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  1. Could it be a yellow gas detection patch, such as is sometimes seen on the wing of Mk1 Spitfires in 1940?
  2. I've been pleased with my HRB packs, which have become my go-to supplier, via Amazon, since the supply of my favourite G-Power packs dried up during lockdown So far I've had 4 x 3s1p 2200mah 30C packs, 2x 4s1p 2600mah and 2x 4s1p 3300mah 35C packs and they have all been very good in practice. Can't fault the fuss-free next day delivery from Amazon and the bundling to supply the packs in pairs. I'm thinking of getting at least a couple of their 6s1p 4000mah packs too.
  3. Measuring many of my most used packs, which have scores of charge cycles used, On my G-Power packs I see frequent IRs of 17-25milliohn/cell and the packs still perform well - they are far from toast. My HRBs -which are newer - are typically measuring 2-6milliohms/cell, my Turnigys are measuring 4-16milliohms/cell. I guess the proof of the pudding is seeing how they perform in flight -unless you're thinking of sending the packs back with the assumption that they are toast? Note I'm talking about flying aeroplanes with propellors, not specifically ducted fans.
  4. Very nice Graham - glad that your radio issues didn't prove fatal to a beautiful model and look forward to seeing more piccies in the future.
  5. I hadn't heard of the MG before reading this thread and so looked at a few review articles and videos -it's a bit smaller than the Mondeo from what I've seen and the rear seats don't fold as flat. I'll take a look at that Kia eNiro now that you mention it. Thanks.
  6. Those are great posts BTW guys - I knew that in this forum there would be a recognition of the most important things for a modeller's vehicle and it's increasingly looking like waiting a few years before taking the plunge to EV is going to be prudent.
  7. Thanks Ian - by precondition I guess that you mean you have the heater come on 15 minutes before you want to use the car?
  8. For me - and this is the first time considering this - then range is important, since my two most frequent journeys are a 100 mile round trip to work, mostly motorway with the last ten miles being urban and my trip to my old club field, maybe 3 times a month, which is 160 miles round trip, mostly A and hilly A roads, with a bit of dual carriageway. My Mondeo diesel eats those up for fun and, at the moment, carries the models I want to carry. Increasingly though I see urban restrictions on diesels coming, have been highly impressed by the effectiveness of air source heating for my workshop and am investigating solar panels to feed that, with the thought that could also be an efficient means of providing greener energy for transport into the bargain. I can see the attraction of a more integrated energy solution in the coming years and have put the capital project team onto researching the feasibility ;). This thread has been very informative to me, in that even above range, for my requirements, is load carrying capacity - my car is there to primarily transport models and get me to work and back. Another unrelated factor is a heated front screen - the biggest determinant in vehicle choice for me - I'd be very reluctant to ever purchase a vehicle without a heated front screen, which definitely limits the choices.
  9. Any chance we could get back to the very useful and informative discussion about electric cars?
  10. Oh my word, what a beautiful aeroplane. Belissimo! Bravo!
  11. As with all new things mind you - an experimental test first will save tears later.
  12. Instead of cling film try a piece of thick polyethylene, such as used by builders, the CA shouldn't stick to that and won't stick the sheet to the balsa.
  13. I can't see the infrastructure is in place, or has any sign of being in place any time soon, to make EVs viable for the masses, at a reasonable cost - in order to get sufficient return on their investment the manufacturers are obliged to target the high end of the market, with price tags to match.
  14. There's a lot of good sense being talked in this thread - it's great to read. The lockdown has had a big impact in terms of miles covered and until a couple of months ago my mileage was well down on my usual, but it is starting to creep up, though it will never reach what it was 10 years ago when I was commuting from Cheshire to Aberdeen on a weekly basis. That wait a few years is good advice - my habit has been to run my vehicles until the end of their useful life and the Mondeo is working very well as a model transport at the moment. I'm not seeing that any of the current offerings can fil that role at a reasonable price.
  15. Just watched this, having seen it flagged on one of my usual FB groups. It's well worth a watch - lots of Spitfire footage from 1942 mostly. In the background a post war interview with Squadron Leader Ginger Lacey. It looks a very good and interesting You Tube Channel -okay there are some adverts, but that's not uncommon these days.
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