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  1. Technically heresay. Being pedantic, but not evidence. I have no horse in the race. I have lots of sheet balsa as I’ve always bought bulk, and bought more bulk when I run out of any thickness. Hence I have an embarrassing amount, and I cut all strip wood. Alan’s offering is also heresay, for balance. Obedience of the best evidence rules also is a bit thin, in both cases.
  2. I remember visiting the Center for Alternative Technology, in the 70’s. Fascinating place. I’ve a friend who has an underground stream/cave in his garden. He has built a low dam in there, installed a low head archemedes screw generator. And uses the stream as the cold end of his heat pumps. Underfloor heating, getting hot water started from cold, his power needs (battery backup) is provided, and he gets a cheque for on balance export of electricity. Fascinating, but it’s his hobby, and passion, and he can be accused of being a bit anal about it.
  3. So I take it it’s a back of fag packet blue yonder proposal rehash from the 70’s.
  4. Is that a costed proposal with financial backing, or a back of a fag packet blue yonder thought. Also, the mindset that you allude to in your last sentence, do you want to be hostage to it. Gas from the east springs to mind, petrol from Saudi Arabia, et al.
  5. So I drop Just Engines £365 for an OS 72, expensive on fuel, and bit fragile. Nice engine. Or pay £300 for a Laser 70, £325 for an 80 if a bit more grunt needed. Cheaper on fuel, robust. Nice engines. And a can’t see any “cheap” Chinese competition advertised. So I’df you want an engine, that’s the price, and it’s still a small extra in the overall cost of this hobby.
  6. Martin, if I were in your shoes, I would buy a modern current production tranny, that allows you to use current Orange, Lemon, Spectrum DSMX receivers. Keep the old transmitter to use the old DSM2 receivers. Then you don’t need to buy a load of second hand kit, of unknown providence, just invest in a new good transmitter, and DSMX receivers as needed? like the voice functions. Reduces workload as you know you have the right switch. You can use ear phones if you want privacy.
  7. Check with government Paul, I think, don’t hold me to it, it’s an allowable expense against income.
  8. Nothing wrong with a Wot 4. Fine flyer. Loads of fun. One caveat, it does not punish mistakes.. Turn in too slow to finals, using ailerons only, and it does not spin in to its death. It wobbles and drops, increase power, and it’s good. A Mosquito will spin. No warning. No recovery on finals. Don't buy/build anything you don’t mind losing. No hurry.
  9. That’s fusion, 10 years down the road for the last 40. Fission we have had for years, Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima et al, and still no waste storage solutions, except, the Japanese, fine engineers, propose to dump wast water into the sea. Cheap, quick, good. Two of three. Mind the mustard marinade for dinner tonight seems to make a torus cool. I wait my mistress passing judgement. Or throwing it at me. But to reiterate, the Prime Minister has been saying, daily, that a nuclear fission power plant will be built every year, to get the UK carbon neutral.
  10. Have you looked at how Norway, already carbon neutral, gets its electricity. Hydroelectric, wind, sun. Infrastructure paid for by spending its oil incomes on infrastructure. Electric charges are very low. No wonder they like electric cars. Your solution, a nuclear fission plant every year, and dig up the Northwest for its fracking gas, and get Shell to drill a bit more in the North Sea? And please, marketing people by definition are professional liars, and equating them with people getting their hand dirty is straight out of their disingenuous phrase handbook. BTW, if I can avoid eau de glow, derv ain’t any more difficult than don’t suck hands after chopping chilies. Haven’t got a stake in this argument, no children. No grandchildren. So no future generation of mine to curse our blinkered obsession with burning energy.
  11. IDD, Deborah downer speaking. That is the marketing people speaking. Professional liars. The same crew that tell us the Royal Dutch Shell has any intention to become carbon neutral, and then spend millions to get governments to water down laws to rein them in, while spending millions to persuade that individuals will do the job, out of charity. I don’t see many realistic electric cars getting sold. Say 600 kilos empty, top speed 100 Kph , 0 to 100 Kph in 20 to 30 seconds. Light, energy efficient, slow, safe.
  12. No, it’s a failure to get off the track. Dominate yer lane, as the instructor used to say.
  13. For the older brethren here, FUD is an abbreviation for Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. Just looked it up. Thank you Rich for todays learning opportunity.
  14. Only a bit more. Trouble is, pass the A, and then you want to fly inverted. Or roll it, stall turn it, hey ho. They all result in disorientation, and learning how to dis- disorientate yourself PDQ. The cost is in broken airframes. So until the airframes start to last unto old age, fly what you can emotionally and financially laugh off. Game of blood.
  15. Mind, I read this morning, Paris, France bus company has suspended the use of a fleet of electric buses, after two caught fire. Basically 2 more that expected. But I reckon it will be found to be design specific, as expected in new designs. A problem of new designs, remember the trouble Ford America had with designing a petrol tank that did not crisp its customers?
  16. Just remember, fire service statistics will record as a vehicle fire; A vehicle fire because a yob set it on fire, a car involved in a fire not having a starting point in the car ……………… The use of the statistics for a petrol vs battery debate ought to use statistics made to compare like for like.
  17. Mike, respect, you sorted a suboptimal design. It’s an old bitsa, a nice flyer. It’s entitled to show its evolution.
  18. So I’ve owned my current car for 10 years, built in 2008. Properly serviced, fit for purpose, not (often for many thousands of kliks) thrashed. Last autumn, SHMBO was complaining, it’s encrusting her clothes. I don’t clean cars, period. So she went to a valeter/detailer. He said he knew the car, we are near neighbours, unknown to us. He recognized the algae deposits. She promised to be better in future. But, a plane motor. It runs, a problem?
  19. Just shows, model aircraft flyers are as common as muck.
  20. If you build it, you can fix it. And the general moan about spares isn’t confined to Horizon. I read a couple of weeks ago, a major car producer had no spares to repair a current production model. While the factory was in full swing producing the same car, with the missing spare fitted. Capitalism in action. Mind, I’ve been in this hobby a long time and I’ve not noticed any particular worsening in spare availability. It’s always been pants.
  21. Blaming Mr Macron, is as logical, as blaming Mr Johnson. Delivery of parcels from the EU is complicated. There are barriers, because the UK left the customs union. There is a shortage of people who understand the new barriers. Don't cross the barrier until it settles down, or death occurs, whatever comes first. And a couple of years in, in fairness, how long does it take to learn this truth. The UK left. Live with it. Times change. Move on. Buy elsewhere.
  22. As is always so. Remember electronic components tested for 10 hours before installation, in stuff that the user REALY does not want to fail. QC costs, user decides if it’s worth it. User also has to know that cost does not equal quality if the supplier is a con artist. Different note, Optipower used by RC Hotel, page up in this thread, is there any reason why hard used stuff that holds up well, as it seems to do here, would not give long service in longer ownership but less intensive use. ie, as most of use use it.
  23. If that’s right, it will make the Gilets Jaunes chaos trivial, and you won’t get any strawberries over your side of Le Manche this side of Wimbledon, due to the shortage of lorries.
  24. And he gets another16 kilos. That’s a lot of tomato sauce.
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