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  1. Hi Graham I had a similar problem with a Ff6 and turned out to be the pot in the tx stick . Maybe be a thought to try Mike ?? at radio model repair shop and have a through check over or like you say a new one Good luck with a search just had a thought how about Radiomaster system talked about on this forum
  2. If I remember correctly the screw size is M3 maybe try the screws used to fix switches and sockets at M3.5 if enough metal available
  3. I have regularly fitted the SLEC fusalage transfer linkage for elevator it gives me a nice solid rod inside the fuselage and neat linkage out side with plenty of adjustment if needed
  4. Hi Jonathan there my be two types of battery one for light use in alarm systems and one for power tools just seen these on Amazon around £19 and suitable for drills
  5. Is it possible to have the volt meter on while using stater and the on a motor if it drops badly yes time for a new one. Alternative is an an old Lipo
  6. Hello EGB. Do not leave the wing partly covered as pictured as the film will start to warp the wing over next few days replying from experience
  7. I can confirm all my 46 AX. Mark 1 & 2 ran excellent ly on Laser 5% tick over through to full power no problems
  8. Just like to confirm on the Hitec systems it is channel 1 and 5 for two aileron servo wing set up
  9. Have you set up the Tx for two servo control channel 1 and 5
  10. I can reccomended the hot skewerd option it melts the hole bigger than the skewer so servo plug does go in easier
  11. Minor apologies if saying earlier Wot 4 tail that was the idea but the tail is from a Probuild Bullet
  12. Thank you for your responses. I have built and flown a spad model many years ago So this is my attempt at filling time in for now
  13. Hi all I appreciate its nearer Xmas but anybody heard of the April Fool model Built from square plastic down pipe and bit of aluminium boom for fusalage and proper wing and tail section from a Wot 4 ?
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