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  1. I think the cream cheese, powders are from water in the fuel, oil water emulsions, and/or reactions.
  2. Are you actually brave enough to actually tell her.
  3. I can’t think of any occasion, where a motor bike is valued over a girl friend. OK, dad could do machines, but ………….dribble, dribble.
  4. I had the same problem, this fixed it. For scale fidelity, one of the jastas did this modification ( fact), so you con any anally inclined interrogator, that your machine is ex of this jasta. Bit of brass tube, aluminum for the brackets.
  5. Can’t say I entirely agree. Sealed from the manufacturer, use it, no hesitation. Part used, I don’t think I would bother.
  6. As a person of taste and eradication, it will be very nice.
  7. I thought it was pretty good accurate flying. And that airframe has a nice worn out, but, still flying look. Jon, therapy, if possible, should include better looking airframes than that yellow thing. Passes the hours.
  8. Just to shove a modern reality check into the scheme, I type this on an I pad. It’s colours are not accurate. They can be rebalanced, to something better to the beholders eye. Do it on a right fancy camera, same result. In the days of film, they had another layer of uncertainty. As Jonathon says, eye, judgement. Good news is, do what you think looks nice. And, I read in the past, if you wish to rely on a museum model, the writer related seeing the restorer repainting the exhibit with Airfix paint. So a proper scale modeler can use it as a source that the model has a real origin, but not as a source of reality.
  9. Yes, they stop the bolts crushing the wing.
  10. In fairness, don’t do a Daily Mail. “slammed” is a Mailism. It was judged that a dangerous places to do your job is not going to get better. And homicidal maniacs, licensed as competent by gibbering idiots called licence examiners, were not going to revert to type. And you can use the phone, and tune through the radio spectrum, and have a heated conversation with the passengers, while pushing the speed limit, eating a doughnut, perhaps while doing your hair, makeup, shave, delete as appropriate. Maintaining the vehicle is optional. Cheap, quick fix for lack of roads. Lack of enforcement of rules. Even lack of backup for enforcement. More roads represent a political decision. But have a look at road building, repair, maintenance budgets, year on year, and then criticize the people seeking to shove a quart into a pint pot. And that is not a political statement, if the decision is to allow gridlock, so be it, there has to be an end to road building, or bury the land under roads, so be it. But this debacle shows you just have to have some space that is not racetrack, a hard shoulder. As invented, 60 years ago.
  11. My take on the video Jon posted, in the USA or in Europe, is it shows typical get up the road behavior. No one thought to stop and protect the crashed cars. No one showed any interest if there was injured human beings in there. I saw cars grinding by the wreckage, ABS lit up, and within a few meters, going for what is perceived a clearer lane. Race track without safety cars, no Race Marshall’s, no rules.
  12. No idea about the politics. But it was a cheap fix to increase capacity, and it watered down the concept to a sanctuary area in the system, and warnings were given about the risks before the roll out started. Ministry of transport chose a cheap,quick option.
  13. Ministry of transport, no money to do the job properly, cut corners, and listened to a lying siren pushing a cheap quick fix. Old saying, two out of three, cheap, quick, good.
  14. Names withheld. Location withheld. Year withheld Custody unit charge office, big police station; present, custody sergeant, staff, and a well respected police surgeon (AKA, a local GP with extra training). comes the cry, “sarg, drunk in cell 1 is dead”, General charge towards cell 1. Police Surgeon examines body. “Sorry Sarg, he’s dead” Sergeant swears mightily, with visions of a future writing long reports on short bits of paper, and kicks the corpse, who wakes up. A true story. Btw, I was not that sergeant. Off post, sorry, but Lazarus can walk again. Not often.
  15. If you are really stuck, cut a bit off, and post off to the factory. They would give their best guess/match. But unless Seagull use Oracover, it will not match. A machine used for war, much easier, field repair of battle damage, but a posh aerobat, the repainters will know where the original paint came from. what is the extent of the damage. Can you see it more than a yard away.
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