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New Spektrum DX9

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Robin Kearney01/08/2013 20:44:27
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This looks like a nice new transmitter from Spektrum, I wonder if this signals the end of the DX8, they look too close to each other in terms of price/features for them both to exist, given the DX7s isn't far from a DX8 in terms of features.

I'm tempted for the sliders on the back alone, I miss not having those on my DX8.

Andy4801/08/2013 22:09:04
742 forum posts
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Hmmm. Like the idea of voice alerts for the telemetry.

It also looks as if they have improved the menu roller. I find mine on the DX8 perhaps the worst part of the tranny as it is quite slippery and you end up pressing a tad too hard and selecting something instead of moving onto the next menu element.

Seems to have the dual antennae too.

Just noticed. Experience level: Advanced. Lets me out then. crying

Edited By Martin Phillips on 01/08/2013 22:10:50

Allan Bowker01/08/2013 22:15:41
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ben goodfellow 101/08/2013 22:24:40
998 forum posts
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looks alot loke the qq18

Chris Bott - Moderator02/08/2013 09:07:38
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I rather like the idea of it having a built in receiver that you can bind to another spekky Tx for training.

Talking telemetry would make a big difference too, where I find it almost impossible to look at a screen.
But I'd also want Spektrum to come up with the telemetry sensors I want, rather than the ones they have in the range at present.

Can we tell if there are fingertip sliders for things such as flaps on this one?

Robin Kearney02/08/2013 09:30:48
1055 forum posts
182 photos

Hi Chris, I couldn't see sliders mentioned in the specs, but this picture clearly shows something looking very much like a slider round the back!

Agreed about the inbuilt receiver, a wireless buddy box system sounds like a great idea.

MikeS02/08/2013 09:53:04
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Well I like it already. Being able to bind to another spektrum Tx is useful for bubby box training. Have a reason to move on the DX7.

Chris Bott - Moderator02/08/2013 10:19:44
5919 forum posts
1241 photos
1 articles

Robin that does indeed look like a slider. I think I'd need to have a good feel of that, in my hands, before knowing if I liked those, they don't look half as convenient to operate as those on the DX18.

Looks a nice overall package though. Has there been any mention of price?

Simon Chambers02/08/2013 11:41:58
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Its listed as $399.99 in the US on Horizons site.

Paul Marsh02/08/2013 12:05:48
2795 forum posts
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Going to get one. Problem with 2.4 tx's is the fragile aerial. My DX8 antenna has been fixed, but sticks out and likely to get damaged again. That's why I like the DX18 and Futaba T6/8J Tx's, they are internal and much better.

Also it's got 250 model memories, internal, and not on the SD card as well, although the SD card is there to backup the models. That'll do for me. The DX18 has only 50, and already upto 41 models on it so, far, the DX8 is full, as the DX6 and Spektrum-Moduled JR PCM9XII . (where after getting the DX9, will decomission the JR set and sell that wil the DX8 tx)

When are they out? at the Nats, maybe?

Edited By Paul Marsh on 02/08/2013 12:09:35

Trevor Crook02/08/2013 17:36:26
274 forum posts
32 photos

Doh! Only bought an 8 earlier this year! Mind you, it does all I want, and I'm not so sure about the fixed, sticky-up aerial - takes up too much space for my field box. I'm sure I can think of more reasons not to want one.

Paul Marsh02/08/2013 21:15:23
2795 forum posts
733 photos

...I can use the DX18 QQ Case, which fits the DX18 and DX8 nicely. The DX9 should fit also and keeps the tx's from getting damaged.

Simon Chambers02/08/2013 22:38:41
785 forum posts
42 photos

That aerial is stupid! Looks like it would take someone's eye out!

We seem to be stuck in the mid 2000 like mobile phone aerials. The daring manufactures removed them but others kept them in fear that customers would think their signal strength would be weaker without an external aerial.


Trevor Crook03/08/2013 07:39:13
274 forum posts
32 photos

I like the phone analogy, Simon. I just had a random skim through the major manufacturer's products, and the vast majority still have a pivoting antenna. Futaba have an integral one in the T6J but I think that's it for their range. I prefer the arrangement on my DX8 to the carbuncle on the 9/18. It may need more careful handling, but is more compact for storage.

Trevor Crook03/08/2013 07:50:45
274 forum posts
32 photos

Addendum - just watched the video, looks a very nice bit of kit. Voice feature may actually make telemetry useful. If it comes in around £300-£400 it should shake up the opposition. I'll stick with my DX8 for a while yet, though.

Tim Hooper03/08/2013 17:18:08
2714 forum posts
2255 photos

I'll stay with my DX8 for the time being - until the inevitable bugs are fixed and the price comes down.

Mind you, I'd probably start using the talking telemetry and lead-less buddy connection.


Robin Kearney03/08/2013 20:45:55
1055 forum posts
182 photos

That hits the nail on the head for me Tim, I've always shied away from version 1.0 of any software and it is becoming that way with transmitters. Few nice point releases later and I might be tempted!

avtur03/08/2013 21:11:38
856 forum posts
20 photos
Posted by Simon Chambers on 02/08/2013 22:38:41:

That aerial is stupid! Looks like it would take someone's eye out!

I'm not sure I understand your comment ... surely those nasty telescopic aerials we used on 27 & 35 megs were dreadful by comparison ...

If the DX9 antenna is short, stubby and fixed then that would apear to be great step forward (at least in my humble opinon) unless there is something about this that I'm missing ...

I use a DX6i, on the one hand it is very convenient when 'i use' it ... there is the obvious advantage of 2.4 but also there is no need to remember to extend the telescopic aerial which once extended could be a bit of a hazard in relation to the eyes of anyone flying at the same time !!! Having said that I'm NOT sure the 'articulated' aerial on the DX6i is quite as 'robust' as it could be.

If the DX9 offers a short and stubby aerial without any need for secondary sections which need to be articuakted towards the model the I think this is a step forward.

Edited By avtur on 03/08/2013 21:12:28

Edited By avtur on 03/08/2013 21:14:07

SkippyUK03/08/2013 21:36:04
287 forum posts
23 photos

I've read on other US forums that it has 2 aerials for diversity - one obvious vertical one and one horizontal within the plastic handle along the back - not seen anything confirmed by HH but this would be a step forward I imagine.


Edited By SkippyUK on 03/08/2013 21:36:32

ben goodfellow 104/08/2013 07:00:33
998 forum posts
40 photos

i wonder is the wireless trainer something that could be an upgrade to other txs through software or is extra hardware needed inside th tx

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