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  1. Nice one, that’s the colour scheme my lad wants on his one Ive been pondering if I should put the Laser 150 that came out of one of my Stampe’s a few years back into another Stampe
  2. Coolio What motor you got fitted what elevator control do you have push rod, snake or closed loop
  3. No special purchase for the build. It’s got slots cut into it for the wing tangs
  4. Cheers, Apparently I’m not the quickest of builders
  5. Many thanks It’s got the Zenoah G38 with reduction drive
  6. All ready have a Attila with a GMark 30 twin in it
  7. I had pondered on the old Noddy and PC plod plane that was sold a short while ago, but alas I was to slow
  8. Because I would want to fly it alongside a Hannibal I flew at wobbly wheels last year, I had agreed to sell the Hannibal a couple of months before the last wobbly wheels show, and it was sold on to my mate, I didn’t really think it through properly so now looks like a Retro is the way forward
  9. I am considering building one of the Propguy Retro plane kits,The larger petrol ones Has anyone has any experience with these kits. I have flown a few Flair Hannibal's at shows and enjoyed them and now like the idea of the two piece wing and also the split fuz That the retro kits offer
  10. I would like to try a 180 petrol one day
  11. Yep Cymaz started this in 2012 with the immortal words of I’m Going to start a Stampe build .........anyone interested, Yep we all were so be a shame to lock out a long running bit of Stampe history
  12. If adding a tank lower down like Martin has done I take i that as it will always be full until the main tank has emptied it therefore doesn’t need a clunk line
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