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  2. It's a nice control line circle you've got there GG.
  3. I am planning on bringing the Mustang and will try and check out the Tigercat before then and if OK bring that too.
  4. Today
  5. Getting there. Wings and fuz mated, all controls fitted. Now for covering: paper and thinned PVA then spray paint. Weight at the moment a little under 8lb including everything to make it fly except the finishing touches so I am hopeful for a TOW of around 8 1/2 lb, the original weighed in at 9 1/2lb. Two 80a ESC on the motors.
  6. Matty B, yes there is. Have you seen the price of them? It’s abominable, BTC
  7. Its 2 hours drive for me and i certainly will not be going if the weather looks pants. A bit of a breeze is ok, but if any wet stuff is predicted count me out. My master plan would be to bring my sea fury and, if its behaving, my Hurricane as well. I need to test fly the Hurricane ahead of time to make sure i have fixed the cowling issues. If its no good then i will try and bring the La7, assuming its undercarriage are repaired i time. I requested the friday off work and have been told to take the whole week as the boss is away anyway so nothing much will get done. If that is the case i will go friday morning, fly, camp over with some beverages and bbq, then carry on the next day. I dont know how the flight slots are organised but perhaps we can arrange a laser slot? Multi cylinder madness for 10 minutes should sound great. Beyond that what is the procedure? Can i just rock up on the day or do i need to book ahead of time? is 35mhz ok as i have some on 35 that i could also bring to cover any models that go u/s on me. If i stack them nicely i can probably squeeze 2 big birds and my smaller Hurricane in. I will see how that all works out closer to the time.
  8. I booked in a while back but it’s a four hour drive and with the cost of diesel means it’s definitely a commitment for a good forecast only. Plan to go Friday, camping for two nights. It’s a fabulous flying site where I maidened my P47 last year. May just take the Sea Fury, unless they get the grass really short in which case I take them both.
  9. I am in France at the moment near St Etienne on a touring holiday so I checked out the French FFam website for a local club. Found one and went there yesterday to sound out any possibility to fly and met the club chairman at their field.Showed him my BMFA,CAA and club card and he could not be more welcoming and agreed to let me fly with them this coming Saturday.This is about the fourth holiday in France i've had have always been welcomed by the local clubs.
  10. Looks like an excellent site GG, and you must really have to try hard to put one in a tree
  11. My tongue was firmly in my cheek....... although someone buying an ARTF trainer may well not have access to all the necessary tools - I'm thinking balsa knife for control hinges, and soldering iron for removal of film around tailplane/fin. I'm getting carried away
  12. I think colour contrast is important, too - preferably in simple straight edged patterns or stripes. A white wing with darker tips or diagonal stripes. Our cycle club jerseys were simple lightish blue with a single broad stripe across the chest and it's surprising how they stand out at a distance against more elaborate designs. The DB Gypsy Moth in my icon is quite easy to see in yellow and black (one of the reasons I chose to model that particular example).
  13. I think if you include the cost of the jig you would also need to include the cost of all the tools used! I have an identical fuselage jig. It's beginning to look a bit tatty but I've had it for 20+ years and I wouldn't be without it. I even built a boat hull on it!
  14. I have, as I was released from Puppy duty! At the field from 9:00 until 14:00 - gentle breeze, occasional sunshine. Flew my Ultrastick, Wots Wot, Arrows Hawk, new Valiant (replacing the one totally destroyed a couple of weeks ago). All went well. Lovely time. Eric flew his Jug, EFlite Viking 180, Arrows T33 - no issues. 'New' Kev flew his Pawnee, Habu and maidened his Ultrastick (is a formation a 'tree'? We now have 3 in the club). No issues. Tony's Tundra spiralled in to some undergrowth with a little damage - issues believed to be a failed elevator control linkage. It will fly again. He also flew his Hacker Zoom with the ridiculous roll rate. Only one picture from early doors. Plus a bonus picture of our older dog, showing how the field needs some decent heavy rain.
  15. I cannot find the original picture that PatMac has posted, taken in the Deutsches Museum Munich (München, with umlauts to the Germans). I have seen another done up with the type of livery on the box. One (in the museum) is a first class piece of kit, the second has more in common with a bears rear quarters. As an aircraft/missile I found it interesting. It would appear that at least 34 were built as part of the development. For some reason designated M, rather than Versuch (experiment, perhaps more correctly development). One was flown as a glider (M-8) by Hans Schubert. Although there appeared to be M-8a and M-8B and M-9 by Lothar Siebert. Powered flight was by a Walter Liquid Fuel main motor, plus 4 jetisioned Schmidding solid boosters for take of. The initial launch was controlled by an autopilot. Did I mention it took of vertically? using a tower, later using tree trunks with rails attached. At least one powered manned flight took place. The aircraft is now called a 349V (I am assuming for Veruch). The pilot Lothar Siebert was killed, when it is written the cockpit canopy came of, leading to a crash. There are claims that another pilot then undertook at least one powered flight, that the remains of 6 remains were found, seemingly mounted for a group launch, near München, by the advancing USA army. In a way i find some aspects hard to believe, who was this pilot that cannot be identified. Where would 6 pilots be found and again not identified in later years. I did read of one claimed encounter with one by a USA pilot, in that it appeared then disappeared. By this time the Germans had essentially run out of pilots. Even the factory test pilots were required to defend their factory. I can see that the concept seems to be you did not know how to fly an aircraft in the accepted sense. Much like a shootem up Video game. The basic problem was there were no video games to get the hang of the concept on. Perhaps the biggest problem was that there were not many German males left, just children to be sacrificed. The aircraft was intended to be separated with the pieces being lowered to the ground by parachute. No conventional landing. The aircraft was armed with 24 R4M rockets. It is claimed that these rockets formed the basis for the development of the USA Mighty Mouse rockets. I find the story interesting non the less
  16. I assume we're excluding the cost of the jig as that's 'desirable', not 'essential'? This is an interesting exercise.....
  17. More and more, I find myself flying lower/closer to aid visibility - I have some planes with dayglo orange but that only helps when the sun is out............ quite rare in Yorkshire I find. Luckily, I don't fly any planes that need lots of height.
  18. That's a good tip. I sat and wiggled the aileron stick on one of my models a while ago, and one aileron noticeably slowed down after about 20 cycles. It had a one way trip to the bin - the servo that is. Following the demise of my Valiant, I removed the voltage regulators from my new Valiant and Ultrastick. Repeated the above 'wiggle test' and felt/smelled the servos. All seemed fine so I flew them both - carefully at first then with more exuberance - no issues, no warm servos. When I refurb the Ultrastick, I may give it a 2S LiFe like the new Valiant, or stick with the 5 cell NiMH. Will also bin any 4.8v only servos just in case I forget!
  19. Once again thank you all for all your help. I am trying a variety of colour schemes to see which work the best. Thanks again, Dave.
  20. When all else fails, there is always Specsavers. . .
  21. Hi DD, What Kim said! However, using ecalc the Axi on an 11x6 will give you slightly more thrust that weight at 6lbs. So it will fly it no problem. Calculated flight time on a 4500 pack (the software doesn't have a 440 one!) is around 8 minutes, so sounds about right. If you use the DM2830 you'll need a 14x8 prop or thereabouts, but will get a slightly better flight time. Basically, either will work. However, from the ecalc results I would choose the Protronik; less marginal and better efficiency. Graham
  22. Quote "I believe only ten Barons survived unscathed." that's more than the French revolution,,,
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