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  1. Looks like an excellent site GG, and you must really have to try hard to put one in a tree
  2. My above post is a test as the tech guys have tweaked photo quality (compression). What do we think?
  3. That looks absolutely superb Johnathan, glad it went well. Meanwhile, a busy one on the slope today...
  4. Gave the refurbed Halcyon glider some flights from the bungee this week. It’s crazily light but managed the gentle breeze, caught a thermal and left me with a problem as to how to get it back. For once I managed not to tear the tissue covering.
  5. No, although I seem to be accumulating older gliders at a frightening rate. Just added a part-built Phase 6 to next winter's project pile.
  6. I popped up to the north Kent coast slope this morning, but the wind wasn’t as strong as predicted. Still, got an hour’s soaring in with the Quicksilver and very pleasant it was.
  7. Hmm, I've done that too. About 20 years ago I was in the car, motor running ready to leave and leaning out of the window chatting to someone, as I did that a chap came up and deposited his model in front of my car where it was invisible, completely obscured by my bonnet. I think he assumed I would reverse but I went forward. I noticed guys waving as I was moving and waved back, then noticed they seemed a bit frantic so stopped. The Flair Magnatilla in question was a write off and I felt awful but the chap conceded that he shouldn't have left it there. He admitted he didn't like flying it but I gave him a model I had recently decommissioned and he appreciated the gesture. Recently, at my other club, someone reversed over an Arrow's EDF Hawk. All you can do is laugh and move on. Folks just need to appreciate that these things just happen from time to time. Perhaps in your case John each party has things going on in their lives that aren't helping their temperament?
  8. My club (Maidstone), christened its new field on Thursday with a pilot briefing and noise testing, a little flying too.
  9. Overlander, Beatles, Pichler, plus some older e-flite units, all with no problems.
  10. We had to cajole a few members, there were several emails and messenger group reminders in the days running up to the event but, importantly, it got a group of us together on a wet, overcast day when few would have ordinarily made the effort. That everyone enjoyed themselves, saw people they’d not seen for a while and flew hopefully reminded them of the social and community benefits being a club member brings. Understandably some seem to have forgotten about this over the last few years. It’s the kind of activity the BMFA should really focus on in the coming years. Here’s a thought. Off topic I know but why can’t my club form a team for the Payload Challenge this year? Ok, I know it’s only for university teams but why isn’t there a club Payload competition?
  11. ah, yes, they’re a little behind apparently but back issues should be available next week I’m told.
  12. Sorry Matty, I don't. Might be worth dropping the editor a line perhaps?
  13. Great news. I use Leeds shop these days and am always impressed, particularly as they take the effort to list items you can't get elsewhere in the UK.
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