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  1. Agood idea and we have considered that.
  2. Not stalg luft 3 but...I recently organised a celebration dinner for a friend of mine as he turned 100. He brought with him the actual card the Germans made out, complete with photograph, as they interned him into Stalag Luft 1. His stories of that place are fresh and awful. Not exactly a holiday camp. I asked him how he came by it - when the Americans turned up the Germans all scarpered the night before and left them to it. Ron and his mate had a good mooch about, as you would. David
  3. Thanks both. Ive bought that issue. D
  4. Has anyone got this magazine? Im after the article for the glider called Kema S (and / or Kema HS). Copy and postage costs covered if you can help. David
  5. Thanks for that. Its not so much the floaty bit I want as the grandeur of size!
  6. Its close enough and in fact it MIGHT be. I recall Kema Nan as being 144 inch but of course i ight have misremembered the name anyway. Sundancer (I think) also sprigs to mind, but it was a long, long time ago. I just want a model with very big wingspan for some fun, thats all. 144inch seems daftest, but kema's 137 will do. I enjoy flat field floating with electric powered gliders every now and then and this might do the job. D
  7. Brilliant work detectives, thank you. Thats ordered. David
  8. Does anyone remember the old plans built Keema Nan? I seem to recall it was a 140" flat field soarer. I fancy making one with electric motor. Are the plans still out there? David
  9. I have renewed online as per the magazine advert because i really wanted the permagrit. Will i get that automatically? Or do i need to do something else? D
  10. Thanks. Done. Think I will subscribe too...
  11. Used to be possible via the subscription pages to buy a single issue but this isnt clear now. Is it still possible? The March edition has sold out and i'd really like that Lightning plan... David
  12. What a joke. All my models, neatly labelled, now need labels removing and relabelling! I have several perfectly good numbers the models already carry...my phone number quite conspicuously. Why can't I at least keep LAST years number? As my kids might say...CBA. If you find my model...call the number not the CAA please. And whilst Im in a grump...who the heck designed this new website? Yugh! Gorra go...dark room calleth.
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