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  1. When you say call Ken at enya direct,do you mean Enya-engine.com?
  2. Thanks guys i will try Steve Webb. i know i need a gasket for sure BUT also there was no gasket/washer on the head.It was a old engine i bought. Should a 15-vi have a head gasket,can not find a assenbly/parts diagramme online.
  3. Apart from being lucky on EBAY etc, is there anywhere in the UK that might have Enya spare parts?
  4. Hi Guys,thanks for the replies. As mentioned this is a old engine with no threaded holes to mount directly to,this stopped me using a after market item.Think this applied to JUST MOTORS stock. The Enya site i used did not show any engine parts for the most part OR strip down diagrammes,the supplied owners manual as no parts listed or diagrammes. I will contact KEN but i am not fixed on it being a Enya item,specially if the noise capture is not great. I also bought a Enya 19 iv ,this has a clap on muffler supplied. This is in need of a good clean.Again no strip down diagramme present,or parts list. So after taking the head off, no gasket of any king is present,is that correct? this is a 4004 model
  5. I have just purchased a Enya 35-v, model 5225. I as no exhaust in the box. can not find no info on the Enya site,due to engines age perhaps. The engine as no holes to accept a bolt on type. Are there any after market options that will fit or does anyone have a part number ? i can see nothing. thanks
  6. I was lucky to buy the kit. Thanks for the info guys. The box looks unopened to me, might of been re taped. i would like to check the contents,does the build manual show all the cut parts etc? i see a review of a Top flite kit BUT it was not the spit or gold edition and the manualwas comprensive .
  7. Looking to try my hand at a more scale kit to build. Seen a Top flite 63" inch spitfire gold editon kit for sale local. Its as new condition. Can not find the kit for sale any where to get a idea of the cost. I can also not find much about the quality or difference in normal kit compared to "Gold" any info would be great.Forgot to mention if anyone can comment on if its easy to convert to elec or best kept IC,Thanks
  8. Thanks Grumpy and Philip for offer to help. After all the initial posts of so called help went else where. It beats me how people think everyone knows how to use a PC/Laptop to good standards! I am no pc whizz at all,i do not even have a smart phone! All this stuff about the file and where it is,if i had the file i would not be asking for help. yes i should of kept a copy befor i attempted to edit,but i did not. There is a independent computer shop close by,i went in there to ask about a programme to edit pdf,thats easy.the young guy said whats it for.told him what i said here. He asked me to get this laptop. showed him the file. With 5 or 6 clicks ,the had the 2 squashed lines of words back to 5 neat lines. took him less than 5 mins. I was over the moon,he would not give me a price so i gave him £10 to fill his motorbike up. He asked me no silly questions,just helped.great young lad.
  9. This file was done on our old tower PC. it was loaded with MSword/office etc. All these programmes never used. So got a laptop,this has word pad and paint,these 2 things get me by for letters etc. When i convert the Word file to PDF all boxes dissapear. i have next ti no pc skills,looked on YT but to edit txt is too complicated for me. regards back up, i have never done that,nothing on my laptop is important,any photos etc i have stored on dongle. Just not up to speed on this stuff. i did this file on office with help from neihbour who is no longer there sinse moving, thanks for the advice anyway
  10. Is there anyone who might be able to edit a PDF file? I have jumbled a small amount of txt up while converting from a MSWORD file. I was doing this for my daughter and now ruined the original file. i can give better explaination in a PM if any takers. thanks
  11. i thought any usb tablet could be used on any platform if the software was available. I am not sure if tablet + pen units can all be used for design? are some just you for art? i thought that a tablet and pen from any brand could be used with windows paint etc.
  12. Hello, i am looking at trying to learn how to design OR transfer drawings to be cut or printed etc. I have seen guys use a mouse or pen/stylus etc and i think i would be better with a tablet +pen. Ihave seen Wacom and intuos mentioned which can be very expensive. i have seen a tablet advertised local of good size BUT i have no idea if it can be used for cad/design,it just says drawing. its made by gaomon and the mk10 pro model, as more buttons than the wacom i have seen,can i use this?
  13. Posted by Guvnor on 28/01/2021 11:53:21: Slightly ammused to see that as usual people want something for nothing. Does it occur to anyone that the 'cheap' aftermarket print cartridges are cheap for a reason? Yes, printer OEMs charge more for their chipped cartridges, and yes, they want to make a profit. Part of their problem is that people buy the printer, stick cheapo cartridges in it then expect the OEM to sort out any issues under warranty caused by bad ink. Hence the chips. In my experience some cheap cartridges can work OK, but the majority cause more problems than they solve, are usualy actually contain half the ink than a real one has, then cost more money in the long run. No such thing as a free lunch... Who is after a free lunch? A "non" Canon is £19 a Canon is £25, how is £19 a free lunch? When Tesco as them is stock they print to me just like Canon BUT I am printing "normal" home stuff NOT high quality photo`s. If I want to run unbranded ink in my printer I paid for I should be able to without the thing making it hard for me. I don't have to own brand oil in my car, if I put Halfords oil in my Bentley it wont tell me its wrong or cheap. Printer ink is a con full stop. If their ink was so good and the so called "cheap free meal ones" rubbish no one would buy the unbranded BUT they DO because most people who don't need photo quality etc , see no difference.
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