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  1. Hi Not sure who to contact now since owner change. I have not received the April 2022 issue but have the May and June issues. It seems that local distribution in Australia has failed again. Can whoever now handles these problems please help. My Subscription number is 4000824435. thank You Steve
  2. Hi Beth, Replacement October issue arrived today. Thanks for your help Steve
  3. Hi, As a subscriber in Australia I have had some problems with receiving copies this year. However I have not received the Oct 2021 issue yet and it is available in the local shops. The November 2021 issue arrived on 24 th of December I think my Subscriber number is 4000824435 Can you help. Steve Ralph
  4. Beth, Can you help please, I am able to log into forum but when I try to log into Subscriber account my password is rejected. I have asked for new one, used the log in sent to me and then changed password abd saved it but next log in is again rejected. and I know I have the correct password as I write it down before entering it. How is this happening am I doing something wrong? Steve
  5. I've tried print screen but can't get it to print single page only double page and the result is unreadable. (too small and not clear.
  6. Is it possible to print pages from the digital edition? I tried with no success. W 10 computer. Steve
  7. Perhaps they are unable to reply because of the current restrictions. When the May and June issues were not sent we were assured our subs would be extended for 2 issues. I expect that if we wish to keep reading the magazine we need to be constructive rather than critical.
  8. Hi, I am an Australian subscriber. I have not seen an issue since the July 2020 mag. Is this because of the virus lockdown in Melbourne or is there some other problem.
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