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  1. Why is it being negative to be realistic and point out we need more flying fields to make up for lost fields? What we don't need is 'head in the sand' attitude and not facing reality. Without a flying field ' new blood' wont't be able to fly ( my local club has lost both it's fields despite not causing any problems- )
  2. Do we know what the total number of planes in the air at the same time is yet? It will be increasingly difficult to match the number each year if elderly BMFA members'give up' and are not replaced, and any further loss of flying fields will have a bigger effect. However we could improve the score by making special models - perhaps with more duration/ better visibility etc.
  3. An impressive turnout from all the clubs. My view is that the record should exclude chuck gliders from the total claimed for the record as it will be only too easy for someone else to arrange a whole lot of paper darts to be flown and steal the record. For example Putin or Kim Jong Un could order all his army to chuck paper darts at noon and 'nick' the record! Be far more difficult to arrange thousands of RC models as all the clubs now know having just done it.
  4. Of course servos don't work if plugged in the wrong way round which is easy to do if they are the type without a tab on the side.
  5. You could always recycle your old crashed models! Any balsa not oil contaminated could be used for the smaller parts............
  6. In the past Sunday has been a better day to visit North Weald Wings and Wheels. Saturday normally has a market at the far end of the airfield which causes traffic jams and closed roundabouts which mean you have to drive a mile out of your way in solid traffic around 10am onwards. People who arrive earlier at 9am usually report no traffic problems though.
  7. Any event that has a balsa supplier scheduled to attend would surely get extra visitors - the chance to choose your balsa would make the trip worthwhile . Perhaps organisers might consider giving a free stand to a balsa supplier? At Saturdays Old Warden just one stand had a small pile of balsa about 6 inches high. not sorted into thickness, with a notice saying big sheets £4 and small £3. Not enough choice to be worth looking at! Did anyone else notice that someone on Saturday was flying RC from the traders stands ( standing about 6 ft in front) with the plane almost overhead and near the control tower? Presumably the same person flying RC circuits over the free flight area which I noticed earlier. Nowhere near the proper RC area where all the flying looked to be done in a really safe manner.
  8. A photo of the pilots lined up flying will mean more to club members in future than a photo of the planes as just a dot in the sky. Also could be better evidence too.
  9. Andy, yes I am sure we do! I wanted to know what other clubs plan to do! And Bruce has answered that extremely well with what seems a good plan. (for those who dont know - Andy and I are members of the same electric only club but we have a particularly short and narrow mown strip. )
  10. In a mass flight situation with lots of pilots all needing to land at about the same time what is the best way - let everyone land and have dozen or more models all standing on a small mown strip whilst others are landing or risk personal injury by going out to collect the models quickly? Presumably someone has thought this through........
  11. I wonder if the record for the most mid airs in a day is the record that will actually be achieved!
  12. That's a real shame as Beth is a great favourite on the forum as someone who got the subscription and other problems sorted.
  13. Forecast still says low chance of precipitation for Old Warden, so it's still on for me. There is always the planes in the hangers if the weather is not kind. Calmer for Sunday's forecast though.
  14. There is a book on improving your aerobatics which was written by a forum member. I have not read it myself ( must get a copy! ) but it should help improve your flying.
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