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  2. Foam wings are usually quite resistant to warps, so if there is no obvious or large misalignment, as someone else said, perhaps the ailerons themselves are warped/mis-shaped? That would at least be a reasonably easy fix. Also look at fin/rudder alignment. A yaw trim issue could be showing up a roll couple, so it might not necessarily be wing that is the cause.
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  4. Many years ago (last century) I flew in a slope comp with a group on a model holiday week based at Primrose Valley, Filey. Normally we flew slope off the coast at sites between Filey Brig & Bridlington in winds with an easterly element or at Hole of Horcum area in westerlies. The wind was westerly that year but for some reason we were unable to use the HoH sites so we flew at a site close to Sutton Bank. AFAIR we parked at the SB Nat Park Centre then walked a short distance towards Garbutt Wood Nature Reserve & flew from the footpath/trail. Landing was in a field just behind the path. The arrangements made to fly at the site were made by the holiday week organisers who I believe did it with advice from NYMRSC. I suggest you click the link & get in touch with them as I think their membership are the only ones authorised to fly models within the NYM boundary.
  5. Due to various issues and calamities, I find myself with nothing to fly for the first time in a long time. It is a rather uncomfortable position to be in. Oh for those heady summer days of yore.
  6. Fitted both stabiliser half’s and screwed in place. They’ve taken really well and the alignment with the fin looks bang on so happy with that. Over the weekend I should be able to fit both elevators and give it dry run to see if movements are ok. Then I’ve gotta figure out control horn fixing, I’ll probably use G10 and epoxy in place.
  7. I have always fancied trying my hand a slope soaring but living in the Vale of York hills are in short supply. That said the Western edge of the North York Moors is doable. Looking on Google earth and after a visit there is a potential site 2 1/2 miles north of Sutton Bank which looks possible in a Westerly. Its on the Cleveland Way and possibly in the NY national park? Has anyone used it and are there any restrictions other than the usual safety precautions? Are there any other spots used along the West or South edge (avoiding the gliding club)? Thanks
  8. The Fairey Albacore certainly has dihedral but not that much.
  9. Hi Nick, the Reeves 1/4 scale tapes I have used are a gnats nadger over 12mm Cheers Danny
  10. We had 3 on the go, one for morning bacon / sausage baps and then for lunchtime burgers, one for vegan (for quite a few family / friends) and one for lamb koftas. The club didn’t pay for the food so we asked for ‘donations’ and in the end we were able to donate the surplus £50 to the Air Ambulance.
  11. Shame that the first four hours were with a group of not so good mates
  12. Yes I have Mike, several times and am taking it out again tomorrow when I go to the South Norfolk flying site. I’m running mine with an APC 18x8W prop and this combo gives the WWXL Pitts like performance, not quite unlimited vertical but enough!
  13. Hi Jon What size prop would you suggest for the laser 200 FT? I had it mounted in a corsair but was waiting on parts so I mounted it in an xtrawot and used a 18x8 g sonic. It went like a rat up a drain pipe! So I was thinking maybe something bigger 20x8 maybe? Ron have you flown the Wotswot xl yet how did it go?
  14. Four flights today in the premature summer sunshine, a record for me over the last three years. Eight hours at the field with a group of good mates, for the last four hours anyway. We all agreed that we would make hay while the sun shines. More of the same tomorrow, following overnight rain, the best time for it to rain. The Swallows are looking for nesting sites, adding to the entertainment with their flying skills. I am going to enjoy summer while it is here. Steve
  15. That's the exact opposite of our club. We're a retirement area so have found 4 new members thus year - all of whom are retiring to the area (Bridlington/Filey/Scarborough). We had one teenager join the year before last but us retirees are well in the majority! Agree with your last paragraph 100%.
  16. EB, rather premature to call it summer? I'll go with Spring and look forward to summer
  17. Thats a great video tutorial as usual Danny, many thanks and the stiching looks very satisfying to do. I was planning to get some MR tapes too but I can’t get my head around the sizing. 2” for full scale means for my 1/4.5 FW the tapes would be .45” wide yet your tapes look much narrower. As you can see in this photo of the ailerons the rib spacing is very narrow so a tape at that dimension would almost fill out to each adjacent tape, which is not how it looks in photos of the full size. From what I have seen the tape should be closer to 4mm wide. Can you tell me what the width of your MR tape is please.
  18. Go again next years works for me, our club kept it simple, the bbq idea never occured to us, on plans for the next one.
  19. Interestingly, we seem to be attracting new younger members and there has been chat that we may not be able to accommodate many more members due to parking and flight line pressures. I constantly remind the committee that we must be in a very lucky place but in fairness NLMFC is a very welcoming club with excellent training protocols, from both of which I benefitted greatly when I joined. It might relate to our socio demographic and location, although there are several other clubs within half an hour of us. There is no doubt in my mind that the record event was very beneficial with excellent esprit de corps throughout, and some good laughs too. Well done BMFA. Roll on the auction …. BTC
  20. I arrived at my club at 08:00 this morning where it was dead calm and 18c; perfect for some final trimming/set-up flying of my recently completed Marabu by Topmodel CZ. By the time I left at 11:00 the temp had risen to 27c which I can just about tolerate while standing in the middle of a flying field. With temps set to increase between today and Sunday it will be a 7:30 start for me from now on.
  21. Hi, @kcI an preparing a release to the press and participants this Friday with the official figure and will follow up at a later date with an 'In the air' webinar giving some additional information. stories and hopefully a further update as well.
  22. Why is it being negative to be realistic and point out we need more flying fields to make up for lost fields? What we don't need is 'head in the sand' attitude and not facing reality. Without a flying field ' new blood' wont't be able to fly ( my local club has lost both it's fields despite not causing any problems- )
  23. That should have read, Ron’s Relish!
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