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  1. Although not modeling, Tim Hunkin which some will know from Secret Life of... has his Youtube channel which is interesting as well as engineering. (although he does use rc plane bits in his projects).
  2. Not been on here for a long time and forgot about this forum... I don't fly 35mhz now, though kept a few JR MAx 5's, the JR X-347 and couple challengers for nostalga, with a few rx, but sold most of it. I was on the Southern Models stand both this year and last year, and quite surprised how many we were selling. David had quite a few of most makes and they were selling, much to my surprise. Though they worked, I still would not trust a plane to a 20 plus year old piece of electronics, as they are not made anymore, and reliability won't be improving over the years, the opposite.
  3. Bought this today for £35. just needed an flap servo replacing. now good to go...
  4. Paul Marsh

    LMA Cosford

    2 Day Large Model Display at RAF Cosford
  5. Legionaire. Was incomplete, missing hatch and wing struts.
  6. Beginning of the end for Hobbyking. I liked their products, not saying its better than the UK hobby shop, but there were models and items that were unique and not available anywhere else, such as the aircraft and sprung oleos. Now there are no shipping options for UK and looked today and not one item is available to UK residents, cannot order from EU and even tried from Global, but bombed out on the order. so that's it. Game over...
  7. I have the Tornado and with a Irvine 61 in it. I flies well, not over powered, could do with more power, but ok as it is...
  8. This a Pilot models kit, found a pic of a box, also .Tomahawk .20
  9. Harvard/Texan finished, just need to run the engine in now...
  10. He couldn't sell it, and was broken, with an unknown Webra .20 also have 40 year old servos, which I took out and gave them back they were Skyleader bricks. MVI_0715.MP4
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