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  1. Yes in the wing, they just need bending forward. That picture is older so it has a cowl on but poor fit and colour. Your team have done a good job with yours you will enjoy it
  2. I was flying mine today! OS 55 ax and 12 x 8 flys very well but wants to nose over on the ground
  3. Don't spoil it, I have a bet on that this rubbish will get past 5 pages!
  4. PS Maiden today and all is well. Saito 115 is adequate for the style of model. On a sample of a few flights, performance is just the same as the 60 size so that's a result. Not the most relaxing maiden though, got away with murder! Went for a bunt and ran out of elevator - managed to remember to max the throttle and flick in high rates and somehow managed to recover without incident despite plunging down below and between tree level. My flying companion was as shocked as I was that I recovered and landed in one piece. I certainly tested the integrity of the wing bandage. Every now and again luck is on our side
  5. I will stick to the plan as far as possible when I build one. Too many extra belts and braces quickly turns into a heavy model which doesn't match the handling of the original. That's the beauty of building from a plan and kit, we can each personalise to our own taste Keep 'em coming Kevin
  6. Well at least I tried to move the topic on from the 'mines better than yours" rubbish
  7. But on the positive side........................... 'Our' fuel hasn't been hit yet! Ordered 8 gallons from good old Weston Uk this week, usual friendly service, rapid free delivery and only marginally more expensive than last year. Irrelevent really as our electricty is going up by 1400 in April, can't win!
  8. Good idea John. If it was a "build what you want" without rules, maybe the thrust (see what I did there) could be to get over 100 models built. This could then form one of the centenary strands mentioned in the BMFA mag. By keeping it simple, even people with little spare time or money could take part
  9. Yes agreed. My original Ruhig Tiger, now defunct, was perfect with a Saito 56 as long as the engine was tuned nicely.
  10. Thanks. Hopefully I'm just being a bit pessamistic and I'm no speed freak
  11. Well 6 years on and she's ready! Got fed up of moving the box of wood around so completed the Tiger 72 as one of the winter projects. Whilst under the plan target weight of 10lbs, she is a porker at 9.5lb! Unfortunately I obtained a fibreglass undercarriage from Carbon Copy and this weighs a ton so there is some room for reducing weight. I am worried that the Saito 115 FS I have carefully built the cowl around will struggle to provide enough power. If it doesn't I may have to consider a 2 stroke as I don't have any bigger 4 strokes. Won't be able to maiden for a while because our strip is very rough until dried out and rolled later in the year.
  12. A couple of issues after I decided to change to a digital subscription, I realise the downside - no plan! Assuming there is no way digital subscribers can get the plan, does anyone want to sell/copy/loan/give me the plan for the Upbeat in the Jan 2022 issue please? Thanks
  13. Erfolg The changes have been discussed by the Achievement Scheme Review Committee (ASRC) over some time and there has been plenty of opportunities for examiners and members to comment. The formal announcement is no surprise to people who keep an eye on achievement scheme matters. I think the main 'why' is to avoid the potential 'rubber stamping' of club examiners who may have not kept up with the latest regulations or even become less capable of flying the tests themselves, through illness for example. With these latest rules it at least forces the club officials to consider who they are putting in the examiner position and ensuring that they are up to date, interested in promoting the achievment scheme and capable of flying themselves.
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