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  1. they still look strange in the air flying like flying backwards , but not as strange as a real aerial and one with a flag !! excellent !
  2. I know some of todays mini turbines have their "Blisks" made by the same firm that supplies Rolls-Royce . But having worked in the industry for many years , I still never stand in line with the turbine full size or model ! cheers
  3. In the mid 60s I was working with J L Scott Scott the rocket man and also an avid aero modeller and engine expert assisting ED . Our dream was to produce a small gas turbine , The compressor was machined on a cleaver adaption of a Gorton milling machine to produce 3D , John did all the "maths " and it came out at 140,000 rpm !! At that time my proper job was to come up with a bearing , for rocket turbo pumps that would do 70,000 and last long enough to get the craft into orbit . It was a self lubricated hydrodynamic self aligning bit of kit , the basis of which is used on many baby jets of today . The turbine was genuine turbine material of the day ,which eludes me at present did it run ?? not really , and when it did eventually the back end melted ! Great fun cheers Google JL Scott Scott if you have an interest in British Rocketry
  4. I use little bottles I get from my wifes' hairdresser for free . They have long pointed snouts so are ideal , Just have to wash them out before use . I find them perfect I have them for Aliphatic , PVA ,oil, T cut , the list is endless not good for PU!! ( foaming glue like Gorrilla) cheers
  5. had this lot given , does it have any value to anybody ?If just ask before the bin takes hold , there are also some servo horns with square drives , old Futaba ??
  6. I have one of those Sbach and I like it a lot , The only problem I have encountered is the cockpit cover has removed itself twice now during very violent manouvers !! and the "hinges" the as is foamy ones , fail and so its now go proper ones !
  7. We did a club demo at a Nuneaton many years ago , where they had a central area surrounded by the public ! Dose not bear thinking about nowadays !! My 1/2A Mustang powered by a TD051 was fast and smooth flying , so was part of the display . no throttle so it just ran on the 2 oz tank ??? which was always long enough . At the demo it went on and on , the Tannoy bellowed out , "would the flying club please land your time is up." But the engine would not cut , at least 3 pilots tried to kill the fuel flow , vertical climbs ,snap rolls , inverted , all the lot but to no avail .The adjoining railway line was our only safe ish area in which to put it down , It did land eventually in a pile of sawdust in the arena where the Shire horses had been !! It was never invited again ! thank goodness
  8. Thanks chaps , the Cox wiki is very interesting , and yes he has a good few Coxs as shown . and I think they are great , the TEE DEEs, although its a Norvel that powers my 1/2A Mustangs !!
  9. A pal is quitting the hobby after many many years and has some " new " in boxes oldish engines . This one is a Cox Baby Bee it says but how old is it ?? is it £3.95 or was it $3.95 I have offered him both currencies but he and I know its worth more !! so any ideas ?? He also has a Meteor 61 new ??
  10. I do the same as Nick. I use 6x3mm magnets from ebay , cheap as chips and normal cyno glues them in the tube cut holes very well never had a failure yet . I do use them in pairs , ie one in the top and another in the bottom to give a very strong "bond" do the same in foam but do you foam safe cyno !! cheers
  11. I did my "B" really to see if I was good enough in somebody elses eyes ! I flew for many years without any certs , our club was so small it never became "law". A few of us took the A when it looked as though our land lord would forclose on the site and we might have to find another club , and most would need "A"s to fly. We asked BMFA for help as we had no examiners and they "sent" us Brian Cooper !! He really set all of us at ease and those who took the test achieved the positive result .Top Guy ! A year or 2 later purely out of self satisfaction I aimed at the "B" . First was practise, lots of it , normal "hot dogging" around was not the way to go, the next was getting the right aircraft and tuning it to do what you wanted .This took me months of practise to get it right , in the last 50 years I had picked up some dubious flying habits! The day came , it was wet and windy the two examiners , I did no know either of them turned up and I took the test successfully ! I am still smiling , have I ever used it ?? No, but I know now that I reached the level of expertise I aimed for . An octogenarian now cheers
  12. 2 weeks ago a Sunday , too windy to fly so we decided to mow the patch for the first time this year .The mower lives in a shed 5x5 x10 ft, posted into the clay, the door is top hinged and takes two people to lift it open, safety feature so you cannot mow alone ! , We mowed , went to put the mower away and the door had vanished , It had gone up over the roof, ripped all the hinges out and was lying on top . It was windy but not that windy we thought , but air flow can be very "turbulent "dont trust it !
  13. For small tubing I tend to buy those little mirrors , back scratchers , magnets that are on the end of telescopic tube stacks , from the Pound Shops ! Best place for small tubing since cars stopped having them on the front wings !!
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