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  1. It's not elegible for La Coupe Des Barons. Not with ailerons!
  2. My 96" wingspan Big Guff is overpowered by an old Laser 62 and I fly it about just above tick over. I have seen a Radio Queen, 82" wingspan, fly on an Enya 40 fourstroke. An OS FS 65a would seem to be ideal for your model.
  3. Alternatively I could remove the Laser 62 from my Big Guff and fit that into the Baron. The rules state that maximum fourstroke engine size allowed in the competition is a 52 but as the Laser 62 is the same physical size as the Laser 45 and the Laser 50 and the engines are cowled, no-one would know! Good job my parents brought me up to be honest.
  4. I realised earlier this morning that I own a pair of HP VT 49s. I ought to sell them really but either of those would qualify for the "period engine" prize.
  5. I expect it was just a club event. Not the real Coupe Des Barons.
  6. Actually Paul your little HP VT might do alright in the caisse baguettes and the limbo where speed is not essential but it wouldn't do well in the pylon race or the fox hunt, it'd be slower than the tug! BTW there is a special prize for anybody using a "period motor" so fill your boots!
  7. The rules restrict the two-strokes to a 35 and the fourstrokes to a 52.
  8. I actually won the fourstroke class last year with a Thunder Tiger 54. The flying rounds are as follows: caisse baguettes, breaking one-metre high balsawood sticks stuck into the ground; a pylon race; chasse renard in which a trainer slowly pulls a crepe paper streamer around and you have to cut it with your propeller and the dreaded limbo. The 2017 video is the best in my opinion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwWg0Ad5cKs&t=839s I believe that Paul has an HP VT fourstroke in his model. You won't win the event with any fourstroke. The engine of choice is the OS 35 AX but many of the electric powered Barons are very fast too. PS. I am not going to compete with a twostroke or an electric motor because I have established a reputation as a fourstroke devoté besides since 2019 I have given a prize to the leading fourstroke pilot, a big box of balsawood!
  9. That's what I used in La Coupe Des Barons last year. The reason I asked the question is that for the 2021 Coupe Des Barons the maximum size fourstroke engine permissible was a 56, the smallest new OS fourstroke then produced. This year they seem to have gone back to a 52 which makes my Thunder Tiger ineligible. No matter I have at least two OS FS 52s, a Magnum 52 and two OS 48 Surpasses. Perhaps I should build a Lancaster!
  10. Once upon a time OS produced the OS52 fourstroke. Now they produce the OS FS 56 Alpha. Did they ever produce a fourstroke engine with a cubic capacity between these two or is my memory slipping?
  11. I am a four-stroke man myself, infact the only model I have which is powered by a two-stroke is the Boomerang and the reason I have fitted a two stroke to the model is that it will be flown by beginners and I don't want to risk one of my beloved fourstokes in the clumsy paws of novices. I don't even fly the Boomerang with my Enya 50 two-stroke any more for the same reason though what I am going to use that engine for I've no idea! At some stage in the instructing process you have to allow beginners to recover from their mistakes and if you're too slow to regain control this is what happens! As for the long take off run, perhaps I do not have the engine peaked out or perhaps the stance on the tricycle undercarriage is too nose down.
  12. There are still nine places vacant Paul and some of us, including me, have applied twice so there are even more vacancies. It's not too late to put in your own application. Then we'll see who's right and who's wrong! https://saffiotipatrick.wixsite.com/vl38/les-barons https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hVdORBMCk_q7vsXrk8POa6bzTXNO8zwzL-zfLS2Q_Cw/edit#gid=2109958464
  13. It was a perfect flying day here in central France yeserday 15C and light winds. Seven of us turned out. The Boomerang fitted with a Thunder Tiger 46 PRO and sporting an OS carburetter, (thanks Don,) flew very well but it requires a long take-off run, which is something a beginner would struggle with. It was probably the last occasion I will have to go flying for some time. My sister has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer so I'm going back to Blighty next week to see her, Covid restrictions allowing.. Sometimes aeromodelling has to take a back seat.
  14. Seven of us turned out yesterday here in central France. 15C and light winds. I brought along quite a collection of models and managed to fly them all except the Big Guff because I felt honour-bound to offer a training flight on the We-Can-Fly to a beginner. One of the servos on his own model was giving trouble. The Boomerang fitted with a Thunder Tiger 46 PRO and sporting an OS carburetter,(thanks Don,) flew very well but it requires a long take-off run, which is something a beginner would struggle with. The Acrowot flew well and I was pleased to be able to land it on our 10 metre-wide runway and I need to do some work on Boris Baron's throttle. All in all a pleasant day.
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