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  1. I'm after a Black Magic in some form...plans, kit, model. Im in salisbury, wilts. Thanks
  2. Work progresses slowly...control surfaces now fitted ready for horns and pushrods. Next, assembly and balance...find out were the heck to put two lipos! Then disassemble and cover in pva and paper. I'll send pics when it is assembled though. In the mean time I bought a new radio - Futaba 16iz - so thats also being figured out and programmed for this. Im not getting much flying I must say...busy with work and other things. Cant do it all. I did acquire an old Magnum 30 4 stroke thiugh which I ran up today and found to be a real sweety.
  3. Thanks. Certainly caught me out. Oh well... D
  4. Nor me. Never mind. Thtll teach me to look closer next time D
  5. This is it. Says it is self starting...whatever that means.
  6. Grrr Like an eejit I am. I bought two 80a esc for my Ju88, all well and good. Ive just come to wire them in and find...no BEC so no servo lead so no throttle control!! I have bought the wrong type, but I dont think I have ever seen ESCs with nor control wire before. What are these for and can I use them? I think the answer to that is "no" but worth asking before I buy new ones WITH a BEC!!
  7. I like the cowls. I have got some foam card and have started work. Ive made the fromts of the cowls from grey foam, intend to add false fronts and cover the outsides with brown paper. Getting there...
  8. Brilliant. Hadnt considered foam board. Thanks. On the real thing the front cowls do look like sleeves pushed on (probably were, essentially)...excellent tip. Thanks.
  9. Motors on. Now the cowl build. More head scratching. Thinkong foam round the motors, 1/32nd skins and maybe foam nacells. Wing is fully skinned. It's coming along!
  10. Not sure itsvreally operational but probably more the now ubiquitous risk aversion. The dear RAF dont even fly their own planes for fear of accident!
  11. I deed SLEC WERE sun lane engineering co., which is what got me thinking. I too had a Fleet system, their posh one but even that was outclassed even when i bought it. The idea of reciprocal marketing hadnt occurred to me so maybe thats what was going on. Makes sense Ta
  12. It does rather beg questions of safety doesnt it, but i suppose five times the density doesnt necessarily mean five time the energy on the bench, just a battery a 5th the size and the same energy. Presumably that would enable them to be better protected and arguably safer. Im never too nervous about my phone or ipad but i keep and charge my lipos outside. Maybe that will change.
  13. One for the older members... Im reading a copy of RM from 1967 and theres an advert from Sun Lane Cycles advertising for sale the then new Fleet System of r/c. Is this THE Sun Lane and did Fleet originate at what became SLEC and then part company or is it all coincidence???
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