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  1. I’m trying to use a spare Align esc (RCE-BL100A) in a fixed wing model. I got the esc (new) as part of a combo but didn’t use it in the helicopter, so it’s been sat around for a little while. The snag is it’s set up in helicopter mode - is there a way I can turn it into a fixed wing esc? At present it’s got the soft start and governor features enabled (amongst others I believe) which are not needed / desirable in its new task. I think I could do this with the Align programming gadget but wondered if there’s a work-around? I’ve asked at my local club but as a electric heli-guider I’m a minority! thanks all, ian.
  2. Hi, I predominantly fly electric now but still have a couple of glow engines models I use. I’m struggling to find a local supplier of fuel as my ‘local’ model shop shut down recently. (I say it was local, it was 30 miles away but that’s a different thread!) I’m after a way of buying the odd gallon here and there, but the few places that will ship it understandably want to sell it in at least 4 gallons or half gallons. Fair enough. I’m asking around my club mates to see if anyone wants to buy a gallon but so far take up gas been low (read zero!). How are other people getting around this? I’m not keen on getting stuck with four gallons of 25% glow fuel…. I suppose the other option is leap in the car and drive to the nearest, but that’s a round trip in excess of 100 miles - almost £30 in todays unleaded costs!
  3. Just found this thread and enjoyed reading it - is anybody else interested how 911H’s getting on in 2022?
  4. I think I was looking at a photo you posted of you with a large trainer and thought the background looked familiar!
  5. Chris Foss’ Wot Trainer. I bought one as a weekend practical plane and flew the wings off it. In low rate it was perfect as a trainer, stable, slow enough, docile, yet in high rates with a 46 on the front it would do most aerobics, rolling circles, pitch long knife edge, the lot. I’d turn up at the field with it, have three or four flights to bed in a new engine then recharge the receiver pack while swapping engines so I could bed in another (both for use in a twin, a Ripmax Harmony, another fantastic plane). I’d have another Wot Trainer again as a weekend funhack anytime!
  6. Hi all, I’m a member of Shropshire Model Flying Club, based a couple of miles from Montford Bridge, just off the A5 between Shrewsbury and Oswestry. We currently have spaces for new members, and would welcome newcomers to the hobby and experienced pilots alike. We have access to a well cut grass patch and a tarmac strip (formerly part of the old WW2 airstrip at Forton). We fly both fixed wing and helicopters in a relaxed and pleasant environment, and have use of one of the old airfield buildings as well. Please feel free to give me a message, and we’d be happy to welcome people for a look around and see if you like what you see!
  7. Hi Charles, did you get anywhere with the set up questions you’re asking please? it sounds kind of similar to my query about hovering set ups - I wondered if you’d got anywhere! thanks, ian.
  8. Thanks for that Paul, I’ll give that a go. I can always tweak it as I wish, that’s a good start point at least!
  9. Thanks for the opinion Allan, It’s a pair of flybarless machines, Align 550X and 700x to be accurate. I do much / most of flying in idle up 1, general club flying, and I’m a bit reluctant to modify it too much. I’m thinking that perhaps a smaller pitch range of, say, 2 - 9 degrees in a purpose use hover mode will allow a finer control and allow more accurate height control rather than -4+11 in idle up 1? I do nearly all my flying in idle up 1 or 2, using the normal mode really for just spooling up / stopping the head , switching from normal immediately after taking off and back either just before or just after touching back down. There’s no reason of course to say I couldn’t simply set up a ‘hover’ mode and try it (safe height, obviously!), my transmitter has the facility for another flight mode easily enough, and I can also get it to adjust the expo on the same switch. If I don’t like it then I could revert to as I am now and simply practice more! What I really need to do is have more flights dedicated to practicing the BMFA B schedule, laying a few cones out at the correct distances….
  10. Hi all, Ive got both my helicopters (Trex 550 and 700) set up in a similar manner - normal throttle curve - starts at zero at zero stick, ramps up to 50 quickly at about 25% stick then flat at 50 to full stick, -4 to +11 degrees pitch, idle up 1 - a flat 50 throttle (governor controlled by the esc), identical pitch curve, and idle up 2 - flat 60 at the esc, pitch at +-11 degrees. I use the normal throttle curve for spoiling up, taking off and usually landing, Idle up 1 for normal sport flying, loops, circuits, stall turns Cuban 8s etc and idle up 2 for inverted hovering and when I’m trying my more aggressive manoeuvres. I’ve got them set so the transition between modes is pretty smooth, with little if any jump up or down. All flight conditions use a similar 20% expo on aileron and elevator, 30% on rudder. Im now finding I want to practice more slow speed manoeuvres - with a view towards a BMFA ‘B’ test. Would people suggest I adopt a third mode to go with idle up 1 and 2, perhaps labeled as ‘Hover’? I’m not sure what settings I’d use, hence this monstrosity long post. I’m quite happy with the rotor speed in idle up 1, but thinking would a smaller pitch range be beneficial, say, 2 to 9 degrees as the hover is about 5~6 degrees, giving easier to give the fine precise control required for my hovering practice? Equally I’m thinking a little less expo? Any opinions would be gratefully received! thanks in advance, Ian.
  11. There’s quite a few Zeeee batteries on eBay again at present - non that suit me unfortunately!
  12. I have a helicopter that’s a bit like Trig’s broom…
  13. I’m just been through a bit of a crash happy time - anything I’ve flown I seem to have bent! Hopefully I’ve got through this now (fingers crossed!) and will manage a while with no major snags. Does anybody else have similar spells?
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