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  1. Might try one of those props sometime Martin.
  2. Thanks Martin. I normally go with an apc 12x6 on my Saito 62 engines, but on this one I've went with a master airscrew 12x6 k series.
  3. My new Boomerang ready for its maiden flight.
  4. Lovely sound and great looking plane flown expertly by the pilot.
  5. Thats exactly what I'm going to use Denis. Very handy.
  6. Jonathan, I was going to use a receiver switch with a charging jack to save me any bother taking off the wing or the hatch to check the battery. What did you use?
  7. I was thinking of fitting a receiver switch with a charging jack this time round Denis, so I wouldn't have to take off the wing or unscrew the hatch to check the battery. Did you just use an ordinary switch?
  8. Hi there, I've the Boomerang almost completed, but have stumbled upon a problem. Referring to the mounting of the wing, I thought they would have included in the kit a small piece of plywood to support the two wing bolts that hold the wing down. I found these two small black things in the bag, am I right in saying that they are used for threading the wing bolts through as in this photo, or am I wrong?
  9. Thanks Jonathan. I've decided to keep the 46fx for another plane and have bolted on the Saito 62. I'm just mad about fourstroke sound.
  10. Are they just bolted onto the bottom of the fuse Dennis using straps? Or will I have to cut a groove out?
  11. Thats great advice Denis, many thanks. I never thought about filing down the axle slightly. That's what I will do. Should I go for the Radio Active wire undercarriage, its large? The JP undercarriage is advertised as 40 size. Not sure which of the two to buy.
  12. Did you just use the stock landing gear wire for the Boomerang? Is it strong enough?
  13. Hi Kelly, can you tell me what way you fitted the wire undercarriage to your Boomerang? Have you any photos?
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