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  1. I have an unbuilt kit to sell David. Pm me if interested.
  2. Wings & Wheels this weekend, looks like no rain looking forward to going to North Weald again.
  3. Lovely looking 1/4 scale Cassutt Racer from the Cambrian Models kit, built by me to a good standard a couple of years ago, always turns heads at the flying strip, flown on an E flite 60 electric motor on 6s VERY fast on that set up or would convert to i.c on a .61 2 stroke or equivalent 4 stroke. 45" span in unmarked condition, will include the spinner so you can keep it looking as in the picture, plan is also included in the sale. Can take to North Weald Wings & Wheels on the 25th June or Buckminster Bring & Buy on the 26th, otherwise collection from Spalding in Lincs. £130
  4. Selling due to needing more hanger space, 55" span in good condition, was flown on a 50 size motor on 6s, vice less flight performance, a real smooth performer. Would easily convert back to i.c on a .61 2 stroke or equivalent 4 stroke. Can take to Wings & Wheels on the 25th June or Buckminster Bring & Buy on the 26th otherwise collection from Spalding in Lincs. £130
  5. Flew both of my Midget Racers this morning, both around 1/4 scale, the Red one is a Long Midget Mustang and the white one is an Airmark Cassutt, both from Cambrian Models kits, the Cassutt was built by me a couple of years ago whilst the MM was bought as an i.c airframe and converted to electric by me. Both on 6s lipo, it was probably the last flight by me on these as i am selling them off as airframes to make room for some builds that are nearing completion. I will put them in the classifieds section if anyone is interested in buying.
  6. Many thanks, i have plenty of old engine oil here
  7. Tried that and the wire snapped unfortunately
  8. 6.5mm is right up there with this peice of wire, not sure if i will be bending any more this thick. Investing in a wire bender for two bends seems a bit extravagant if i can do it another way?
  9. I have to bend some U/C wire for my 1/4 scale GeeBee and it is going to have to be heated to bend it, what is the proper way to go about this with a blow lamp and re temper as necessary?
  10. Thanks for all the suggestions, the motor dismantling proved a no go, i undid all the grub screws and took off the circlip but the shaft would no budge and the motor would not come apart. In the end i thought about it over a cuppa and i just rotated the ally prop adapter to another position, drilled 3 new holes and tapped them, simple solution when you think about it! The Stampe will be back in the air this week now.
  11. I recently nosed my electric converted Precedent Stampe over on a touch and go and the prop adapter sheared off leaving the remains of the 3 screws behind. I have removed two off them which were sticking proud, they were reluctant to come out as i had put thread lock on them but out they came. The third one has snapped inside the motor casing so i thought i would drill it out and recut the thread but new drill bits are hardly making an impression. The screws in my opinion are much too small for a motor of this torque being only 3mm, i have tried a new 1.5mm bit but it has hardly made a mark. Any advice on getting it out appreciated, i thought about a local engineering firm but the bill would probably cost more than the £50 replacement cost of the motor!
  12. Midget Racer day for me, flew both my Cambrian Models 1/4 scale Cassutt and Midget Mustang, both fly fast on a 6s electric set up.
  13. About ten of us at the field yesterday, lovely evening for flying and a good opportunity to fly my Flair Fokker DVII, shame these kits are no longer available as they do fly extremely well.
  14. Well done lads, sorry i couldn`t have been there to join in the fun..............M
  15. Fresh out of a BIG box, 82" ARTF Gee Bee model Y, looking forward to getting this bad boy in the air, 26cc Zenoah going on the business end.
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