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  1. It would be tricky to use without a PC as you will need to download updates and use the PC to store backup files. The MPM module will also at times need updating. I can recommend a Radiomaster TX16, I've had mine for 18 months now without problems, updated to Edge TX and working well. The only issues I have is my inability to fully grasp Open Tx/Edge TX but I'm getting there.
  2. I use the backing film from Solarfilm, whenever I cover a model I squirrel away the backing.
  3. If you cut the entire length of balsa in half, cut out two pieces 500 long, splice the two remaining lengths together and cut it 500 long. You now have 3 blades and a bit left over. When you glue the spruce to the balsa it will have plenty of strength if you are concerned with the splice. Phil
  4. Go ahead Steve, very interested in seeing your build log Phil
  5. Jon, you are over thinking it. It's a model of a historical aeroplane just like an ME109 or whatever, not a support for a cause good or bad. If you flew an ME109 with a swastika you are not showing support for the nazi party. Go for it, fly your La7 and entertain us. Phil
  6. Very cool on board starter Peter, I hope you have a safety catch on the start button or you could have a nasty suprise! Phil
  7. BMFA and SVAS members pay £13.50 full price £17.50 I'm going on one of the days but as I live very nearby I'm making a last minute decision.
  8. Yes, balsa is now eye watering expensive but I do have a reasonable stash under my bench. I have been experimenting with Depron that I also have a small stash of. I do need to get some foamboard though. When I said built up I didn't say it would be balsa but I need the rib profiles as it won't be a cut foam wing. Phil
  9. Thanks EB and KC no excuses now I really must build a Chilli Breeze, probably this winter. Nigel, good idea but I really don't mind building wings I find it therapeutic lining up all those ribs and seeing a wing develop from the board. Much cheaper too. Cheers Phil
  10. I've wanted to build the Chilli Breeze since the plan was given free in RCM&E 1994 but lack of rib drawings has always prevented me from building. A few times I've dug the plan out and threatend to build one but it's never happened. One day...... Last year I downloaded from Outerzone another Mike Delacole design, the Rival that has a straight wing so I only needed to make one wing template and cut out the rest of the ribs from it. Fly's beautifully. Phil
  11. Ernie, why don't you post your subscription query in the RCM&E Magazine thread? https://www.modelflying.co.uk/forums/index.php?/forum/101-rcme-magazine/ You should get a reply from Beth there. Phil
  12. Just had an email from Pocket Mags to inform me that the May RCM&E is available.
  13. Just checked on Pocket Mags and the May edition is now available
  14. I'm a big fan of 2.4gHz, no longer to worry about being shot down by a plonker on the same channel, not having to worry about carrying lots of crystals or fiddling with a synthesized receiver, not having to worry about remembering to pull my ariel up or have a long ariel dangling out the back of my small model. I could go on. Do I need the bells and whistles, No. But I do take advantage of them, I get warnings when my flight battery is getting low or if my Rx battery is getting low. I could go on. 35mHz was good especially for the people who stuck with it now they have it to themselves. I kept a little of my 35mHz gear and I've not touched it for years, if I did I would probably forget to pull the ariel up!
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