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  1. Two gallons of standard Laser 5 couriered from Leeds Model Shop and arrived this morning. Does look rather green! Don't know about the odour of the 'new' fuel, never found it objectionable in the past but as my sense of smell has declined to next to nothing after a dose of covid (now mostly recovered from all the other symptoms), I'm unable to comment on the new. I'm sure it'll be fine.
  2. I think an annual attempt at the record, at least for the next few years, would be an excellent idea. Both of my clubs tend to struggle to get members to take part in most club based fun comps, but the record attempt has been a clear and popular exception.
  3. 24 models all R/C, flew at the alloted time and all down without incident. BTW, my DSM2 equipment worked without a problem. Nice barbeque afterwards, so a great day out. Lucky with the weather.
  4. Good news indeed, although it rather depends on total membership numbers which have been in decline over the last few years. Good luck to everyone today.
  5. I've given up with W&W at North Weald. I do plan to visit the Cosford LMA meeting though - a format that I much prefer these days without all the razzamatazz, blaring music, drones, and a 'commentator' who is just far too much and in your face (and ears) at the last W&W I went to a few years ago. Enjoy it if that's what you want............probably best to spend the day in the beer tent for your fifteen quid.
  6. Just a thought, but if a flyer intends to take part with a model on DSM2 alongside an unusually high number of other transmitters all at the same time, I wonder if the older system will be able to cope? I have to say that I have a few models that I fly with my DSM2 DX7 and in a normal club environment with the usual number of models up together and at a couple of fly-ins where it can be busy with a half dozen or so other flyers on the flightline, I've never ever had a single problem. It occurs to me though that with possibly 20+up or even more for the record attempt, the older and not so agile protocol might not cope.
  7. Cuban8

    Electric Cars.

    Yes, we certainly need a chargeable registration scheme so that numbers can be issued to trace transgressors and with on-line competency tests as well - that'll sort them out!
  8. I have an ASP61FS that exhibits exactly the same starting chracteristics. The engine is old and well used and runs perfectly well and reliably once it gets going, but has very little suction to draw fuel through to start - its been like it for years despite several strips, cleans, valve adjustments etc etc. There is a definate knack to getting it going without wasting too much time and what I've discovered quite simply is that it need to be very wet to get going......wet but not flooded, allow the plug to warm up for a while and to clear the element, and then with a couple of back flicks to check for hyraulic lock, she'll either get going from that or a quick tap from the starter will usually see her away, presumably once a bit of exhaust pressure to the tank builds up. Getting enough initial fuel into the engine sometimes means removing the main needle and squirting a bit of fuel into the carb (engine within a small and tight cowl) or even a bit down the exhaust and in via the head. Hope this helps.
  9. Cuban8

    Electric Cars.

    An odds on winner methinks.
  10. Cuban8

    Electric Cars.

    I think that we can see where this is all going and where we'll be in ten years time. Cheap used cars whether EV or IC will be next to impossible to buy for those on lower incomes - something like the historic rise in house prices causing so much difficulty and often true hardship now. The insanity of following a policy of banning new IC vehicles from 2030 (hybrids from 2035 AFAIA) will only compound the issue. It's such a bad idea IMHO, that I can't believe it'll come about. Few are talking about it at the moment, but it'll become a huge political football nearer to the time. My own and much loved 2008 Mondeo estate - 160000 miles and owned from new - was worth little more that scrap value a couple of years back, but as it's in exceptionally good condition with FSH and with a shed load of life left in it, you'd need to find £2K - £4K on the used market for something similar, but I suspect not as good. Smaller vehicles like the petrol Ford Focus that might be better suited to many people's needs are appreciating in value even more so. The wife's 2015 Fiesta that we had when it was 18 months old ........I reckon I could get most of what we paid for it back in the right part exchange deal.
  11. Cuban8

    Electric Cars.

    Any idea how much it might be worth in say eight to ten years time.........see my original posting that started this thread.
  12. I've been very happy with the decals from Pyramid Models. Lovely model BTW, have a Bryant Chippy ready to go myself, but not to the detailed standards of yours Charles.
  13. Cuban8

    Electric Cars.

    Depending on which agenda is being followed, I suppose one can spin this to suit ones particular point of view. I don't remember seeing an IC vehicle on fire for many years now, although the evidence of past fires can be seen on motorways. HGVs being particularly prone to fires, often from overheated brakes rather than from within the engine compartment.
  14. How do you guys solve the problem of the terrible noise that these engines make with their standard silencers? No way that I could use these engines straight out of the box at either of my two clubs without causing a problem.
  15. Oldest model is my favourite, certainly built last century, IIRC about 1995 - Goldberg Super Chippy with its original Magnum 91FS although now on its third set of bearings. Goodness knows how many dozens of gallons of fuel have gone through that motor and it's never missed a beat. Model converted to 2.4 about 2012 and all original Hitec worn servos replaced with Futaba. Faded paint and now showing its age through regular use it's been a lovely, comfortable and reliable flier since new. Hope to give it an airing this weekend. Several other models all in flying trim about 12 to 20 years old.
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