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  1. I don't have much of an interest in trains as such but I do find model train layouts provide an enormous breadth of modelling opportunities from topographical, architectural, vehicles, etc that are difficult to find in other disciplines. If I had the space I would love to construct a giant diorama which would perhaps include some track and a train along other details such as a river and/or canal with boats and locks, and suitable waterside buildings. A meadow with some cows and sheep; a campsite for motorhomes, campers and tents with a swimming pool and a kids play area. A small wooded area with tree houses and whatever else the imagination fancies. I am currently investigating producing one-off architectural models at HO/OO scale in order to generate a little income.
  2. I may have posted the photos before but a little music always adds a little something.
  3. I have a few plastic kits on hand for when the mood strikes; including planes, cars, bikes, a yacht and even some garage accessories. Makes a nice change at times and as the OP alludes to takes up far less space.
  4. Hi Stephen, I live in Spain and I've not had this particular VAT problem as I don't buy products from the UK anymore. However, my Mother likes to send me a few goodies from the UK now and then, often including the RCME mag and some Bassetts Jelly Babies (which my Spanish girlfriend loves) and are non existent over here. This has become financially unviable because my mother now has to pay extra postal charges to send the item and I now have to pay the post office here in Spain to receive the item. For example, I now have to pay a minimum of 5.50 euros for the aforementioned RCME mag and Jelly Babies on top of the item price and postage cost from the UK; the total for the RCME mag was around 15.00 euros which is stupid money. I've also read of stories of peoples sending gifts in both directions and having to pay quite significant sums of money at the destination country in order to receive their gift.
  5. I've been flying every day since Thursday. Absolutely perfect conditions with temps in the high teens, bright blue cloudless skies and virtually zero wind. It's been a wonderful end to 2021 and start to 2022. Going flying again tomorrow and perhaps some days during the coming week. Making the most of it while it lasts.
  6. Brilliant! I was lucky enough to see him live way back when I was a student. I went with some friends and we couldn't stop laughing for days afterwards.
  7. Merry Xmas everyone and many happy hours of enjoying this wonderful hobby of ours.
  8. Here, in not so sunny Spain, It's been completely fog bound for two weeks now so no flying for me.
  9. I can beat that Martin! I have working; VHS video recorder, Super VHS video recorder, Super VHS/c Camcorder, Sony V8 camcorder, Walkman (cassette tape) now 40 years old, Walkman CD and several dual audio cassette players. I did also have a ZX81 and a 128mb Spektrum with inbuilt cassette drive but these are long gone unfortunately.
  10. After a couple of weeks of very poor weather a perfect afternoon arrived today. I spent a somewhat lonely but very relaxing few hours completing 2 flights of each model.
  11. Now we go from Romania all the way to Australia to listen to child prodigy Taj Farrant. I think he was 10 years old when this was recorded.
  12. Aiden, the Calmato in the video is not mine, it belongs to a friend. I had a 40xt some tears back and others in my club have had various Calmato models and all seemed to fly well and were well liked, including the one in the video.
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