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  1. Great work Phil, looking forward to another action-packed season again
  2. Some lovely planking work there, she's coming on nicely.
  3. Crikey, I'd make that "rough" side into a sloper Dirk!
  4. Hi Robert, The build was last year and she was maidened this year - so quite fresh still really. I got a set of parts laser cut at SLEC, one of the bigger UK suppliers. I'm currently modifying the plan to include the T7 longer nose - a mod I've wanted to do for a while now to see if I can get the AUW down by using less lead up front.
  5. So will we see a move to glassing the beast shortly? Not showing sketches for my chosen Juan sheet just yet!
  6. You've just sneaked in under the 9 years meme birthday, well done. Is the nose the only area getting the brown paper & glass treatment? Also, your "one sheet" build notes are in view....
  7. Great pics as usual, and thanks...."I think"....
  8. A great end to a very busy season yesterday chaps. Thanks for all the launches and laughs throughout the year.
  9. It's only light rain forecast for Sunday in dribs and drabs - I'd suggest a tarp or polythene sheet with a couple of pegs. See you on the slopes guys!
  10. Great pics as always Phil! That was a super weekend's flying.
  11. Great work, I think you've captured the shape really well - kudos!
  12. Thanks for the hard work as usual chief. Just over a week now until the next one!
  13. Lovely scheme James, hope you got on OK with my pilot and seat set! If you'd have said, I could have sent the proper F86 seat through though? Ah well, it all looks great now.
  14. Great stuff Phil, thanks for the great photos as usual.
  15. If it's too much effort to fix though, go for a camo job, or just add lots of weathering. It's what I do hide all my horrors!
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