As mentioned, I want the BH Silence Twister, but it's still not come out yet, but need to get a few models flown, must have about a dozen not flown yet. These are:

BH T-28, large scale, BH P-47 and Sparrowhawk, 1/3 Cub, PZ Spitfire. YT Spitfire and Robin 2160, Harmony Twin (had for years, not flown!) and a few more.

Tom Wright 226/12/2011 21:29:31
3908 forum posts
297 photos
Posted by Phil B on 24/12/2011 09:21:13:
first project for me is to build a pushy cat

Got one spare still in the box if any-ones is interested.

Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator26/12/2011 21:51:37
13947 forum posts
1273 photos
Plans and ambitions eh?
Well, plans first:
1. Finish my new workshop. Based in the garage it will give me a lot more room both for building and storage.
2. Finish a number of repars and near complete models ready for the new season. I have a Magnatilla that is 99% finished and a Sopwith Pup that just requires covering. Both my Chipmunk and my Extra 300 need small repairs - each only 1-2 hours work - its finding the 1-2 hours!
3. Build the Elf as part of the Vintage Mass Build.
Then next, ambitions:
1. Do my B cert. I've been promising myself to do this every year - but never actually get round to it - this year will be different! (I hope!)
And then something will come up next month that will blow all this know how it is!
Ben B26/12/2011 23:40:31
1273 forum posts
4 photos
Upgrade the power on my Britflight Hustle
Finish my Cambrian Hurricaine funfighter (including spray-painting a camo pattern on a plane for the first time).
Finish off my homebrew vacuum former
Use above to take a mould of the canopy for my silly power flying wing
Try and get to 150+ mph (no dive) with my flying wing with the new canopy.
Practice my retro pattern flying with the Calmato.
Try and persuade the local council that having safety netting at the flying field is a good idea.
Phew! going to be a busy one!
Big Bandit27/12/2011 02:24:51
2436 forum posts
947 photos
Posted by Josip Vrandecic -Mes on 26/12/2011 21:11:02:
Chris,a tremendous job waiting for you...good luck my friend
p.s.The hardest will be remove unnecessary things from the shed ....
HI Jo,
The roof trusses are already built from good quality CLS timber and all are braced with 10mm birch ply, I still have to finish sanding 5 of them then a good coat of Cuprinol. Then I have to router out the gables to accept the 10mm T&G cladding. I already have the joist hangers, but the wall plates have yet to be ordered along with fixings.
The roof will be box section, powder coated steel with a Correx vapor barrier and Celutex insulation, and the walls lined with 15mm moisture resistant T&G boards on timber battens with Celutex insulation. The main doors will have the cladding replaced with 10mm T&G. The floor will have 10mm rubberized comercial grade tiles on the concrete floor for comfort.
Then the work unit carcases are from 15mm varnished MDF, the worktops are to be the same but from 18mm. I already have a dual RCD distribution board fitted for power and will run double sockets to suit when the worktops are fitted. I'll also fit a new window and personal door.
All I need now if for longer hours of daylight and fairly calm dry weather and another pair of hands.
Josip Vrandecic -Mes27/12/2011 07:59:33
2503 forum posts
222 photos
Chris,this will be the right thing ,when it's finished ...let me know..
John Privett27/12/2011 11:47:20
5257 forum posts
210 photos
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 26/12/2011 21:51:37:

Then next, ambitions:
1. Do my B cert. I've been promising myself to do this every year - but never actually get round to it - this year will be different! (I hope!)
BEB, that used to appear on my "to do" list every time we had these forum "what to do next year" discussions.
Done now though (April 2010), so I need something else to take its place on the list. Hmm, Heli B? Slope A?
GrahamC27/12/2011 21:28:21
1212 forum posts
196 photos
Well first of all, I have to finish my Spitfire build. Next job on that is spraying which is a new skill to learn for me.

It would be good to finish the 60 inch scratch built foam Wellington I started last year. The fuselage is done, and I'm stuck on the nacelles. I need to press on.

Then I need to build a few smaller electric planes to stick in the boot with the larger stuff. I fancy an avicraft frantic - If I can get one. Avicraft seems to have done rather well with these kits in the run up to Christmas!

And then.... Well , I hadn't thought of it before, but a pushy cat looks tempting if I can find a plan!

Flying.... I would like to do a b certificate, and have been working at it, so perhaps that will happen this year.
Turbycat27/12/2011 23:29:08
594 forum posts
55 photos
My main aim is to improve my general flying.
Ambitions would be to have the same number of landings as take offs.
Projects are to get the garage more suited to modeling (maybe a BEB style makeover!) and aquire a warbird.
Steve W-O27/12/2011 23:35:55
2775 forum posts
310 photos
Posted by Turbycat on 27/12/2011 23:29:08:
My main aim is to improve my general flying.
Ambitions would be to have the same number of landings as take offs.
Projects are to get the garage more suited to modeling (maybe a BEB style makeover!) and aquire a warbird.
I have the same number of landings as take offs. Unfortunately on one occasion it wouldn't take off again, due to excessive spatial separation of components.
Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator27/12/2011 23:41:48
13947 forum posts
1273 photos
As the old saying in the full-size world goes....
"Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing. Any landing where they can use the aeroplane again is a brilliant landing"!
IanN27/12/2011 23:49:12
1539 forum posts
115 photos
Amen to that!
For me in 2012
Finish (& get the build blog done) for the Galahad, and fly it. Really looking forwards to this one
Fit gear and engine into the priory models Silhouette that's been "nearly finished" since the dawn of time, and fly it
Possible second contender for the vintage mass build, a v pretty 30s/40s USA designed free flighter
Finish the sloper I started with the best of great intentions last season
Dave Bran28/12/2011 04:49:17
1484 forum posts
5 photos
Fly the modified and previously long stored Laser powered Aeromaster Biplane (Semi Scale "Waco" with maroon on linen scalloped paint job ) I bought from a club member in the autumn and then took too long to sort out it's control run issues before the patch got too bad to risk it.
Build the Alpha Beaufighter that's been in the box for three years now - the only model PLANE that's ever stayed unbuilt for more than a very few months - as I have little confidence in the wafer thin moulded depron as it dents from just LOOKING at it! (and I'm well used to lightweight foamies!)
Fly my large petrol Edge more instead of just the hacks that fit more easily together in the car.
Finish my growing collection of "historic" 450 size RN helicopters (Dragonfly, Lynx, Wessex) - only the Dragonfly is under way and that was fighting me yesterday. First the gyro would not set up properly, then when sorted and flown (as a bare test chassis) a swashplate to head link stripped a thread and pulled out in flight (Landed OK)
Build the 91 powered Eurocopter I have had the body of for a year now........chassis is flying well...can't make up my mind on a colour scheme...............though where I'm going to keep it once bodied is another matter, it's HUGE..................
Do as much flying as I did in 2011 or 2010 or 2009.................. and just maybe see my wife occasionally rather than act like ships that pass in the night (She may have other ideas on that as a priority!!  )

Edited By Dave Bran on 28/12/2011 04:50:46

Vecchio Austriaco28/12/2011 08:52:44
1498 forum posts
707 photos
Dave - be carefull with the last point you have mentioned! It may get worse. I am currently purchasing a house for myself only if you know what I mean.... VA

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