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  1. Hi Doug, I haven't managed to maiden mine yet. Covid prevented flying for a long while and, at the moment, all my planes and workshop are in storage as I am doing some work on my house. On the rare occasions I have flown it was with something a bit more expendable as I am a little out of practice. Good luck with your maiden and keep us posted.
  2. I haven't tried flying mine since it's initial maiden. In view of the difficulty I had with the hand launch I have built a bungee launcher with stuff I had lying around in my shed and some 3d printed snap tee connectors. Hope to try it soon.
  3. Oodalally still going strong. I have had to change the motor again as the Emax one started to make some horrible noises. I am now using a Propdrive V2 3548 1100Kv motor. With an 11x7 prop, on a 4s battery at storage (3.8v / cell) I am getting: 864W @ 63A The AUW has come down a bit to 2150g. Flies a bit quicker know.
  4. I use the following on mine: Motor - Turnigy G60 300kv 80A ESC 5S 4000mah Lipo 17x8 Prop Video here.
  5. Hi Eric, all things considered I'd call that a success. Out of interest, were you using flaps?
  6. I usually buy a humbrol tin of the colour that I want, paint a 3cm square swatch on a bit of white card, then take it to B&Q and get them to scan it and mix a tester pot (should be enough for 2 or 3 models).
  7. Are we able to view members photos? I used to find it useful for finding a specific photo on a large thread. Instead of wading through many hundreds of pages of, for example, one of Mr D Fenton's threads - I would just go straight to his albums to locate the picture required.
  8. I've finally made a start on mine by cutting out and labelling all the cut parts. I will probably start a seperate thread for my build.
  9. wow....... Trouble is it would go off every time I entered the shed.
  10. Hi all - First post on the new website (hopefully). My current shed alarm has taken to triggering for no reason so I am looking to replace it. What are others using for shed security and alarm systems - any recommendations? Cheers. Geoff...
  11. That is looking 'mighty fine' Martin and the rivets have turned out well. Is it all brush painted? My Hawk is ready for painting and I am debating whether to brush paint or wait until the spring/summer and spray paint (which I have to do outside).
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