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  1. I have found a book on Engine s Open to offers
  2. Give Just Engines a ring on Monday they used to make loads of adaptors for their carbs to fit other engines
  3. Untill you really understand the America way with words you have to experiment the throttle cut set up You will see a little chart that you need to set to the negative side and throttle setting on movement allowed so complicated to explain in words
  4. A picture of the handle would help is the threaded part of the handle removable to be able to put a longer threaded piece in and a nut on inside of door
  5. Just received this from E ON who I am not with, don't even like the E Mail address details E.ON: Gas and electricity supplier Notice: Our system indicates that an error in our billing procedures has led to an overcharge on your latest payment to us. Our accounting department has concluded that you are eligible for a refund of £85 GBP E.ON Issuing Date: 10 MAR 2022 E.ON Refundable Ammount: £85 GBP E.ON Payment Method: E.ON Electronically by card
  6. You could use the ball joint as shown by Early Birds option with a long M3 screw to catch the ball joint then the extended thread with nuts and washers each side of the rudder
  7. Have a look on Pegasus Models they have plans and kits available
  8. Have you seen the one for sale in the For Sale section ??
  9. Hi Andy Have you not seen the 70 4 stroke for sale in this forums For Sale section posted on Monday
  10. Hi Andy If memory is correct you will need at least a 70 4 stroke to get the the basic best out of it
  11. Sorry should have said the glue does go of quicker with the heat
  12. Good Afternoon all Started building an electric Tracer E and it came to time to cover the wings in 1/16 balsa thinking last time I did this was to cover the balsa sheet in model magazines to follow the curve and wait for glue to dry . Decided today to try time saving idea I applied the aliphatic glue where required and put a wheat bag in microwave for two minutes and applied to the sheeting and within 30 mins was able to remove all set. Did cover joints with paper to stop glue getting onto pads Job done time for coffee break
  13. Thanks for the update was I the first in see the new pages when there was nothing in there to sell
  14. Well that's me out of searching for bargains I see I need to be a BMFA member to read them
  15. I ventured to our flying strip yesterday, little blustery at home but even worse at the strip, Out with Electric Wot 4 but that was not working correctly only half elevator working ( I Have it on two small servos at rear ) Quick look inside to wiring all okay put it a way and try a Tracer e all tested and ready to go, out in the strip holding the model you think shall I well your here now power up and away we go. Being a little light it was being thrown around but quick reactions and settling down we controlled it not wanting to push it better come in So round we come into land nearly there and a gust lifts the wing and Black Bag require. At home I check the Wot 4 and find on the wrong model in the TX that saved that also find Sarick have a reduced price on my Tracer E So a good and bad day I think Happy flying to all when the weather gets better
  16. Hi Graham I had a similar problem with a Ff6 and turned out to be the pot in the tx stick . Maybe be a thought to try Mike ?? at radio model repair shop and have a through check over or like you say a new one Good luck with a search just had a thought how about Radiomaster system talked about on this forum
  17. If I remember correctly the screw size is M3 maybe try the screws used to fix switches and sockets at M3.5 if enough metal available
  18. I have regularly fitted the SLEC fusalage transfer linkage for elevator it gives me a nice solid rod inside the fuselage and neat linkage out side with plenty of adjustment if needed
  19. Hi Jonathan there my be two types of battery one for light use in alarm systems and one for power tools just seen these on Amazon around £19 and suitable for drills
  20. Is it possible to have the volt meter on while using stater and the on a motor if it drops badly yes time for a new one. Alternative is an an old Lipo
  21. Hello EGB. Do not leave the wing partly covered as pictured as the film will start to warp the wing over next few days replying from experience
  22. I can confirm all my 46 AX. Mark 1 & 2 ran excellent ly on Laser 5% tick over through to full power no problems
  23. Just like to confirm on the Hitec systems it is channel 1 and 5 for two aileron servo wing set up
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