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Using The Site

All websites seem to have a 'feel' as to how they operate and this one is no exception. The site is updated daily in one or several areas. New articles are filed into sections accessed via the 'Features' tab at the top of the page. All areas of the site have their own tab.

The site is free to join and doing so activates your 'My Account' pod on the top left of the page. This pod has all your information, forum bookmarks, photos, and the private message (PM) system etc. Do take the time to say a little about your flying interests.

Subscribers to RCM&E can will also find access to the digital archive. This archive stores all issues of the magazine since January 2007 along with the 2006-2019 Special Issues. It's a fantastic facility.

Password or logging in problems?

Sometimes that password just doesn't seem to work or other technical problems can appear. We can certainly re-set passwords and help with log-on issues so please send a private message to, or email David Ashby at david.ashby@mytimemedia.com quoting your name and forum user name.

We can also sometimes help with other more user specific technical problems so, again, feel free to drop a line and we'll do our best to help.

Getting Help

If you're seeking information, perhaps in urgent need then the site search box at the top left hand corner of the home page is the best place to start. I'll search all areas of the site including the forum, features archive and RCM&E plans service.

The Forum

The forum is the heart of the site and, we're delighted to say, has quickly grown into one of the friendliest in which you'll meet some incredibly helpful and knowledgeable people. It's rare that a problem goes unsolved so whether you're seeking assistance, can help others or just fancy a chat, do drop in.

It's well worth checking the forum user guides that provide guidance as to how to post links, photos, videos etc.

Like all forums, some user guidelines pertain and these can be found here. Please note our enforced langauge guidelines - swearing, poor langage and using *** to hide language will result in your posts being deleted. Using a crude forum user name will result in your removal. Please also check out the 'using the forum' forum section for updates and user guides. We're very friendly but we do actively moderate the forum for the benefit of all.

If you've embarked on a model from an RCM&E plan then make sure to check out the appropriate Workshop forum sections where you can chat to those building the same model, often the designers themselves.  

Unsolicited advertising threads left by any trader (retail or distributor) will be deleted and the membership immediately terminated. Site advertisers may use the 'Trader' section of course.

Please be aware that your first post will be pre-moderated so there may be a little delay until it appears. We do this to prevent spammers, rogue traders and advertisers from abusing the forum.

The forum has four administrator/moderators (David Ashby, Steve Hargreaves, Pete B and Chris Bott). Please don't hesitate to ask (send a private message) if you have any queries or questions.

The Review Section

This section provides the opportunity to leave your own reviews of the models, radios, engines and accessories you've used or to see what others think of an item you're perhaps intending to purchase. We add to the large database all the time and there are now quite literally, hundreds and hundreds of reviews to read, some big, some small. 

Go on, say what you think, tell it like it is. You really can help others in this way.

The Classifieds Section

The classifieds section is where you can leave 'for sale and 'wanted' ad's. It's free and we publish many of the adverts here in RCM&E magazine too (providing you leave a phone contact number on the advert).

You can add, amend or delete your own ad's. They remain in place for 6 months before dropping off the system but naturally we ask if you can please remove those relating to items sold so as not to inconvenience others. Please appreciate that this section is for private adverts and those left by traders will be removed.

Getting in touch with us

The 'Contact' tab above contains a full list of names and numbers for RCM&E magazine editorial, subscription queries, advertising etc. 

Please note that RCM&E Magazine is an independent publication produced by MyTimeMedia Media.