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  1. I'm sure I saw somewhere that we're not in the EU now.
  2. Perhaps a query on the BARCS forum regarding any known UK supplier of suitable bungee tubing would be the best bet.
  3. John, I think the max length sold is still only 10m. It might be identical to the stuff sold for catapults which includes the bait spreading ones.
  4. If it's the original Wildthing 46 the instruction leafletit's shows 6 5/8" from the root LE. Later versions may be different.
  5. By coincidence I googled catapult rubber UK about the same time as Paul with similar results. There are various dia to be had but the max length I've found is 10 m. Probably fine for small models but we used to use 30m elastic section plus 120m line for BARCS comp size models. In the single channel era I used 3/16" & 1/4" flat FF model rubber + line to launch my KK Chief & RCM&E Clio (free plan). Also once got some sq section rubber (either 3/16 or 1/4 - can't remember which) catapult rubber from a hunting & fishing supplies shop. Mike Woodhouse can supply FF rubber that would be suitable for small models.
  6. Petrol isn't a solvent of castor, it must be the heat or something else that's shifting the goo, unless the goo is actualy from some mineral oil.
  7. I'm not sure what this has got to do with my quoted post, John.
  8. If you'd now been in the hobby for 70 years & commenting 60 years ago the last sentence would have been the same except "television" would have replaced "mobile phone".
  9. I thought it was established that the problem screws were JIS not Phillips & definitely not Allen head Or have I missed something ?
  10. No toy aeroplanes possess souls.
  11. Have you tried here http://www.igull.co.uk/contact-form/ ? There might be some update on Alan's message.
  12. The big advantages of bungee are simplicity & single person operation. I often used to use cotton covered bungee cord when I had no one to hand tow or the power winch wasn't available, whilst it wasn't as good as surgical tubing it was easy & cheap to obtain. The biggest disadvantages are need for a very long launch area approximately 200mtrs & in line with the wind that's relatively free from Joe public & his dog. Actual launching plus bungee & line retrieval don't mix well with the average club's other type of model operations, especially helicopters. IMO, modern self launch (motor & battery) power methods have wiped out the disadvantages whilst maintaining the advantage of independent operation at a stroke.
  13. I doubt a policeman, current or ex, has any more than layman expertise in the situation described in this thread. My opinion is pretty much the same as Martin's. The fact that John mentions in his last post that "It has quietened down at the moment" may be a sign that tempers have cooled & the two parties have (reluctantly?) come to see each other's POV.
  14. Here's the list of Taranis switches at T9. There's a couple of 3 position but I don't think there is a centre biased one.
  15. Not from the description of the incident given in the OP. Further info given states ... ... which strongly suggests that it was the model owners careless actions that are to blame. Of course if you witnessed the accident perhaps you know something the rest of us don't.
  16. The problem is between the two people involved in the incident. In what way is that "ruining the peaceful enjoyment of the hobby for the rest of the club" ? It's bad feelings between them not towards anyone else. It is not the club's problem. If the club simply does not get involved & lets them sort it out (or not) it will, in time, blow over. OTOH if the club kicks them out friends of both parties will probably feel aggrieved which will lead to a worse situation all round. Also talking about ejecting them from the club is no more than short sighted macho rhetoric which may not be as easy to put into effect as imagined. One positive thing the club can do is to look at the circumstances that led up to the accident & see what can be done to avoid a repetition.
  17. It's not incidence that's causes the wing to create lift, it's the angle of attack. The angle of attack is dependant on the difference in incidence between wing & tailplane and the thrust angle and the cg. i.e the three angles and the cg position are inter-dependant. Normally the thrust angle is at a fixed angle wrt the wing, the cg is also fixed laving the tailplane to trim the wing AofA via the elevators. If the model has a forward cg position it will require a greater AoA to fly straight and level at cruise power. It will be less sensitive to elevator control but more sensitive in pitch to variations in thrust.
  18. If you decrease the wing incidence you are also decreasing the downthrust. Best to use a smaller dia prop & more throttle control. I'd try a 9x6. PS there's nothing wrong with permanent elevator down trim.
  19. That assumes the incident is covered by existing club rules. If it isn't what authority do you have to "boot them out" ?
  20. This is an issue between the individuals, not a problem "owned" by the club. They should be informed of the advice from the BMFA then be left to sort it out themselves.
  21. I agree that claimed C ratings are pure marketing fantasy but car jump leads isn't a good comparison. They are normally 2 or 3 metres in length or even longer. Resistance is proportional to length as well as inversely proportional to cross section area.
  22. If you want to look for them via google, they're known as "burs" in the dental profession. IIRC they are designed to work at very high rpm. My dad was a dental supply sales rep, I used to be able to get his demo cast offs. (Nearly 60 years ago )
  23. It may have been the lack of tail that did it, Alan.
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