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I am really lucky

It must be an age thing

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Erfolg03/07/2013 21:11:38
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I have just received a letter from "Madam Soleil" she writes that

At exactly 11:28 om the 17/7/2013 Polaris, the North Star, in the little Dipper (Ursa Minor) constellation will cause prodigious energies to converge on your Astro-Angelic Density Table. Eleven exceptional miracles may occur during this unique convergence that will last only 213 minutes.

Wow, I thought, after reading about the miracles which would occur. I only needed to send £20 to realise my wildest dreams of riches.

But I am really lucky because Stella Angelstone has also written to me, she writes:

This centuries-old Secrtet can bring you WEALTH and HAPPINESS if you accept it.

again I was a guaranteed winner, all I had to do was send a small donation of £20, oh and keep it secret, Have I broken this rule, of course not, as you doubters do not believe..

What an amassing coincidence I thought, as AOL, in Australia, has identified me, yes me, a guaranteed winner of £175, 000, and I could win even more.

So it seems that both Soleil and Angie, were right on the money, so boo ho, to you doubters. All it is going to cost me is a measly £60.

Now those Aussies are really generous aren't they!

I am now planning to buy a top end Radio Set and a giant scale jet fighter.

Who says a fool and his money are soon parted and that there is no fool like a old fool. I just cannot believe my luck that these people have all identified me, yes me, a winner on the same day. I guess it is written in the stars as Angie baby has written.smiley

I just wonder, if I send more money, do you think my riches will increase more? It seems the older get the luckier I get!

WolstonFlyer03/07/2013 21:46:20
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Wow it must be our lucky week.

Today I got an email offering me plans for a top secret free energy generator. Apparently all of the US power companies have been hiding the secret of the 'Hendershot Generator' for decades and I have been chosen to receive the plans on how to build one... I just need to send 50 dollars to be 'rushed' a set of plans and then free energy is mine!
Erfolg03/07/2013 22:18:54
9949 forum posts
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I think I may have one Wolston, not quite the investment that I have made with AOL.

At present I have built a double sized version. It makes use of free electrons (which we all know come at no cost), by capturing and directing them by a controlling flux ring. There has been the odd issue with imbalance of the third shell. I think I have cracked it though. I simply inserted a spare proton into the nucleus, which allowed the unbalancing neutron to be ejected (it seemed to be exerting a force), i did have to hit it quite hard, as it was a little fast, so as to slow it down, so that I could capture it, and place it safely in a matchbox, empty of course.

It powers my whole house. Yet for some reason I keep getting a debit bill from my energy supplier, rather than the expected credit, Of course I can see they do not want to admit that I do not need them and they need me, as it would destroy there business plan.

I have a special sticker to place on my front door from AOL, so that there representative can find me. I did explain that I do have my house number on the outside of the house. My suitcase is packed to go to Australia, free of charge. My excitement is building.

Most uncharitably, I cannot stop thinking how lucky I am, and the rest of the doubters are suckers!

Edited By Erfolg on 03/07/2013 22:26:37

WolstonFlyer03/07/2013 22:34:52
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That sounds like the device Erfolg, a clouple of big wire coils, a magnet, 2 solenoids, flux capacitor and 555 timer.

It should generate enough to power your whole house (100A supply) and sell back to the grid. If you get yours working please let me know and I will get my plans ordered

That whole AOL thing sounds amazing, I hope you get a first class upgrade on the flights as well!

Edited By WolstonFlyer on 03/07/2013 22:38:19

flyeruk03/07/2013 22:50:59
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I have been bombarded with letters from a Mr Peter Popoff. I have been promised great wealth,perfect health and all for the princely sum of £20.00.

Look him up on google,he might be able to help you too!!!

Erfolg03/07/2013 23:07:26
9949 forum posts
861 photos

My generator does work, I call it ZETA (zero energy torodial assembly). I have of course had to keep one aspect secret, but know I can reveal it to you Wolston, the secret, as i know you will not betray the knowledge to any body.

It actually works by pinching neutrons. By pinching i do not mean stealing, no this is more subtle, I use my old grannies surgical stockings to actually squeeze them, I know it sound crazy, but it works. Unfortunately, she demanded that I return them.

Any way, the generator is kids stuff. I think I have achieved cold fusion with my toothpaste, I got the idea from Gibbs SR, I just freeze those little electron critters.

Now stupidly my energy supplier have sent me a bill a lot higher than my previous bills. I know ZETA works as the wire from it gets mad hot, as it pumps power into the grid

Perhaps I should fez up now, AOL is not real. No, it is really ALO, the Australian Lottery Organisation. If you are thinking of trying them, you may a little late. I have now been awarded an additional £1.5m, I just needed to send a facilitation fee of $80. Now that is money well spent.


Edited By Erfolg on 03/07/2013 23:09:18

kevin b03/07/2013 23:35:56
1265 forum posts
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Em Erfolg.

I have been reading this thread and am becoming a little concerned. Obviously the moderators don't have the necessary qualifications to diagnose the problem, but a pattern seems to be forming in your behaviour. I speak only out of concern and others will no doubt agree, but you do need help and I would advise avoiding excessive contact with any modelling materials containing organic solvents. We are all here if you need us, but please do something soon or you could end up like the other modeller who posted a thread about CE marks. **LINK**

I send this message sincerely and hope the condition improves soon.

Best wishes. kevinb.

Steve Hargreaves - Moderator04/07/2013 09:46:18
6320 forum posts
175 photos

We moderators are far too busy sorting out a Nigerian Princes financial affairs to worry about Erfolgs "issues".....any day now £10,000,000 will be deposited in my bank account & I only had to send £5,000 to cover the expenses....thumbs up

Isn't the internet great.....teeth 2

kevin b04/07/2013 09:55:55
1265 forum posts
131 photos

Good grief, it looks like it's contagious !

Maybe I had better send off the Readers Digest reply letters, just in case.


ken anderson.04/07/2013 11:44:11
7432 forum posts
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i have just found out i have relatives in nigeria who want me to send them some dosh so they can come across and give me a cheque for millions.........i cant believe my change of fortune/luck etc...

ken anderson ne..1 ......nigerian millionaire's dept/not....

Colin Leighfield04/07/2013 11:54:43
4369 forum posts
1518 photos

I'm nominating Erfolg for a Nobel prize based on this major contribution to the betterment of the human race. Cold fusion from SR toothpaste! Looks as if I'll have to give up on the Thorium Reactor I've been secretly building in the basement underneath my shed that my wife doesn't know I've got. Erfolg has made it obsolete.

Goodbye cruel world, I'm off to join the circus.

Jim Newberry - Nuviation Ltd.04/07/2013 11:56:07
425 forum posts
211 photos

Well I've got you all trumped. A Ghanain prince was recently killed in a plane crash and left 40 MILLION US Dollars behind. In order to process the money, his next of kin need my bank details, in return for which they are giving me 15% of the total amount. That's 6,000,000 dollars, right there! Should arrive in my bank account any day now so I've told the boss where to stick his job and booked myself a one way ticket to the Maldives. So long losers!

ken anderson.04/07/2013 12:01:05
7432 forum posts
705 photos

jim thats my uncle in Ghana....he has left me 10 million grand kids are making paper planes out of £20.. notes as we speak....

ken anderson ne...1 .....milllionaires dept...

Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator04/07/2013 12:15:39
13954 forum posts
1273 photos

Well you guys may have the money - but I have the promise of happiness and total bliss. I don't wish to appear big headed (perish the thought I hear yiou say) but I have to disclose that for some time now I have been the sole object of attraction of many beautiful women around the world. Well, perhaps "around the world" is a slight overstatement, more sort of Russia and the Phillipeans mainly.

I don't know how these women find me - I can only assume my magnetic charm emits waves of atrraction on a global basis. But email me they regularly do, pleading for me to just send them the piffling amounts of money necessary so that they can join me and we can enjoy a future togther of unimaginable delight.

The only problem I have experienced with this is that there are so many of them pursuing just me. Honestly! I know, its hard to believe but its true. But I plan to solved this by selling my current house and taking out a large loan to purchase a disused airfield. My plan is to biuld accomdation blocks for these totally smitten female admirers from foreign parts (known as FAFFP's for short) and then be able to to live a life of bliss and go flying in the evenings - if I have the strength left. True, I will be in debt - but hey, life is not a dress rehearsal! Live now I say!

Now, where's that cheque book so I can send the 200 lots of the piffling amount and my life of unfettered pleasure can commence,... you may not hear from me for a while - I may be "otherwise engaged"!


Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 04/07/2013 12:16:31

kevin b04/07/2013 19:42:20
1265 forum posts
131 photos


Does this mean you no longer have any interest in RLG ?

If so I will go comb my hair, take a good photo (inculding the workshop and view of my flying field) and send her my details. Let's face it. I'm a Northerner (like you), I love model making, I play guitar and I come from the right side of the Penines. Mind you, I'm not too tall, have short hair (but lots of it) and your physical attributes probably outweigh mine.

kevinb. Not one to miss an opportunity.

Chuck Plains04/07/2013 20:18:57
1007 forum posts
228 photos

Are people luckier on the right side of the Pennines than the left side?

Les Littleton04/07/2013 20:45:21
120 forum posts
30 photos

Depends weather your black cat is related to a nigerian prince !

Dont forget where you got this advice when you get your new found wealth. I will send you my bank details to pass on if it helps with the process.

Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator04/07/2013 23:00:10
13954 forum posts
1273 photos

Depends on whether you're standing north of the Pennines or south of them!


Chuck Plains05/07/2013 11:01:52
1007 forum posts
228 photos

When send bank details, please ensure to go to bank and move along the counter until find pen nine for filling in money transfer form. Also send your home address, grid reference, cat's blood group and inside leg measurement. Please leave feedback.

Pete B - Moderator05/07/2013 11:17:24
7107 forum posts
689 photos

I found the only way to get Reader's Digest off my back was to leave the country........sad


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