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  1. Interesting vid on government control of EV charging - https://youtu.be/jMagvdqlF9c
  2. I believe that Germany is well stocked with model shops (including Horizon Hobbies) just Google "German RC Model shops" - no problems getting stuff from them delivered to France.
  3. We haven't had any service whatsoever since the start so "extra" is not valid
  4. Am I the only person to have been sent this email?? I thought the forum would be buzzing about it by now, or has everybody just ignored it . I have completed the survey (survey monkey!!) but it seemed to me that some of the questions were actually checks on the answers I had given to previous questions but, then, I'm highly suspicious, not to mention extremely sceptical, about any kind of government questionaire.
  5. Neoprene fuel tubing is good also rubber plant tie like this available from garden centres - has a suede texture to it and there a groove down the middle once you remove the wire.
  6. Nice to see you're still around, FTB. You're still registered on our club Forum if you ever fancy posting (https://buchanaeromodellers.proboards.com/)
  7. Near as gnats 7/64" Model Fixings and fittings:-
  8. I bought two pairs of these Mighty Sight glasses and I can thoroughly recommend them. I recently constructed an electronic gadget on a teeny circuit board and I couldn't have soldered it up without these. They have a magnification of 1.6 which I found just right for the range I was using them at and they have to be sat almost on the end of your nose to work properly so you can wear your normal specs at the same time if necessary.?
  9. I have a live steam model boat which I enjoy running (when the boating pond is filled - don't ask?) and because of lockdown I've passed all three Amateur Radio exams so I'm a top banana in that and enjoy morse code communications to far corners of the world.
  10. Club officials are all volunteers so they would be absolutely mad to accept any liability for the enforcement of any government legislation - I certainly don't - all my club members have to sign a disclaimer that they are personally responsible for any legal transgressions.
  11. For info general pricing has increased by 150% since 1989 i.e. £100 then is £250 now
  12. Obviously, only incidents that result in an insurance claim should be reported to the authorities.
  13. I notice that the browser tabs (Chrome) for the site say "Invision Community" and not "Model Flying" - looks like all the web pages have been given a default title.
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