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  1. Hi everyone, i am after a pair of inflatable helicopter floats, i have searched on line but cannot find any, Help !! Have a great day Chris.C
  2. I tried to find the topic on Force two stroke engines and it did not bring anything up? Age thing i expect.....
  3. Thank you so much, all sorted. Have a great Christmas and here's to a better flying year for all. Regards Chris
  4. Hi Andy, thank you, it should be gmail Thanks again Chris
  5. Hi Andy, my number is 140326 Thank you Chris.
  6. Evening all, anyone else having trouble logging on the bmfa site to renew membership? It keeps telling me there is an error with my email address then sends me a link to change my password to my email address. Frustrating.
  7. Is the charger set to 4 cell? Chris.C
  8. Hello all, i have bought a Wot4 Xtreme and was wondering what engines people have used? I have a DLE 55cc or a SC 180 fourstroke. Has anyone tried a 180 fs in the wot4 Xtreme? What would you guys recommend re engine? Thanks lots Chris.C
  9. Strange isn't it, i built my Anet A8, added twin mosfets, added glass bed and prints have been really good. Regards Chris C
  10. Good morning Den, i use a fuelmixing bottle from ebay , has all the markings/scale on the side for the correct fuel mix. Have a great day Chris.C
  11. A Panic and Permagrit tool, my wife is brilliant!😁
  12. Stick ? with resin W. Never had a joint fail using it. Regards Chris.C.
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