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  1. It has been a good week for flying, cold of course, but so calm and often sunny. I took the photo quad up yesterday, just to cycle the batteries more than anything but was fascinated by how the frost remained around the tree shadows near the club caravan.
  2. Great, thanks chaps. Yes, I seem to remember those engines being a bit loud back in the day.
  3. I wonder if anyone can help please? I'm clearing out dad's old shed and found this pair of silencers. No maker's mark although I'm wondering whether they're from Fox engines as he had a few of those back in the 70s. Does anyone recognise them?
  4. Yes, I did try Outerzone Dennis but, as Ace says….
  5. I built one of these years ago and would like to have another. So it’s a bit of a long shot but would anyone have a plan they can lend for me to copy? I’ll pay postage etc. of course.
  6. Yesterday was nice and calm so quite a few turned out. My friend Tony gave his small models some air time.
  7. Have a good one folks and wishing everyone some good flying in 2022.
  8. Thanks Robin. Yes indeed. We have a club indoor session every month and, increasingly, I enjoy the rubber FF far more than steering an R/C ultra micro round in circles. As for the flyaway, I guess it depends how high you tow 'em? I was aiming to stand still and use a winder to haul it up to 20-30ft, no more. Just as these chaps do at 6.52 in this vid'. What could go wrong? (it's a great video by the way, well worth a viewing.)
  9. I'm on a bit of a 'stick and tissue' roll at the moment. Just finished this KK Cadet from an old 'cut out the bits' (they weren't always the good old days) version. Will tow it up next Spring and see what happens....
  10. The weather is telling me to get stuck into the kit pile now. Just finished this Lacey M-10 peanut. It's sitting on the plan for the next project, a KK Cadet glider.
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