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  1. Having always measured the IR of my battery packs, I have found that the pack temperature makes a huge difference to IR readings. One new battery I received a while ago (4S) from China recorded all cells around 10 mohms. After warming to approx 25 degrees they tested around 3-4 and have stayed that way for 2 years. I have batteries that are around 15-20 that seem to perform fine (may lack a little punch?) if not required to deliver above their constant discharge rating.
  2. Reminds me of the medical ads on American TV 10 seconds about the benefits and then 20 seconds telling you the possible side effects. The Viagra ad was the best after listening to the side effects i.e. Heart Attack, Bleeding and 20 other major effects you wouldn't take it!!
  3. Hello Beth, you may remember back on the 21st of September I posted re my subscription lapsing? I renewed it on the 25th September but have yet to receive even one copy. I know that I am out here at the end of the world and there are issues worldwide but I would have expected to see something by now. Please Advise Thanks
  4. Yes I find them very annoying too, they seem to pop up right where I am looking at the time and I don't give a fig for what someone else is ordering in Timbuktu, Toronto or anywhere else for that matter! Mind you having only brought once in the last two years from HK I am not looking very often.
  5. Just realized at the last club meeting I haven't received the July issue strange maybe it has something to do with overseas subscribers getting two extra issues to replace two missed last year? Maybe my sub is due but I haven't received any notification (always get a reminder letter) plus it's on auto renewal, what's up? Checked my account LAPSED?? Credit Card continuous Yes. Oh but wait my bank renewed my card last Xmas, could that be reason most likely. But and here's the butt why did I not receive a reminder as I have every other year nor anything when my card was rejected. Pretty poor Customer Service from My Time Media I think.
  6. Well somethings work albeit VERY SLOWLY, just received my November issue today 11th January after email sent to RCME. Now where is my Dec/Jan issue? Never mind February! It raises the question will my missing copy/copies ever turn up and if not where are they, perhaps they are holidaying on the South of France. I know things are very iffy and long drawn out with mail and freight etc. but if Royal Mail and N.Z. Post can get a copy here in just over 28 days (3/12/2020 to 11/01/2021), then surely my normal copy can in 3 1/2 months approx. How many others out there are in the same boat, canoe, plane, ship or or whatever? Maybe some communication from our Illustrious Editor should be forthcoming? Come on RCME we paid our money now come up with the GOODS. **Edited unnecessary reference to tragic accident** Edited By Martin Harris - Moderator on 10/01/2021 23:01:15
  7. Phil I am in the same boat as you in Dunedin no November issue yet, Emailed subscriptions got a reply after a week! Apparently sending another copy but may take up to 28 day,s to arrive, wonder if the December/Jan issue will arrive first assuming it is coming, who knows?
  8. Still waiting on my November issue never mind December/January. Emailed subscriptions well over a week ago heard nothing as yet. I know living on the other side of the world creates a problem in these Covid times but has it slowed the Internet as well? Not good enough. Thinking twice about renewing my sub. when it comes up for renewal early next year.
  9. I generally stick with analog's, although I used to get some digital's from HK, D-MG 16's brought because they are metal geared and were not advertised as digital, great little servo and cheap! Of course NLA. I try to stick with Analog, Metal geared because most servo's that have failed on me were due to stripped gears 90% of the time caused by knocking control surfaces loading and unloading the car. Alway's worried that using digital may cause brown out if stalled. John, Hitec now supply some servos with a 25T output spline, I know because I used them in a Seagull Extra back in February, only problem was arms were to short, acquired some Futaba ones from a friend.
  10. I have brought a Radiomaster so I have backup should my Aurora go kaput.. Like you all my Aircraft have Hitec receivers and don't want to have to replace due to cost.
  11. Thanks Ron, I am actually looking forward to getting the grey matter going on something new, not that I expect it to be a major challenge having been fault finding electronics for the last roughly thirty years before I retired. Will keep you posted. Richard, I think a lot of people have trouble because of a lack of research, reading then following instructions (Manuals are for Sissy's), and the old if I push this button what will it do? Others do not have the ability or mindset to work with these systems, they can be complicated yes but a methodical and logical approach is the only way. The other thing I found in my working life is you always hear all the negatives and very few positives. Auntie Google is great source for depression. Oh Ron by the way, have yet to fly my Radial Rocket and it will have to wait till spring when the grass is beaten to within microns of it's life, plus the image in the July issue's parting shot fades from memory.
  12. Thanks for the feed back, obviously judging by the few replies there can't be many in use yet! Stephen thanks for the offer but my idea is to future proof in case of the terminal demise of my existing TX's. Also I live in New Zealand and the cost of your TX and freight, taxes etc would work out dearer than the TX16s!! After a long and technical discussion with our club electronics guru. at club night on Thursday night I pushed the button on Aliexpress last night for a very reasonable NZ$260.00 (Approx. 130.00BP). The other incentive was the tax man giving me a very nice EOY refund. All I have to do now is get my head round OpenTX, Club Guru said "Oh it's easy" which is all very well for him, he was an RNZAF Avionics Tech!!
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