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  1. Nice build! My own Super Scorp is nearly 20 years old, and has been electric from the beginning. I doesn't take a lot of power to make it fly, but you will need to get the cell pack as far forwards as possible - preferably actually beneath the motor - to avoid having to add useless nose weight. Mine is vastly over-powered with an Eflight 15 outrunner, and a 4S 4000 cell pack, spinning an 11x7 prop. Hope this helps! Tim
  2. I've been using old (brushed) ESC's as voltage regulators for some time now without issue. I can use a small 2S or 3S lipo as power for my radio gear in my IC models. Having said that, I've picked a little purpose-built regulator from Retro Modeller, which I'm going to try. Tim
  3. I'm a fan of the stepped drill. However, I'm aware that the initial tip is going to get all the wear, no matter what size of hole you're aiming for. For this reason I like to drill a pilot hole with a conventional bit first. Tim
  4. I used Turnigy li-pos from HK for a number of years. Not bad, but prone to eventual puffing. I bought a consignment from 4-Max, last year. So far, so good. Tim
  5. https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?3889057-Cloud-Clipper-71-Old-Timer-Style-Kit There's a thread on RCGroups that might help. Tim
  6. I was really conflicted about making the rainy journey this morning, but so glad I did! Funnily enough, the enforced delayed start forced a lot of us to gather in the gazebo, and this was the ideal time to catch up with our mates for the first time in a year or so. Anyway, when the flying commenced, the sky stayed busy all day. Thanks to all of the guys who organised/marshalled/cooked for the rest of us! I took a few blurry mobile pics...
  7. In a desperate attempt to redeem myself, here's a link to the PAW Owners Group on Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/groups/1388703768063564 Tim
  8. Ooops! I mentally skipped the term 'glo' completely! My apologies for the thread jack...... It's too late to delete my previous posts. Tim
  9. I have lowered the tank by 12mm since the photo was taken, but with no discernible difference in the engine's behaviour. I know that PAW's have garnered a loyal and enthusiastic following over the decades, so maybe I've missed the boat. Tim
  10. I've got a second hand 2.49 (with RC throttle) in a 56" Murg. In common with my new PAW .09, the included muffler makes it tricky to start, as I can't directly prime it through the exhaust port. The consequence is that I tend to over-prime through the carb, and then it floods! Neither engine is particularly user-friend, in my unqualified opinion. On the other hand, I also have an unmuffled 2.49, which starts very readily on the bench. I hope this helps! Tim
  11. I went yesterday, and enjoyed myself thoroughly - despite the showery weather. It's a 200 mile round trip for me, and I'm glad I made the effort! Tim
  12. Olaf, There are some very knowledgeable folk in the Model Aircraft Diesel Engines group on Facebook, who may be able to help. I'll try to post a link; https://www.facebook.com/groups/753859931325401/?multi_permalinks=4662421603802528 Tim
  13. Olaf, I also have a carbless ED2, but have managed to convert it to RC. An old carb (with venturi restrictor) was epoxied to a short length of old TX aerial. The other end is soft-soldered to a nut which matches the thread on the inlet spigot. This lash-up works very well, and makes the ED very usable in an RC model. Tim
  14. I'm planning on a Sunday visit, with a few RC models to fly. Mind you, I'll be spending quite a bit of time gawping with admiration at the freeflight diehards! Tim
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