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Gyros in fixed wing aircraft

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Stephen O'Neill05/10/2012 13:11:24
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I was reading an article in a magazine recently where the writer was experimenting with the use of gyros to stabilize the aircraft . Having checked to investigate the subject a little further by going on line, it seems that the use of these gyros is quite widespread amongst the 3D flyers. My own personal interest in the use of gyros, as discussed in the magazine article, is to smooth out the unwanted movements caused by wind and turbulance and to make the model fly as scalelike as possible. This can be achieved by connecting a low end gyro to your rudder, elevator or aileron servo or one on each if you wish. Then there is the gyro that will cater for all 3 axes. Since this is all new to me, I checked out the price of a 3 axis gyro on the Powerbox Systems website and it is prohibative. I eventually came across a reasonably priced (relatively speaking) 3 axis gyro called The Eagle Tree Guardian 2D/3D Stabilizer and it seems to have a high reputation. The downside is that there are no more available till next Spring. Has anybody got views or experience on the use of these gadgets and are they as good as some are saying?


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Chris Bott - Moderator05/10/2012 13:15:38
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Have a good look at this thread Stephen. Probably best to ask in there than to start it all again in a new thread.

Chris Bott - Moderator05/10/2012 13:16:43
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1 articles

Oh and This thread

Phil Brooks05/10/2012 13:17:58
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Hi Stephen, have a look at this thread. There's also a very cheap 3 axis gyro from Hobbyking. I've bought a couple to play with, but haven't tried them yet.


Whoops, cross posted. Don't think anyone has mentioned the Blu light thread though.


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Stephen O'Neill05/10/2012 13:20:45
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Sorry Chris, I was not aware of this thread.

LMA Dave05/10/2012 17:17:27
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Hi Guy's I am sorry but what has this to do with the Gaydon Event?

Pete B - Moderator05/10/2012 17:54:05
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Nothing at all, David - it has been posted in the wrong section - I'm sure a mod will be along soon to put it right!wink 2


Steve Hargreaves - Moderator05/10/2012 19:39:31
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There....I think its OK now....I've shifted it to the Gadgets section & removed the LMA link so everything should be OK now.....

@Stephen I'm sure you'll find lots of bedtime reading in those threads the guys have linked to....teeth 2

LMA Dave05/10/2012 20:22:58
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Thank you Steve.

Jim Wills 511/12/2012 17:13:31
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Don't wait until next spring to get your Guardian 2d/3d stabilizer, you can get one today from Allendale Electronics (Eagle Tree UK agents), I bought mine last week and am about to test it on my Reichard Sprinter Hotliner... But this is not what it was bought for, it's for my 5 metre SFS 31 Milan (valued at circa £3500) and should be fine,

Fitting the Guardian 2d/3d to the Sprinter a month ago a problem was encountered after set-up - in that when in normal 2d mode and on the bench, the plane was rolled, the aileron on the upcoming wing should also rise to counteract, OK it does just this - Magic... but if the roll is/was continued to the vertical left wing down I found that the Guardian was causing the servo to overrun past the EPA previously set without the Guardian, furthermore it only showed this overrun with the left wing down and not the right.

Obviously this overrun causing the servo to buzz occurred because the aileron spar had come into contact with the adjacent wing sub spar, reducing the Gain as per instructions removed the problem BUT with the Gain reduced there remained very little correcting movement on the aileron, this had me foxed for days so I contacted ET through their Ticket system and have sent the unit back to them in the States; Just a small prob has arisen - the unit although sent by special post to USA has ended up in BRISBANE!

So bought the 2nd one last week as I doubt if I'll ever see the return of the original unit. So tests will resume, but still I think the Guardian is the BEST unit so far produced and well worth the money.


ICE-MAN01/02/2013 05:21:48
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You could also check out the Bluelight BL-3GRC ICE-MAN 3 axis gyro. Available from here

ICE-MAN14/02/2013 03:51:31
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How does a gyro achieve stability? Here is how I see it for a fixed wing aircraft: In normal flight, in perfect weather conditions, and with a perfectly designed aircraft the action of moving the sticks will cause the control surfaces to move. This will result in perfectly predictable results to the aircraft attitude. The aircraft attitude will move to a new position as required. However, in the real world there are disturbances primarily from wind gusts, and possibly from badly balanced or out of alignment or badly designed airframes, from badly aligned motors / props too. When any un-commanded movement takes place the gyro will immediately correct for it by moving the control surface to counter such a change. It does this by measuring the angular acceleration of the airframe (all 3 axes). And if there are no movements from the control sticks to command such motion the gyro will counter act them to keep the aircraft stable. With the good quality gyros, more than this: If the control stick is moved to a certain position, the gyro will know the type of attitude movement that is required. If the attitude movement is more (or less) than this (due to the real world disturbances mentioned above), then it will again counter these un-commanded movement forces. The result is like flying in perfect conditions and with a perfect airframe regardless of weather and design. In reality users comment that the aircraft flies like a much larger plane.

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